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35 Sites That Give Free Do-follow Backlinks

Growing your domain by using SEO can be a long journey, and this is achieved when the ranking and engagement of any content are rapidly growing. To achieve this, backlinks are one of the preferred methods used by content developers to make their work more accessible and easily discoverable by their target audience. As any content is linked to a high-quality web page, it increases its ranking over search engines. Through this article, you can explore more about backlinks, their benefits in SEO, and how one can get them to increase the credibility of their content or web page.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from one website or page to another. They are also referred to as inbound links and incoming links. They are often used as citations or references for any website mentioned in another.

Businessman checking his web's do-follow backlinks
Businessman checking his web’s do-follow backlinks

The most common use of backlinks is often observed on search engines like Google, which use backlinks as a ranking signal according to how noteworthy the content is.

To understand how backlinks work, it can be considered a conversation between two websites where one website refers to the content or information present on the other to signify its content.

What are the Benefits of Backlinks in SEO?

In search engine optimisation, backlinks are hyperlinks that take the user from one website to another, forming a strong referral network in online search. This networking adds value to the website in several ways, such as

Improved SEO benefit

Backlinking helps the website have improved off-page SEO metrics. The quality and number of incoming links are measured by Google’s algorithm, and the overall SEO score is decided based on more quality backlinks.

Increased ranking

Google’s ranking algorithm is based on a system called PageRank, which analyses the incoming links to the webpage and helps in providing better ranking to the website.

More search engine visibility

The benefit of using backlinks in SEO also includes the fact that your content will be discovered by a wider range of search engine queries, which is one of the major targets of SEO.

Fast indexing

Search engines analyse new web pages by tracking the backlinks from existing web pages. In the absence of backlinks, it becomes difficult for search engine bots to discover new web pages.

Referral traffic

Getting referral traffic is one of the major benefits of backlinks in SEO. As people voluntarily click on the links mentioned in the post, they are less likely to leave the page quickly, and this increases engagement within the web pages.

How can one get Backlinks?

Getting backlinks does not have a sure-shot formula, but one can follow some techniques and strategies to get backlinks. Here are a few strategies that one can follow to get backlinks:.

Creating posts that can be linked

For creating linkable sites, one should create high-quality pages that can naturally attract backlinks, and these links should be promoted to the relevant publication. To curate such assets, one should include data-driven information, infographics, visuals, and in-depth guides that can be used as references and cited.

Improve on popular content

This can be done by using the skyscraper technique, which includes finding successful content, creating better content, and then promoting your content to those who link to any such successful content.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is a website that helps media firms get links to sources. It connects journalists to the sources, and if your content is chosen by the journalist, they might give you a backlink. It is one of the most preferred ways of getting backlinks.

Finding broken links and replacing them

It is a process in which one can search for broken links within one’s domain of work and reach out to webmasters to replace them with a resource containing similar or more detailed information.

Featuring on the Resources Pages

It is one of the simplest ways of getting backlinks by getting featured on the resource pages, as resource pages use several links about any single topic, and it is the most accessible platform to get backlinks.

Different Types of Backlinks in SEO

Editorial Backlinks

These backlinks are organic links that are acquired based on the relevancy, superiority, and credibility of the content.

Editorial backlink
Editorial backlink

To get an editorial backlink, your content should be authentic and original. They are not given on a paid basis. Backlinks that are given through HARO are classified as examples of editorial backlinks.

Guest Post Backlinks

One can acquire guest post backlinks by writing and publishing content for their domain on another website. It offers SEO value and drives targeted traffic towards the site at the same time.

Mend Broken Backlink

This strategy involves recognising broken links on popular web pages and providing your links as replacements by using various tools. You can reach out to the site owner after you identify a broken link with your solution as a replacement. This helps you earn backlinks from popular web pages and makes your links discoverable.

Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow backlinks allow search engines to follow them by passing on the link equity to the linked page. Generally, all the links are do-follow backlinks by default, and when any link is used by a high-quality web page, it increases its credibility.

No follow backlinks

No-follow backlinks do not allow search engines to follow them by inhibiting the passing of link equity to the linked page. They carry a no-follow attribute that instructs the search engines not to follow them. They can drive traffic to the website, but they do not directly impact the authority of the link profile.

35 Free Sites That Give Free Do-Follow Backlinks

Here is a list of 35 free do-follow backlinks that cover several directories, such as start-ups, image galleries, content listings, and many more.


It is a site for experts on jobs and network platform. You can add your backlink on Zintro to make it reachable to the industry experts.


