HR Manager- Everything You Need To Know About Them

How to become an HR manager- is a trending query of the current generation. Whosoever you see wants to become an HR Manager. But before that, it is important to figure out if you are actually capable of becoming one. If you want to become one, then what are the steps and obstacles that you have to go through, throughout the journey ? This article focuses on the process of becoming an HR and also some other important things that one should know regarding this field. Let’s get to know each of the relatable terms in detail.

Who Is An HR Manager ?

HR, also known as an HR Manager, is the short form of Human Resource Manager. The person sitting in this position forms a bridge between the higher authorities and the employees. Moreover, they take care of the needs and responsibilities of their employees. In simple words, they consider the employees as their precious resources and make sure that they do not go through any problems. However, if anything unexpected happens, then they ensure to justify the case completely.

Roles And Responsibilities Of An HR Manager

HRs are the cementing elements of any company. They play plenty of roles and responsibilities in a company. Hence, let’s see the following list of the duties of an HR manager.

  • They make sure that their employees’ needs are fulfilled.
  • The manager focuses on areas such as bonuses, perks, relations in case of labor, compensations, etc.
  • An HR manager acts as a mediator between senior officials and the employees.
  • They take care of their employees’ work records.
  • The HR manager is in charge of the hiring and recruiting processes. For instance, they take interviews, hire candidates and many more.
  • They help in creating a balance within employees and also between employees and the higher management. 
  • The manager talks to the employees so that they can get to the root cause of any problems that arise in the work premises.
  • Furthermore, an HR manager works on improving the overall quality of an employee by providing them with training programs and by providing them with real life experiences.
  • Not only this, but HR also makes sure that no employee is being exploited by anyone through any means. If anything like this happens, then the HR has the power to take some serious decisions related to punishment or suspension.

Who Can Become An HR Manager ?

Being an HR has never been an easy task to lay your hands on. For that prestigious position, firstly you have to complete your education in the field. Therefore, here are a few points on the education process of being an HR.


The first step of becoming an HR is to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field that relates to it. For instance, doing your graduation in areas such as business, communication, psychology, management, etc. can help you in landing your dream job with the best possible area of interest.


An Internship is undoubtedly one of the prime focuses for attaining this position. No matter how much you read and do courses, every field is incomplete without an internship. An Internship is a work period where you do the work of what your concerned job demands for, for a particular time duration. The sole purpose of this work period is to help you gain experience of how the actual industry works. Then, the manager gives you a certificate of completion, LOR (Letter Of Recommendation) and stipend (if any). Internships are available in both paid and unpaid modes, you just have to choose them according to your taste.

Thus, get an internship with an HR manager and work for a definite period of time. The more you practice it, the better knowledge and experience you can earn through this. Moreover, your resume would grow strong with internships that added value to your career.


It is an extension of the previous point. It is important that you get the experience of working as an HR. You can work as an Hr or an assistant of any HR company. Whatever is comfortable to you, practice your work for at least two years.


If you want to continue your education and grow your resume, then you can opt for a Master’s degree in Human Resource. 


Furthermore, you can earn a Doctorate in Human Resources. The post graduate and doctorate isn’t a necessary step for being an HR. but if you want to, then you can surely put your hands on it.


Certification is a process where some recognised forums provide you a certificate based on your knowledge, experience and eligibility of becoming an HR. They study all your work till now and then rate you as a good fit for the HR industry or not. 

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Can Anyone Become An HR Manager ?

The answer is a simple ‘No’. the task of an HR is managing the tasks and employees with poise and discipline, which not all can do. In addition to that, the company, its assets and liabilities, important decisions, recruiting processes, everything resides in the hands of an HR. And it is necessary to have an HR who is patient, skillful, risk taking, gentle yet firm and determined. And all these qualities aren’t possessed by someone by birth. Instead, they are needed to get inculcated in their day to day lives in order to gain mastery in them. 

Workplace Of An HR Manager

Actually, an HR manager is never restricted to a particular place. They have a wide range of opportunities in front of them in order to select according to their interests and capabilities. For example, industry, healthcare, communication, transportation, education, construction– whatever the place be, an HR plays a crucial role in maintaining an equilibrium state at the workplace. In simple words, an HR manager is the peace maker of any company.


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