Unleashing the Potential: 5 Exciting Reasons to Pursue Social Media Manager Career Paths in India

Since social media is so important to how people engage, share information, learn, influence, and conduct the majority of their communication, there has always been a large need for those who want to pursue careers in the field. Users have access to a variety of social media platforms, which help businesses connect with their audience and communicate with both individuals and other users.

But what does the future hold for us as we experience a rise in social media and digital marketing jobs? Let’s look at social media’s future and the various employment options you have there.

The use of social media is increasing, and this trend is only going to continue as more new digital platforms enter the market. Businesses and groups are using social media because of the connections and effects it may have on users.

Nowadays, with interactions throughout the world becoming more digital, almost every business needs good social media managers. Have you had what it takes to manage social media? View this manual.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

social media manager

Technology has advanced to the point where social media platforms may now be used for more than just exchanging ideas or sending virtual texts; because of their reach on a worldwide scale, they are increasingly becoming venues for endorsements and product marketing. A social media manager is responsible for advertising businesses in a creative way on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to boost brand awareness and generate organic traffic. And hiring an SEO consultant’s help is the best approach to accomplishing this!

Role of a Social Media Manager 

A social media manager’s job is to create and implement a company’s social media strategy to boost its online visibility and boost its marketing and sales efforts. Along with working with copywriters and designers to provide thoroughly researched and error-free material, a social media manager is also required to work with customers to fulfil their deadlines. Additionally, he needs to plan, implement, and manage the social media strategy for the business he works for while staying up-to-date on the most recent social media techniques and technologies.

The primary duties of a social media manager are as follows: 

  • Putting into practice a visual design plan and creating goals
  • Creating and putting into action promotional strategies 
  • Creating a brand’s identity and pursuing its endorsement 
  • Handling work connected to SEO 
  • Including every marketing channel 
  • Determining target audiences and managing material appropriately
  • Maintaining awareness of the newest social media trends

5 Reasons To choose Social Media Marketing Career in India

social media manager

1. Mixes your work and passion perfectly

Previously, work and passion were two separate things, but as the digital world has developed and social media has gained popularity, this distinction is becoming less clear and new employment alternatives are emerging. Online advertising has had a remarkable number of job prospects since the rise of web-based social networking.

This brand-new domain offers a limitless opportunity to attract new customers, strengthen ties with current ones, and raise the profile of any online business. Businesses want talented social media specialists that can delve into the social sphere and lawfully promote their goods and services in a way that is efficient and goal-oriented.

2. Helps Businesses and Their Customers Form Personal Ties for Almost Nothing

The beauty of web-based social networking lies in its ability to forge personal connections between businesses and their clientele for almost no money. This accessible aspect is just one of the reasons why so many well-known companies are creating job openings in their internet marketing department for social media marketers.

Successful online social media campaigns bring businesses closer to their target customers and provide them with crucial information about their preferences and opinions. Another benefit is the ability to deliver company news more quickly while providing loyal brand supporters with offers that are customized to their needs. SMM initiatives might include business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages in addition to business websites, blogs, etc.

3. Opportunities for a Wide Range of Careers in Social Media

If we discuss the professions in Social Media, there are various scopes of career opportunities as social media strategists, content organizers, and community managers.

It is greatly powerful in influencing the opinions of different people. Thusly, a developing number of organizations are enlisting social media specialists whose employment is to fabricate their online reputation and offer a stage for instant feedback from prospects. In addition, on the off chance that you take a gander at the opportunities and career development in this stage; it is incomprehensible with tremendous learning and experiences.

As per a Mashable article, “Social Media positions are popping up everywhere in all types of organizations, from The New York Times to Pizza Hut and even in the White House. Businesses of all types are identifying the need to stay connected with their communities because they recognize the benefits.”

“Social Media positions are popping up everywhere in all types of organisations, from The New York Times to Pizza Hut and even in the White House,” according to an article on Mashable. All kinds of businesses are recognising the advantages of maintaining a connection with their local communities.

4. Simple, Traceable, and Promotes Long-Lasting Relationships Between Firms

These young employees are content to be continually available on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, posting updates on the company’s news and tweeting and retweeting diverse information. Additionally, their work comprises monitoring bounce rates, traffic volume, and other crucial analytics, developing online networking segments for fresh campaigns, helping with blogger outreach, and building long-lasting relationships with clients. Building your career in a similar environment to the one where you enjoy wasting hours of your day, such as social media platforms, may also seem more enjoyable.

5. Good Compensation Packages, Even for New Hires

Although a relatively recent phenomenon, the social media job path is anticipated to gain enormous popularity. The number of positions for social media experts is anticipated to grow by 24%, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). Freshmen should expect to make between LPA 1.5 and 2.5 in 2017. If you have the necessary technical skills and social media certification, more businesses and organisations will want to engage you. In these circumstances, you can anticipate receiving a salary package of between 4.5 and 6 lakhs per year.

Being active on all of the well-known online social media platforms and associated platforms is crucial for building your brand and increasing your visibility throughout the many social networks. Being a super dynamic social media professional necessitates daily cooperation and keeping audiences interested in something compelling, as people value customers who log into their accounts more frequently than those who only do so once every seven or fifteen days.

