World’s 20+ Finest and Most Expensive Chocolates

We all find hundreds of excuses to eat chocolates every day.

What’s the most expensive chocolate that you have eaten till now? Maybe a Hershey’s chocolate bar or Dairy Milk Silk. But some chocolatiers have taken this dessert to a whole new level.

Have you heard of chocolates covered in diamonds or emeralds? How about a giant chocolate egg covered with gold?

If this piqued your interest just keep scrolling to find even crazier info on the most expensive chocolates in the world !!!

Porcelana Chocolates

Created By: Amedai Toscana

While many chocolatiers produce artisanal chocolate, the ones produced by Amedai are in a league of their own.

Of these, the Porcelana chocolates are the priciest ones. It has the goodness of Criollo chocolate beans, cane sugar, hazelnuts, fruits, walnuts and cocoa butter.

Price: 19-24 USD for 50g

‘G’ Collection

Created By: Godiva

If you like a mix of flavours and some surprises wrapped in luxury, then this one will be right up your alley.

There are 15 delicacies in the collection with flavours ranging from unexpected ones like Mexican Hot to mouthwatering choices like Tasmanian Honey.

Price: 120 USD per pound

Intense Dark – Chocolate Gift Basket

Dark hazelnut chocolate
Dark hazelnut chocolate

Created By: Richart

If you like citrusy flavours and heavenly aromas in your chocolate, then Richart is the one for you. Their Intense Dark gift basket consists of their signature chocolates – the smooth and creamy Palets d’Or, along with their other delicacies like Petits RICHART, chocolate Bars, etc

Price: 128 USD

“Collection” four-drawer Gift Box

Created By:  Pierre Marcolini

This magnificent collection consists of 4 drawers of this chocolatier’s most loved and adored classics. It includes their Grand Cru chocolate ganaches, pralines, and iconic hearts.

Price: 152 EUR

Plantation Ganaches – Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Created By: Cluizel

Based in France, the chocolates made by Michel Cluizel are to die for. This particular gift box consists of 70 dark ganache chocolate truffles made with 7 different plantation chocolates.

Price: 162 USD

La Madeline au Truffle

Dark chocolate stack
Dark chocolate stack

Created By: House of Knipschildt

A brainchild of the Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt, this truffle once held the title of the ‘most expensive chocolate in the world’. This particular product is made of 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla.

It comes inside a gold box tied with a ribbon and sugar pearls scattered in it. Talk about fancy! This premium chocolate is made to order and lasts for a short and sweet period of one week.

Price: 250 USD per chocolate truffle

Grauer Aficionado’s Collection

Created By: The House of Grauer

Ever heard of chocolate that smells like a cigar? Well, the House of Grauer created just that.

There are three types of flavours available to the buyers, ranging from milk, dark and roasted Italian hazelnut. If you want to give a small gift of appreciation to your business associates, this might be the perfect option.

Price: 275 USD per box

Ganache Gen Blue Box

Created By: Marie Belle

When art meets chocolate, you get Marie Belle. Consisting of 100 ganaches with beautiful artistry, this particular collection is a treat for both your eyes and tongue.

Price: 290 USD

Le Royale 54

Created By: Debauve & Gallais

In the past, their chocolates were available only to the royal family. Thankfully, everyone can enjoy these delicious chocolate goodies today.

This collection of the finest assorted dark and milk chocolates was created to celebrate their 200 years in the business.

Price: 300 USD

Champagne & Exotic Truffles Collection

Created By: Vosges Haut Chocolat

If there’s something this brand is known for being fancy and open to experimentation. This particular collection is its most expensive option. The luxury gift box comes with nine delicious truffles and a bottle of Krug Champagne – sounds like the perfect gift.

Price: 325 USD

Art Series Guayasamin

Created By: To’ak

This series was created in honour of Ecuador’s artist Oswaldo Guayasamin. You can experience the rich flavours and aromas of the Nacional cacao in this range.

