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24 Best SEO Blogs That Every SEO Enthusiast Should Follow In 2024

Content development is a skill that requires a lot of research and since the competition is on high rise it is required by all the developers to make their piece of work more accessible and easily discoverable by the audience. One of the major and most important features of developing successful content is search engine optimization (SEO). Content writers use this process to make their content more accessible by optimizing content relevance and link popularity of their website. The bots of search engines identify the relevant content by analyzing the most searched topic and rank these websites accordingly.    

Search engine optimization helps search engines understand the context and relevance of the content and increases the likelihood of the content ranking higher in search-ranking result pages ultimately leading to enhanced visibility and enticing more users to the website. SEO also emphasizes user experience encouraging developers to create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content. This synergistic relationship between content development and SEO boosts website credibility and makes it more visible and accessible to the target audience. This contributes to online platforms’ success in the competitive digital environment.

To gain more insights and learn about SEO, developers can surf through popular SEO blogs and to make your blog search easier you can consider visiting these high-ranked SEO blog pages.

24 Best SEO Blogs to Follow in 2024



Founded in 2004 and currently owned by Sarah Bird, Moz is the most popular blog page that develops highly influential SEO blogs. It is considered the first SEO authority blog. You can find high-quality, well-explained, in-depth content about search engine optimization. The blog page is backed by industry-leading SEO data and carries the most prominent SEO community. It was ranked #2 by for its most influential and interactive blogs on SEO tips and news.



Backlinko is a single-author SEO blogging platform founded by Brian Dean where he helps SEO enthusiasts create engaging content by sharing next-level SEO advice and link-building strategies. The most popular websites like Apple, Amazon, and Forbes also consider the advice and SEO tips given by Brian on his platform. He not only shares advanced SEO tips but also beginner-friendly advice for new SEO developers. According to, Backlinko receives monthly traffic of about 689.99k with an average session duration of 9.09 minutes. Brian’s approach to explaining his content with case studies makes his blogs more relevant.


Ahrefs SEO blog

Attracting monthly traffic of about 8.7 M, Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO blog pages. Ahrefs offers content that is suitable for beginners as well as SEO experts. Not only SEO, but Ahrefs also contains content about marketing topics like content marketing, video marketing, and link-building. With all this interactive content and passionate community support, Ahrefs can be referred to as an all-in-one SEO toolkit. Ahrefs’s author selection makes it one of the most popular SEO blogs as they are SEO and industry experts who offer excellent and relevant content. According to, Ahrefs is amongst the top three blog pages having a rating of 9.2/10.

Semrush SEO Blog

Semrush SEO blog

Semrush is considered as most versatile SEO blog page as it has content for beginners as well as experts. The content on Semrush is divided into 7 categories that classify it from beginner to advanced. There are about 55 tools and features available on Semrush. Most of the blogs are written by industry experts and they carry every small detail about SEO and social media management. Semrush blog can be considered the best blog for beginners and SEO enthusiasts as they can learn about SEO from zero level. According to, Semrush attracts organic traffic of about 93k every month.    



SE ranking has a range of SEO blogs divided into 8 categories from beginner to advanced level. You can search for keywords, backlink checking, rank tracking, and website audit. The blogs on SE ranking range from link building to content creation. The articles on SE ranking are thoroughly reviewed by the industry experts which ensures their credibility and relevancy. SE ranking also contains Case studies if you want to explore more about any specific case related to SEO. According to SE ranking attracts almost 1.1M organic traffic every month.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Founded in year 2003 by Loren Baker Search Engine Journal has become one of the most influential SEO blog pages. It offers blogs and articles written by industry experts from various domains such as SEO, news, marketing, and social media. Search Engine Journal has been featured on various high-ranked companies such as Forbes and CNN. SEJ is regularly updated with several relevant articles from various industries. It is the best page to visit regularly to gain quick insights into trending SEO updates and tools.



It is one of the most beginner-friendly SEO blog pages. Founded in 2010 this blog page started as an SEO plugin that provides on-page optimization. Along with SEO Yoast also covers WordPress, content marketing, and strategies. Yoast is the best place to learn SEO coupled with WordPress. The content offered is designed according to beginners with simplified explanations.    


HubSpot SEO blog

Hubspot covers a wide range of topics from sales and marketing to business and technology. The articles offered by Hubspot are very beginner-friendly as they contain clear explanations about SEO. The SEO blogs at Hubspot contain tips and guides about inbound marketing, and sales increment along with teaching SEO with every detail to make it suitable for beginners.

Neil Patel Blogs

Neil Patel Blogs

Neil Patel offers amazingly curated, beginner-friendly blogs about SEO and marketing strategies on his blog page. Through his articles, you can learn about the insights of SEO strategies that are relevant and work in the industry. Anyone who is into content creation and SEO should follow Neil Patel’s blogs as he is an industry expert and the insightful information that he shares is very relevant and highly analyzed by him which makes his blogs one of the best within the SEO strategy industry. Neil Patel is one of the top 10 marketers recognized by Forbes and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 recognized by the United States.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

It was founded by Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan in 2006. You can find blogs and articles about various topics and categories related to digital marketing. SEO blogs is also one of the categories available on the page divided into 8 sections. A wide range of authors deliver insightful information about SEO strategies. Google algorithm updates and a beginner’s guide to SEO is also available on Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable offers regular updates about specific SEO goals. It focuses primarily on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The SEO category of these search engines covers everything from keyword research to link building. The blogs along with SEO strategies also contain Search Engine Marketing through which they signal their readers about the most valuable and trending topics. The content on Search Engine Roundtable is not very beginner-friendly as it is designed for industry experts. This SEO blog page receives almost 595k visitors every month according to