How to Become a Social Media Manager?

social media manager

For both new hires and experienced workers, there are plenty of available positions in digital marketing across various firms. In contrast to other job roles, managing social media requires not only a curious mindset but also great analytical abilities to advance the business. You can significantly contribute to the success of the organisation if you have a solid understanding of SEO tactics and marketing knowledge. A step-by-step tutorial on how to become a social media manager is provided below: 

Step 1: Obtain a Degree

Taking undergraduate courses in new media, mass communication, public relations, or other pertinent fields is the first step in becoming a social media manager. Although earning a degree in a similar profession can be advantageous, you can begin a career in this profile after passing some other courses as well.

Step 2: Gain Work Experience

Working with an agency after graduation can be quite beneficial, even though most university degree curricula include an internship assignment! By registering for a Master in Journalism/Masters in Advertising programme or taking additional courses in digital advertising, you can expand your knowledge of the industry. 

Step 3: Make your Presence on Social Media Platforms

This is the key stage in establishing yourself as a specialist in social media management. You should register for accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and become familiar with technical concepts like graphics, blogging, and search engine optimisation. It will help you comprehend how to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the marketing environment. 

Step 4: Find Clients

Your main audience and success gauge are your customers. For instance, if your company is in the education industry, you must decide which age range you wish to target. After making an identification, you can create plans and distribute content appropriately. 

Step 5: Build a Strong Grasp of Marketing Skills

Your firm grasp of marketing and career abilities is necessary if you want to land a profitable position as a Social Media Manager and live a luxurious lifestyle. Having strong SEO (search engine optimisation) skills, copywriting, Google Analytics, Facebook application customization, YouTube and Twitter header customisation, email marketing, etc., is a requirement. Along with this, you also need to be a master at negotiation, time management, and money management.

Top Universities Abroad

Universities all around the world now offer a variety of degrees in the area of social media and digital marketing as a result of social media’s enormous rise in popularity. Some of the educational institutions where you can study a relevant course are listed below: 

Name of the UniversityQS World University 2023
Duke University#50
University of Plymouth#651-700
Swinburne University#296
DePaul University
Algonquin College
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich#59
University of South Wales#45
University of Groningen#145

Top Colleges in India

There is no specific course for training to become a social media manager. You take courses in relevant fields, such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, and digital marketing. Here is a list of the best universities in India that offered courses relating to this field:

  1. YMCA Delhi
  2. Hansraj College
  3. Indian Institute of Technology
  4. Institute of Management Technology
  5. Jain University
  6. KC College of Management Studies
  7. NMIMS
  8. Indian Institute of Digital Education

Popular Courses

Wondering what you should study to become a social media manager? Check out the list of popular courses you can pursue:

Name of the CourseName of the University
MS in Marketing ScienceColumbia Business School, United States
MSc in Strategic MarketingImperial College Business School, United Kingdom
MSc in MarketingHEC Paris, France
MSc in Marketing ManagementESADE, Spain
MSc in Marketing and CreativityESCP, France
MSc MarketingManchester(Alliance), United Kingdom
MSc in Digital InnovationUCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland
MSc in Strategic MarketingCranfield, United Kingdom
MSc Marketing Trinity Business School, Ireland
MSc Marketing ManagementErasmus (RSM), Netherlands


Managing social media requires effortlessly handling multiple tasks at once. While you learn several skills while working, some skills are added bonuses. Check out these competencies you need to possess to work as a social media manager:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Time Management
  4. Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  5. Building Connections


One of the hottest careers with decent pay is being a social media manager. On average per year, you can make between Rs. 500000 and Rs. 100000.

Certification & Training for Choosing a Career in Social Media in India

social media manager

Due to the nature of this profession, the majority of social media courses and certification programmes are available online. It’s critical to obtain social media marketing training and certification to appreciate greater employment possibilities.

Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus

  1. Orientation to Digital Marketing and Social Media
  2. Latest Stats and Trends about Social Media (Global & Indian)
  3. Relevant Social Media Success Stories (Global & Indian)

Community Building on Facebook

  1. Orientation to Facebook Brand Pages
  2. EndgeRank Algorithm: Why engagement is key to success on Facebook?
  3. How to Create Facebook Marketing Strategy?
  4. Facebook Applications for Fan Growth and Engagement
  5. How to create Brand Ambassadors on Facebook?
  6. Leveraging Facebook Insights for Success
  7. Relevant Facebook Marketing Success Stories (Global & Indian)
  8. Creating Facebook Community Building & Facebook Advertising

Twitter Marketing

  1. Twitter in Plain English
  2. Twitter for PR, Brand Building, Customer Engagement and Thought Leadership
  3. Leveraging Lists, Hashtags & Trends
  4. Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  5. Twitter Strategy Framework: From Objectives to ROI
  6. Exercise: Creating Twitter Marketing Strategy

Using LinkedIn to Generate B2B Leads and Build Your Personal Brand

  1. LinkedIn in Plain English
  2. Lead Generation through Individual Profiles
  3. Lead Generation as Enterprise: Company Page, Ads, Developer API, Groups
  4. Exercises: Profile Makeover, Answers, Groups, Status Updates, Recommendations

Social Media Marketing Certification Programs

  1. V Skills Govt. of India Certification
  2. Google Certifications
  3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification


If you are passionate about social networks, marketing strategies, blogging, analytics, and utilising the most recent social media features, learning social media marketing would be a great place to start your career in social media. More businesses will invest their online marketing funds in social media marketing, increasing demand for social media job possibilities. Therefore, to enjoy a prosperous professional path in social media, adhere to this advice, understand the impact of social media, keep up with all social media updates, and become trained and certified.

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