How To Introduce Yourself In a Job Interview

A job interview is the most crucial and prominent step in the mission of landing a job. You must have heard about the slogan that the first impression is the last: this is very suitable in the case of an interview. Introducing yourself is the first and the most crucial part of an interview. Only after an amazing self-introduction, a person gets the confidence to proceed ahead. If you are about to give an interview then, this blog may help you to achieve your goal efficiently

Before giving an interview, you should keep the following things in your mind:

Research about the Company

You should always know about the place where you will be going to spend several hours of your life. Research about the work environment, number of people working, the highest post offered, highest-paid salary and many more. These will help you to become comfortable and easy in the workplace. Also, don’t forget to read others’ opinions about the company to make sound decisions.  

Understand the Job Role

Understanding your job is also an essential thing to do before going in an interview. It is said that your work becomes more productive when you enjoy what you do. Read the job description seriously and thoroughly so that you don’t feel bored after some days. These will help you create a better relationship between you and the employer.

Additional tip: If you find something unclear or confusing, write it in a notebook and make sure you ask them at the time of the interview.

Things to consider while introducing yourself in an Interview:

Dress Up Properly:

Displaying yourself in a good appearance plays an important role in introducing yourself. Choose your outfit wisely because this will create the first impression about you to those you will be meeting. Dress yourself according to the office dress code as every office has its dress code.

Following are some dress-up tips:

  • Whatever you wear, try to be yourself so that the interviewer can connect with the actual you.
  • Try to keep the focus on you by avoiding heavy pieces of jewelry or busy prints so that the interviewer’s main focus remains on the conversation.
  • Don’t wear anything uncomfortable to you. 

Prepare what to say:

Confidence is the key to a successful interview. Before you start any conversation make sure you are confident enough. Some questions are very common in any interview.

For example, Why should we hire you? Why do you want this job? So, prepare these types of common questions before you go for an interview. Next, before being a speaker, be a good listener. Listen carefully to what the interviewer is talking about and then speak. Remember; not to be over-excited. These will create a cheap impact on the interviewer. Always be sure to learn the name of your interviewer. Try to repeat that same thing in your introduction so that you don’t forget their name.

Be receptive about your body language:

Body language plays an important role in communicating with the interviewer. Keep a check on your body language every time you say something. There are different body languages for different attributes. For example, if you wish to show confidence, keep your shoulders back, chest up and chin raised. Moreover, always make eye contact with the interviewer. These characters will show that you have good communication skills. You can also practice these steps with your family members or friends so that you don’t face any problems at the time of the interview. 

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Things to do just before the interview begins:

Greet politely:

When you reach the venue, you have to introduce yourself quite many times before reaching the interview room. Greet everyone and tell them your full name, your purpose of the visit, and also the name of the interviewer. They may ask you for some documents as proof, keep them ready beforehand. 

Be Patient:

Before appearing for the interview, you might face a series of security procedures and may also have to wait for some time. In that situation, try to be patient. Don’t get irritated if you have to wait, this may not create a good impression on your interviewer but you may politely text your interviewer that you reached out in extreme situations.

Things to do during the Interview:

Introduce Yourself
Job Interview
  1. Prepare a short greeting speech:
    When the interviewer enters the room, stand up and shake hands. After that, you could use a short warming phrase to greet your interviewer. Prepare it from home and make sure it is not informal.
  2. Prepare a spot on the elevator pitch:
    Once settled, hand over your biodata to the interviewer and let the interviewer go through it once. When he is done, he could ask you to introduce yourself. At that moment an elevator pitch may help you. An elevator pitch is like a summary of your work experiences, skills, and achievements. Applying an elevator pitch to your introduction may help you lift your confidence
  1. Answer in short:
    Whatever the interviewer asks you, try to answer them shortly and concisely. Always use the STAR technique to answer questions. In a job interview round, its full form is Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This technique will help you answer concisely. Long and usual answers may bore the interviewer, but those and the precise answer leave a great impression on the interviewer.
  2. Answer slowly and Clearly:
    Many times nervousness leads to mistakes. You may sweat, start stammering, speak extremely fast, and so forth, out of nervousness. If these situations occur in your case, take a deep breath and then talk. When you are asked to introduce yourself, take a breath and start. That will help you normalize your heartbeat and give you some time before answering.

Things not to do while introducing yourself in an Interview:

how to introduce yourself
At the job interview
  • Do not be arrogant.
  • Never avoid eye contact.
  • Do not be late.
  • Do not lie about anything.
  • Never check the time during the interview.
  • Try not to answer any phone calls.
  • Do not act desperate.
  • Do not eat anything.
  • Do not come unprepared.
  • Never cross your arms.

Now a commonly asked question by almost every interviewer is Tell me about yourself?

You can quickly answer this question by using the past, present, future formula. This formula means that while answering, you have to say a few words about the past such as your previous work experience, your qualification that is relevant to the job; then tell about your present like your current role, the scope of it and more; and lastly talk about your future ideas. But, make sure all these descriptions should be in the most precise and short manner.

Time Management :

Keep your answer short and try to complete your intro within 2.5 minutes. NEVER exceed 3 minutes while talking about yourself.

Bottom line:

There may be multiple rounds in an interview, the only thing you have to do is to keep calm and have faith in yourself. Study the whole blog carefully and try to make notes on important points from there. An interviewer would always like to hire a solid employee so that they can handle their team efficiently. So, be confident and do your level best. Lastly, always remember many will come and many will go and you will definitely get what you deserve so never lose hope. ALL THE BEST!

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