Google Search Central Blog

Google Search Central Blog

Designed by Google, it is a crucial platform for web professionals who want to learn more and follow trends regarding this platform. You can find blogs related to updates about Google search algorithms and new features on this page. This SEO blog has a simple design making it easy to use but it is not very beginner-friendly. Advanced-level information that might help build SEO strategies is available. The basics of SEO cannot be found on the page.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch

 This page was founded in 1996 by Danny Sullivan. The page offers blogs that are regularly updated about new SEO strategies. The articles and blogs on this page mostly cover the best SEO tools and frequent Google changes to help its readers better understand SEO trends. Along with SEO, it also covers topics such as web searching, analysis of the search engine industry, and link building. The monthly traffic of Search Engine Watch is approximately 83k visits according to

The Seer Interactive Blog

Seer Interactive

This is a service-based website where you can find amazing SEO blogs including Google Analytics and paid ads. Their blogs mostly cover tips and techniques for improving search traffic. This page was founded in the year 2002 by Will Reynolds. You can also find tutorials for using some of the best SEO tools such as the Screaming Frog, Semrush, etc. Seer Interactive has delivered about 20M impressions in one month according to

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

This blog page offers its readers a wide range of topics related to both on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and website architecture. You can find articles focusing on flagship tools such as SEO Spider on this SEO blog page. The blog also highlights various other issues and strategies that impact SEO. To keep yourself updated with regular updates on search engine algorithms and changes that might affect SEO strategies you can go through the Screaming Frog Blog page. This blog page attracts about 500k monthly visitors and has an active social media presence.


SEO nick

On this page, Nick Eubanks shares insightful information about SEO strategies covering a wide array of topics including keyword researching, link building, and content optimization. SEOnick also delves into various analytical tools and methodologies to increase organic traffic on websites. Case studies and interviews from industry experts can also accessed on this blog page to get real-world insight about SEO. SEOnick witnesses around 300k visitors every month. Blog blog

At you can find comprehensive insights into SEO strategies. Articles and SEO blogs on this platform cover important information about keyword research and content architecture. You can also find blogs that specifically emphasize the importance of high-quality backlinks in SEO. The content on this blog page is for beginner and intermediate-level enthusiasts. Monthly traffic on Blog is about 200k according to

SEO by the sea

SEO by the sea

It was founded in 2005 by Bill Slawski. It is a single-author blog where Bill Slawski shares insightful information from his 30 years of experience in online marketing. Readers can find unique perspectives on patent filing and algorithms. You can also find educational resources and guides along with references about complex SEO strategies. Monthly traffic on SEO by the sea is about 100k per month.

Monitor Backlinks blogs

Monitor Backlinks

This blog offers valuable resources for SEO enthusiasts and professionals. Several blogs and articles are available on this page covering a wide array of topics including regular SEO tips and tricks and link-building guides. Backlink checker tools are also available on the website. The blogs often highlight the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization. SEO tactics for RankBrain and human behavior signals are also available.

Mangools Blog


This blog features tutorials and guides on how to effectively use SEO tools. These tutorials target a wide range of audiences from beginner to advanced professionals. The blogs provide insights and tips on effective keyword research strategies. These blogs help users to find low-competition keywords with high search volume. Readers can also find blogs related to SERP (Search engine result pages). Mangools Blog attracts a significant audience interested in SEO and Mangools tools.

Onely Blog


It is an agency offering technical SEO blogs. Topics like crawl ability and indexability are topics that are often highlighted in the blogs on Onely. It is not very beginner-friendly but it offers content that is very useful for professional web developers. Readers can also find services like AI SEO audits and organic traffic drop analysis on the webpage.

Zyppy Blog


Very popular SEO influencer and speaker Cyrus Shepard is the writer of Zyppy Blog. He regularly shares insightful information and data-led recommendations from his research. Readers can expect plenty of unique and reliable insight from Zyppy. The blogs offered are not very beginner-friendly but excellent for intermediate and advanced learners. Case studies and experiments are also available along with blogs to update users with relevant information.

Bloggers Passion


At Bloggers Passion offers valuable insights, tips, and strategies for a wide array of audiences from beginners to advanced professionals. Readers can find blogs about various SEO techniques and best practices. This information helps optimize content for search engines and improve the organic traffic on the website. Since the content is very versatile, the page attracts around 100k visitors every month.

SEO blogs by Aleyda

SEO blog by Aleyda

Aleyda Solis, a renowned SEO consultant provides insightful and highly relevant digital marketing strategies. Through her blogs, she also provides spreadsheets, templates, and various other resources that can help track the performance of your SEO campaigns. Her content is specifically designed for advanced-level SEO enthusiast who aims to increase the performance of their website. Search marketers and technical SEO professionals are her major audiences.

Closing Remarks

All these 24 websites are the best SEO blogs in the industry. Whether you are an SEO professional or just an enthusiast who is learning about SEO, these websites are the best platforms to embark on your SEO journey. These blogs offer the most relevant and trending SEO tools and techniques that can help SEO enthusiasts improve their web pages in multiple ways. So, start your journey of SEO by following these amazing and insightful blogs and make your page successful in 2024.

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