18 Most Expensive Handbag and Purse Brands in the World

A dress by itself cannot be a stunner unless it is accessorized with the right accessories. And your purse or a handbag can truly make or break an outfit. Investing in a good luxury handbag is crucial if you want to make a statement and stand out in the crowd. But did you know that some people take their handbags very seriously and don’t shy away from spending big bucks on them?

Let us have a look at some of the most expensive handbags and luxury purse brands in the world to know how much they cost and what is so special about them.

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

This luxurious purse is created by the Emirati Luxury goods company. This heart shape bag is made of 18K gold and is embedded with 4,517 diamonds. It has three types of diamonds – colourless diamonds, pink diamonds and yellow diamonds. It took 8800 hours of dedicated labour by many artisans to complete this masterpiece. This expensive handbag costs a whopping USD 3.8 million. Since 2010, it’s been holding its unbeatable position of the costliest handbag in the world in the Guinness book of records.

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold

Women's retro expensive handbag
Women’s retro handbag

This beauty priced at USD 2 million, was created in collaboration with Hermes and jeweller Pierre Hardy. It is made of solid rose gold and is encrusted with a total of 1160 diamonds in all. The handle of this expensive handbag resembles a bracelet when worn around the wrist.

Hermes Birkin Blue Bag by Ginza Tanaka

Hermes collaborated with the famous Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka to create this breathtaking beauty.  It is made of platinum and is embedded with 2000 diamonds. The centre piece of the bag has a huge diamond that can be removed separately and worn as a brooch for your dress. This bag is priced at USD 1.9 million.

Hermes Chained Ancre Bag

Only three of these beauties were created by Hermes in collaboration with designer Pierre Hardy. This bag is an intricate chain like interlinked design that has 1160 diamonds fixed on it.  It is priced at USD 1.4 million.

Lana Mark’s Cleopatra Clutch

Female hands holding fashion clutch luxury purse
Female hands holding fashion clutch

Once known as the Oscar ‘It’ bag, this brand is highly coveted by A list celebrities. The price of these clutches ranges anywhere between 100,000 – 400,000 USD. To date the costliest Lana Mark clutch is owned by Chinese Li Bingbing. Her clutch is priced at USD 400,000 and 1600 white diamonds adorning it.

Hermes Matt Crocodile Birkin Bag

Hermes is not just a brand but a bold statement. From the house of Hermes comes another expensive bag that was created in honour of actress and singer Jane Birkin. Priced at USD 379,000, this expensive handbag is made of crocodile leather and has a diamond-encrusted clasp. This one is a pure masterpiece.

Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag

Just 13 of these beauties were made, so they are quite exquisite. This bag is made of crocodile leather and the Chanel Logo is made of white gold encrusted with 334 diamonds. The strap of this bag is made of 18K gold.  This bag will set you back by USD 261,000.

Diamond Studded Hermes Birkin

Another Hermes but this time it is fuchsia in colour. This elegant bag sold for 1.72 million in Hongkong dollars at a Christie’s auction. It had 18K white gold and diamonds.

Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel

This bag like all the above may not seem very elegant and sophisticated. It is made of items that you scrouge from garbage like water bottles, chewing gum wrappers, cigarette packets etc. Despite the garbage used to make it, this bag is priced at USD 150,000. Now we will let you wonder why?

Judith Leiber Precious Rose Bag

expensive handbag
expensive handbag

This beauty of a bag truly resembles a fully bloomed rose. It is fully covered in precious stones like sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds. This bag is worth USD 92,000.

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Tribute Patchwork Bag by Louis Vuitton

As the name suggests this handbag is a patchwork of fifteen LV bags in one. It was created by Marc Jacobs to honour the company’s 150th anniversary and only 24 of these were ever made. This bag is priced at USD 42,000.

Hilde Palladino’s Gadino Bag

Made of crocodile leather this bag looks deceptively simple at first glance. But don’t let that fool you. Priced at USD 38,470, this bag has 39 white diamonds that are encrusted in white gold clasps.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Bag

This highly coveted bag by Marc Jacobs is priced at USD 30,000. It has a quilted pattern and comes with many separators and compartments. This expensive handbag is made of purple crocodile skin.

Fendi Expensive Handbag

Priced at USD 28,000, bags from this Italian Luxury Fashion House are available in white lambskin, crocodile skin and others. Despite being expensive, this expensive handbag is known for it’s versatility and can be used for both day and night events. 

Bottega Veneta Soft Crocodile Hobo Bag

Made from delicate crocodile skin, the exterior of the bag resembles closely that of a crocodile skin pattern. The amount that you would shell out for this Hobo bag is USD 23, 500.

Chanel Alligator Classic Jumbo Double Flap Bag

This one is a striking orange bag with a gold-toned chain strap with complements it is wonderfully. It is made of alligator leather and is priced at USD 16, 195. It can be used as both a day bag and an evening bag.

Tom Ford Tara Small Alligator Bag

This exotic bag designed by the famous designer Tom Ford is made from alligator skin. The beauty of this bag is that it matches all outfits. Priced at USD 15,500, this one for sure is collectable.

Chanel’s Gabrielle Large Hobo Bags

These bags from the house of Chanel are priced at USD 5400. They are made of exotic leather while the body of the bag is made of crumpled calfskin. It comes with one zip pocket and two open pockets.

This list of elegant bags is just a drop in the ocean of expensive handbags and clutches that are available out there. Every year, hundreds are added to this ever-growing list.

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