Get ready to have a mouthwatering experience, as these chocolates are prepared carefully over a long period. Just the preparation of the cacao itself takes around four years.

Price: 450 USD

DeLafee Gold Chocolate Box

Created By: DeLafee

If you’re looking for luxury, look no further than DeLafee. This luxury gift box from the brand has 8 delightful pralines covered in 24-karat edible gold. And as a cherry on top, it also comes with an antique Swiss coin from the early 20th century.

Price: 490 USD

La Chuorsa


Created By: Attimo Chocolate Zurich

Holding the World Record for the most expensive chocolate, La Chuorsa is made of Chuao chocolate from Venezuela, saffron and orange crisps.

Price: 640 CHF or 692.59 USD per 50 g

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Brownie Extraordinaire

Created By: Brule

Do you fancy a taste of the most expensive brownie in the world? Then make sure to take a trip to the Brule restaurant to have this treat.

While the chocolate brownie decked with Italian hazelnuts is delicious on its own, the expensive price tag is due to something else. This dessert is served with a Portuguese wine called Quinta Do Noval Nacional which has made this into a fancy delicacy.

Price: 1000 USD

Royal Collection

Created By: Cocoa Gourmet

Nothing screams luxury like eating diamonds for dessert, right? At least Cocoa Gourmet seems to believe just that.

The Royal Collection consists of 12 chocolates with edible gold, silver and diamonds.

Price: 1,250 USD

Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar

Created By: Cadbury

Many of us have grown up eating Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, so this is probably a name you didn’t expect to find here.

Interestingly enough, this chocolate bar was launched in 1995 and was covered by an edible gold wrapper. The bar’s expensive price tag is said to match the value of its weight in gold.

Price: 1,630 USD

Swarovski Studded Chocolate

Created By: Harrods

This premium collection has 49 chocolates adorned with gold and Swarovski crystals or silk roses. The chocolates are wrapped in Indian silk and partitioned with gold and platinum.

Price: 10,000 USD

Golden Speckled Egg

Created By: William Curley, Amy Rose Curley, Alistair Birt, Sarah Frankland, Melissa Paul, Rhiann Mead, Suzue Curley

The egg weighing over 50 kg is made with edible gold and Amedei chocolates. It is adorned with smaller chocolate eggs, white flowers and chocolate balls. The egg was sold as part of World Record London and took over 3 days to make.

Price: 11,107 USD

Frrozen Haute Chocolate

Created By: Serendipity 3

The dessert is adorned with edible gold, comes in an edible gold-lined goblet and is eaten with a gold spoon. Talk about too much gold!! The chocolate is even decorated with diamonds that can be taken home.

Price: 25,000 USD

Le Chocolate Box

Created By: Simon Jewelers

This box of chocolate came with different types of gourmet chocolate from Lake Forest Confections adorned with diamond, emerald and sapphire jewellery pieces from Simon Jewelers.

While this was just a promotional stunt and is no more available, this collection remains the most expensive chocolate collection ever to be sold.

Price: 1.5 million USD

If all this talk of expensive chocolates is giving you major FOMO, we’ve got a more affordable premium brand to the rescue as well.

Deluxe Chocolate and Truffles Gift

Created By: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

If you’re in the US, this product of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a combo of two of the brand’s bestselling chocolate boxes.

It has a wonderful mix of 9 assorted truffles and 1.3 kgs of caramels, dark chocolate, buttery toffee and much more.

Price: 108.95 USD

Parting Words

Whether it be looking at chocolate cake designs for a party or buying chocolate bars for our cravings, we just can’t think of a life without these favourite treats.

You probably can’t wait to get your hands on some chocolate after going through this list. If any of these chocolates have caught your attention, do give them a try.

And if you’re too broke to afford them, then go back to your trusted desserts for now. After all, the important thing is to keep your heart happy and belly full !!!

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