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18 Tips for Creating Trending Instagram Reels

Do you want to create a social media buzz to promote your work or popularize your brand? Well, Instagram reels are your real savior these days. They are a great way to do easy and quick self-promotion, but not every reel goes viral. So, what exactly do the creators of trending reels do differently? Bear with us, as we have curated some of the best tips for creating trending and binge-worthy Instagram reels.

Create something original

Instagram Reels

Being original is the key to success here. Each day numerous reels are being uploaded on Instagram, so what makes you stand out will be your originality. Create some entertaining content with your flavor added to it. Instagram’s algorithm also prioritizes videos that aren’t just copied and offer something fresh to the viewers.

Remove watermarks

Many Instagram users upload videos with some kind of watermark. Instagram has confirmed that it deprioritizes videos and reels with any sort of third-party watermark. As a caution, you can create content directly on the app, using the raw footage from your camera.

Use trending music

If you want to make a trending reel, then it is essential to add a trending song or any popular music to it. Doing this will let you keep up with trends, and you will become more discoverable on the platform. Instagram’s algorithm will also push your video up and you can end up getting several new followers.

Include captions

Many viewers watch these videos without sound, so providing captions will help them understand the content without the audio. This will also increase the searchability of your reels which will help to make your reels go viral. Content creators can find it difficult to reflect mood of the video, but the efforts done in putting the appropriate captions will  turn out to be worthy at the end.

Optimize on-screen text placement

In continuation with the previous point, it is also essential to track the placement of text on the screen. Generally, your video fits within a 9:16 viewing aspect ratio so ensure that any text you are adding to it fits within the 4:5 viewing aspect ratio. Videos can be viewed from both the reels tab and the in-feed view, therefore it’s important to place your text in the middle of your video.

Shoot vertically and add your own reel cover

Videos can be uploaded either horizontally or vertically but the rule of thumb says it’s ideal to shoot and upload vertically because this is how generally reels are made. To help your video stand out add a custom reel cover image. Remember to create the cover in the same format as the video. You can also use Adobe Instagram post maker for viral posts.

Find your niche

Posting consistently according to the interest of your niche will help you to grow big on the platform. No matter what you or your brand does, be sure that there is a niche for you! All you have to do is create content targeting them.

Ensure high-quality

Studies have confirmed that most of the viral Instagram reels are well shot. A good quality video requires good lighting and high resolution. Make sure that you have sufficient light. Consider buying a ring light, which makes the image better by softening the shadows.

Don’t violate community guidelines

Although it may sound trivial, it’s extremely important to remain updated with the recent community guidelines. Or else, you might face consequences.

Target peak viewing times

One of the best hacks to garner more views is to track the activity of your audience. You can keep this in mind while deciding the best time to post your new Instagram content. If you post your reels while your audience is mostly online, there is a high chance that they will go viral.

Precise and well-paced

As a content creator, you should understand that people’s attention span is gradually getting shorter. This implies that, for your reels to be attention-grabbing they must be well-paced and short. So, it’s important to jump straight to the action without unnecessary delays.

Add fun transitions

If you want to make your reels eye-catching, then use a variety of transitions to spice them up. People love to watch such transitions nowadays. You will need to learn some advanced editing to master these transitions but, these efforts will help in making your videos.

Mind the editing

Statistics show that viewers engage with well-edited videos more easily than raw clips. If you want to promote your brand on Instagram then it is highly recommended to hire a professional video editor unless you are yourself comfortable with it.

Prefer videos over photos

Viewers are more likely to engage with an active video than static photos. So, if you want to make your content impactful then it is advised to rely on active videos rather than a bunch of static pictures.

Jump on a trend

“To go viral on Instagram you must remain active on Instagram”. To do this watch the reels Instagram shows on the explore page. Take ideas by seeing popular songs, music, editing effects, transitions, etc. for your next reel.

Add value to your content

Nowadays, Instagram reels have moved past the dance videos. People are more interested in watching videos that add some value to their life. If you want to make a viral reel then consider teaching something educational or informative. Use your Instagram reel to provide value for the time your viewers invest in watching your video.

Feature user-generated content

If you are posting on Instagram for promoting your brand, then this hack could help you with your motive. You can feature users of your product and post reels in which they can describe their experiences. This will give a whole new dimension to your social media game.

Be optimistic and don’t lose hope

Sometimes things aren’t in our favor but, we should not lose hope. It may happen that your videos may not be able to get the expected views and attention, but you should be consistent in your efforts. Continue making content and you will eventually succeed.   

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