How to Approach Someone on LinkedIn for a Job

It has been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began and it has successfully managed to change the face of the world. Not just in terms of physical and mental health, but the professional realm of things has also taken a  major setback.

If you are someone who is looking for new professional opportunities, there is a chance that you might be missing the right platform to make your job hunt easier. 

Be it a fresher, an experienced associate or even someone who is returning after a break, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to manage your professional identity, keep in touch with your colleagues, friends or even potential recruiters and be ahead in the game. 

In fact, if you are not finding out how to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job, you are not using the platform to its full potential. 

Little intimidated when you think as to how to connect with someone on LinkedIn for a job? Don’t worry about it. We have got you covered. 

Scroll down to find out.

But before we start, there is a prime prerequisite that you must conform to get the best results.

Have you ever been creeped out on Facebook or Instagram by a ‘Hi’ coming from people who hardly have any profile picture, bio, or even the most basic details? Probably.

So, if your account looks anything close to this, it is high time to update it. Start by uploading a professional profile picture and adding a summary and details about your academic and professional background. Keep the descriptions simple and produce content to engage and expand your network

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn about a Job

Now that you have set up your profile in the best way you possibly can, it is time to finally dive into actually answering the question as to how to message someone on LinkedIn about a job

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Personalize is the way to go forward:

The key to attracting someone’s attention to your message is to personalize it. This makes your message more human and less robotic and also prevents them from thinking that you have just copied and pasted your piece of the paragraph from one inbox to another. To avoid being considered generic, customize your text to the person concerned. Mention any common interests, common connections, how you came across their profile, congratulate them on their achievements or even touch up on the topics of the post they have shared recently.

This helps to not only connect with that person but also shows that you are also genuinely interested and therefore giving a bit of effort. Personalizing a message perfectly answers a huge percentage of your question as to how to connect with someone on LinkedIn for a job.

Skip the apology:

We all know that we sometimes have to be a little extra courteous when it comes to the professional world. But, you also have to know where to draw the line.

Yes, LinkedIn is a professional platform, but as long as you have the option to reach out to another person, do not be apologetic about it. It is your right to message them and you are in no way disturbing them or pestering them into doing anything. Be confident and go straight to the point. This not only helps you save your and the person concerned’s time but also helps you earn their attention and respect. So, if you are still wondering how to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job, this is a good time to bring out that poise and courage to go ahead and ace the first step.

Be clear:

You can choose to be as unique and as creative with your message as you want, but do not forget to make it clear and to ensure that it actually conveys exactly what you want.

The more clear and concise your message is, the more responses you will get. This is because the person will easily understand your requirement and it will not even have to be a huge read at the same time. That being said, do not restrict your message to a simple ‘Hi. How are you?’. If you are a stranger to that person, there is the highest chance that they are not looking to have a conversation of any sort with a stranger. Send one clear message in less than 100 words, devoid of any attachments or redundant words and you are good to go.

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To help you get started, here’s a little piece of inspiration through some of the best examples.

Approach Someone on LinkedIn

Hi  [name],

Congratulations on your new article. It is extremely insightful. I saw that your company is hiring for a [position name] and was wondering if you could help me with the application procedure by providing me with some details. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and help me out here. Thanks. Have a great day.

[your name]

Hi [name],
I noticed that you are recruiting for the role of [position name] in your company and I was wondering if I could get a chance to discuss how my skills and experience might match the requirements for the role. Looking forward to talking to you.

[your name]

Hi [name],
I discovered that we both attended the same college and had the same major. It’s good to connect with someone back from school. I have a background in [academic/job background] and have been looking for new opportunities. It would be great if I could discuss my qualifications and apply for the positions that your company is currently hiring for.

[your name]

If you have come this far in the article, here’s hoping that you have gained some clarity to your question as to how to connect with someone on LinkedIn for a job. Like everything else in life, this too needs a little bit of practice and with time, you will only be able to find more ways to make your messages clear and effective at the same time, thereby getting more replies, help and interviews. It is okay to feel intimidated but don’t be afraid to take the risk because you are only trying to be successful here and if that is not the right reason to take the risk then what is?

Wish  you all the best. 

Dishari Dutta

Dishari is a writer with a literature background and has previously been responsible for creating innovative articles for various firms and organizations. Her write-ups aim towards blending the fun with the functional in order to creatively fill the gap between people, products and services. She loves reading and traveling.

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