Effective Tips On Career In Public Speaking

Public speaking has been one of the most influential jobs of all times. Words are everything, if you know the tactics of using them correctly with the right pitch, at the right place, and in front of the right people. Also known as an orator, a public speaker usually speaks by making appropriate eye contact with its live audience. The topics for public speaking usually include the ones that are trending or something that interests a certain group of people. So, are you someone who is interested in public speaking and wants to make a career in public speaking? If so, then let’s begin.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is a form of showcasing your talent in the field of speaking and communicating with your audience. Usually, it is done either by standing in front of the audience or by doing it with the help of technology. The point of public speaking is to let your message, knowledge and experience travel to the world. There are various types of public speaking. For instance, being the spokesperson of any political party, stand up comedian, being a poet at any gathering, singing, a motivational speaker, any activist speaker or a teacher, all are the different types of public speakers. 

Skills Required For Public Speaking

A public speaker should possess a bunch of qualities in order to be truly capable of public speaking. So, let’s have a look at some of the characteristics a of orator:

  • Confidence: This is the most important quality of an orator. They must be confident enough to keep their point in front of the audience and take their stand. If you truly want to be a public speaker, then start practicing speaking by standing in front of the mirror. This way, you can surely gain confidence.
Public speaking with confidence
Public speaking with confidence
  • Convincing power: it is equally important as confidence. What is the use of a confident voice when you cannot convince people about your plans and prospects ? You must have always heard that the voice of a person should be persuasive so as to get their tasks done. Similar is the case here. A kind and affectionate voice with persuasive sentences can get you your work done within no time.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter: You must have come across many speakers that do not know what they are speaking about but keep blabbering with confidence. This is wrong and shouldn’t happen at any cost. Whenever you are going to speak about something in public, make sure you have an in-depth knowledge about the topic.
  • Effective communication skills: You should be able to communicate in a positive manner with your audience. If you are unable to do so, then no one would take interest in your words and won’t take you seriously.
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Eligibility Criteria for Career in Public Speaking

There is no specific education that you need in order to be capable of public speaking. However, if you are interested in this field, then you can opt for courses like Journalism and Mass Communication so then it may help you improve your communication skills in the long run. Also, doing some management courses are also proven to be good for starting a career in public speaking.

Scope In Public Speaking

Now that you have figured out that you have an interest in public speaking. What is the next step ? Well now, you might be getting doubts regarding where to apply in order to enhance your oratory skills. Don’t worry, we have some places in our list that you can apply for becoming a public speaker. 

You can approach these following places for public speaking according to your interest spots:

  • Schools
  • Corporate companies
  • NGOs
  • Stand up comedies
  • Conferences
  • Companies that organize seminars and workshops
  • Government bureaus

Salary Of A Public Speaker

Usually, there are a number of forms by which public speakers are hired. For instance, contractual, interns, temporary, freelancing and permanent public speakers are available. And every organization and their salary package differs according to their working, place and popularity. However, the package of a public speaker ranges from 60k to 5L per annum, based on experience, performance and the poise by which they speak.

How To Start For Becoming A Public Speaker

If you want to be a public speaker, then you should get in touch with some habits on a regular basis in order to attain perfection. Let’s have a look at some healthy habits for becoming fluent in public speaking.

  • Discover your niche

Before you step into public speaking, sit down and ask yourself, “What is the field that excites me ?”. Surely, doing this will solve half of your doubt. Then, you can proceed accordingly.

  • Know your audience

A very important point before stepping into this field is knowing who your target audience is. If you are speaking about something related to a particular community or religion, then the people of that concerned community will be your audience.

  • Sharpen your speaking skills

The skills that one should possess as a public speaker are mentioned above. However, knowing them is not enough. You need to start practicing them and keep polishing those soft skills whenever you get time.

  • Before you speak, write properly

Not many of you know the fact that if you want to speak properly, then first learn to write properly. When you write properly, it’s sure that you could speak them properly at some point of time. Start writing essays and speeches on whatever topics that interest you. Moreover, you can create your own website and post your long form writeups.

  • Create your social media presence

For becoming a public speaker, it is important to be in the eye of the public. And there is no other way for this than creating your online presence on social media websites. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are some of the popular sites where you can create your presence by posting content relevant to your niche.

  • Start attending the local events and fests

The best possible way to furnish your skills as a public speaker is to attend the events being organized nearby. You can participate in them and can also talk to the organizer so that you can get a chance to host their event.


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