25 Unique Vintage Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love gifts? Gifts are not only for showing love but also a reminder of memories of once. We always try to make our loved ones happy by giving them gifts. What if we add some authenticity to them?

Some things get better with age-things with the style of old times make a unique vintage gift. Everyone loves unique vintage gifts. These gifts are not only low cost but they are simply delightful too.

Here in this article, we will give you 25 unique vintage gift ideas.

vintage gift ideas
Vintage composition with old things.


The Artists, who want to gift to their loved ones, paintings are the best gift. You can make paintings related to the occasion. For example, as Christmas is approaching so you can make Christmas drawing for your loved ones.

Wooden photo frame

The wooden photo frame is another unique vintage gift. You can simply add any captured memory in the frame and give them to your loved ones.

Handmade card

Handmade cards are one of the best affordable and aesthetic gates for your loved ones. You can make cards for many occasions such as birthday cards, anniversary cards, new year cards, etc, and attach photos of your loved ones.

A fountain pen

A fountain pen is the best gift for your friends who loves the feel of pen or paper. A simple pen, pencils, etc are common gifts, but a fountain pen will make a more appreciable unique vintage gift.

A vintage cookbook

If you are planning to buy a gift for your cooking-loving mother or for someone who loves to cook, then a vintage cookbook full of old traditional recipes would make a perfect gift.

Vintage Brooch

A vintage Brooch with an initial letter of your loved ones is another unique vintage gift. It may be a small or cheap gift, but it will remind you’re loved ones about you every time they use it.

Hand-painted glass vase

A vase with flowers is a piece of satisfaction. What is a vase with beautiful art outside its walls… It will increase diligence. So for the people who love to decorate their house, a hand-painted glass vase will be another unique vintage gift.

Pocket watch

Although is not a watch that will tell you the accurate time what about a pocket watch? Yeah, it also tells you the time. So, for anyone who loves to enjoy technology as well as vintage, a pocket watch is the best gift for them.

Wooden hangers

Vintage wooden hangers with customized names or love quotes are the best treat for vintage lovers. You can give these hangers to your friends or cousins who love to buy clothes as well as love the feeling of vintage.

Vintage cardigans

Vintage cardigans have been trendy in the past courtesy, but still, again these cardigans are considered stylish. So this Christmas you can give a vintage cardigan to someone who loves old fashion styles.

Vanity hand mirrors

Is there any Diva in your friend’s group? If yes, then a vanity hand mirror that passes through many eras and styles would make a unique vintage gift. You can also add a wooden come with it.


Homemade bookmarks with some motivational quotes will be a perfect gift for your book lover friends or loved ones. It is easy to make and also delightful.

Vintage bolo tie

These bolo ties were very popular back in 1980. So anyone who likes to make style a bolo tie will be a delightful gift.

Vintage magazines

A magazine from the past, your parents or your older close used to read is another unique vintage gift for them. It will remind them of those past days and make them nostalgic. It will be a little hard to find these books or magazines in some cases, but not impossible though.

Antique lantern

A working antique lantern will be a perfect gift for vintage lovers. As these are worked on kerosene it will give them an old-time experience and make them nostalgic.

Customise vintage cups

A customized cup made with cinnabar also makes a unique vintage gift. You can simply add any pictures, or messages in them and can give them to your loved ones.

Vintage necklace

A vintage necklace with pearls in it and with an old traditional style will be another perfect gift for your loved ones. You can also add a locket in it to make it more aesthetic.

A vintage telescope

For your friends, who love to enjoy the sky, a vintage telescope as a gift can make them the happiest. It may cost a little bit more but is worth it.

Antique bag

In present days there are available many stylish, expensive, and branded bags. But a handmade bag using wood or simple clothes makes a bag more aesthetic. You can add whatever style you want to a bag. Thus making back can be another aesthetic gift for your loved ones.

Vintage seed bottles

To the botanist of your family or your friends who love to collect extinct seeds of plants, vintage seed bottles are a perfect gift to make them happy. It is easily purchasable.

Vintage camera

For people who love photography, a vintage camera is a perfect gift for them. Today’s camera lens is far better than that but still, it will give them a lot more pleasure.

Vintage diary

For all the diary writers, a vintage diary which a pot of ink and a feather of a peacock can make the best combination of gifts. It is very aesthetic and also very delightful.


Today’s generation may never understand the excitement of listening to music in gramophone, but it can be one of the best gifts for your grandfather or grandmother. You can also add some CDs of their time to make it more amazing.

An autographed book

An autographed book by anyone’s favorite author will be enough to make their heart pleasant. These autographed books can be bought from online stores easily.

Handmade scrunchies, bracelets, etc

These handmade things are very popular among people. Because these are created by a lot of love infections. So simply we can give our friends or families a beautiful piece of these handmade things.

This is the list of 25 ideas for unique vintage gifts. Hope this will help you to pick the perfect gift for your loved ones. Because your supportive family and friends deserve the best vintage.

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