This is the platform for IT and software firms. People working in IT firms or developing content in this domain can get their backlinks from GoodFirms that would help them increase their ranking in their niche.


This site provides the platform for content writers who write about self growth and development. If any writer registers in this website, they can get backlinks.


G2 presents its users Tech stacks and users can get a backlink from high rated domains from the industry.


This site helps you to list your company in the high rated biggest company directories and this would help you to earn backlinks from reputed directories.


This content listings site provides you the perform to earn backlinks by listing your content among the best publisher in your niche. If your content is good enough you can get featured in their best posts.

Flip Board

This site allows you to link your content to their original link in your site. The only condition is that the content should not be duplicate.

This is an online community where anyone can share their thought through blogs and articles. You can get a quality backlink by submitting your content that covers important topics within your niche.


You can get backlinks from Refind by signing up and sharing your link of the content which is relevant to your web page.


Through this website you can distribute the links of your press release and get a backlink from high rated domains and DR sites. You can simply create a profile of your company and claim your backlink.


This is a free website where you can upload your pictures or share the link of your pictures that can be accessed by the user. If your content is good enough you can also earn backlinks.


This platform offers a free database for pictures and artworks. Creators can make their profile and upload their artwork with the details about their website and get backlinks by the users .


Here you can upload and share pictures within like-minded community including links of your website.


Behance offers you the platform on which you can share your art work with the industry experts.


If they like your work you might get featured on their web page and this way you can earn backlinks from the most reputed community pages.


On this platform you can register your start up among other global startups. Once you register over the platform, your start up link will be listed among the other global start up within you niche.

Stratup Ranking

By providing the backlink of you startup you can make your place among the highest ranking Startups around the world through this platform.  

Startup Europe Club

This platforms is exclusively available for the start ups based in Europe. If your startup is based in Europe, you can list your company on this platform and get a backlink form a high rated domains.

Startup Buffer

You can get a backlink on this platform by setting up the profile of your company and mentioning the URL along with all the important information about your Startup.


This platforms helps to connect the start up founders with the investors. You can set up your profile and get backlinks that might help you to crack investment deals.


This webpage allows you to join the world’s most successful start ups and you can claim a backlink by simply registering on the web site and providing all the important details and URL of your company.


This platform allows you to search for new startups. If your start up is new, you can register over the webpage and get rewarded with a backlink.


Gust helps the new ventures to build up by promoting them within their niche. You can simply registering on this platform and earn a backlink that will help to promote your venture among the industry experts.


This web page connects several founders and build a community for the founders. To earn a backlink you simply need to make a profile of your company with all the important information and URL.

Snap Munk

This is a new start up directory site where you can register your company with the URL to earn a backlink.

Product Hunt

By simply filling out profile details and including links you can list your product, service or solution. Product hunt is not only great to get the backlink but also to promote your business online and get some real customers.


On this platform you can list your project for review and if you earn a positive feedback you might get rewarded with a backlink for your web page.

IT Central Station

You can join this site to give your reviews about the products and you can also receive reviews for your web page. During the process you might earn backlinks by the fellow reviewers.

Crowd Reviews

Crowd review provides a platform for leaving reviews and view ranking for your software. Here you can earn backlinks for your webpage that describes your software and promote them among your niche.


You can earn backlinks and collect reviews about your product from one of the biggest review platform called Trustpilot by simply submitting your website or product from the industry experts as well as your fellow creators.

Google My Business

By being listed on google my business will notify google about your business credibility and bring additional traffic from maps and searches related to local company listings.



Yelp helps people to find your business locally and capture backlinks to promote your physical business location.


On MapQuest you can list your business location to help people discover your firm along with details and link of your web page.


ThumbTack helps to list your business locally as well as it helps to attract customers directly from the site. If the customers are satisfied you might earn backlinks and that can help you to promote your business on a wider platform.

Creative Market

You can list your website on Creative Market by filling out websites details and adding URL and then you can post your products for sale that will help you to expand your reach by making your profile discoverable.


Reddit is a great platform to express your thoughts and gather opinions. By signing up, filling your profile and actively engaging in the community discussions you will not only gain authority but pretty sure will have the option to promote your backlink.

Backlinks play a very crucial role in SEO as they fulfil the most basic requirement of optimising search results and driving network traffic, which increases the ranking of your web page and engagement. Backlinks are the simplest method of increasing the reach and ranking of your content over search engines, and if your content gets backlinked by high-quality web pages, it increases your engagement and ranking and drives the network organically to your content.

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