Thrifting as the New Trend of 2022

With the boom in technology and fashion, the new generation is changing the way we dress. The way we shop has changed significantly in recent years because with increasing knowledge of art and fashion, it’s not just a monopoly of a few giant companies. People have changed their perception to a great level and instead of sticking to a few brands, they are looking to explore and try new things without focusing just on the tag.

Woman inspecting vase in antiques shop
Woman inspecting vase in antiques shop

With the income structure of people in our country and an increasing number of small fashion stores that can compete with other global brands because of their flexibility and fashion sense they have, it is not wrong to say that it has been a kind of fashion revolution in the last couple of decades. This wider scope of fashion has given rise to a new trend known as thrifting. Let’s understand what it exactly is and how it has immensely benefitted the consumers as well as businesses.

What is thrifting?

Vintage thrift shop interior

Thrifting simply means going shopping at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market where you can find gently used or recycled clothes which are budget-friendly. This way you can shop more, save the environment and try different fashions. Especially with the increasing popularity of thrift, you will be able to find a wide range of variety from vintage clothes to Gen Z-style clothing. And to make things easier for you, we have picked out the top 10 thrift stores online in this article below so you can shop according to your choice. Happy thrifting

Benefits of thrifting

Reduce waste

Shopping at a local thrift store is the simplest way to be an earth buddy! The whole process of new clothing takes a lot of energy and water with disposal as one of the major issues in the process. In the United States itself, individuals throw out 60 to 80 pounds of textile waste each year. It can up to a few years for these materials to fully break down in landfills! When you choose to buy second-hand clothes instead of buying new clothes, you reduce waste and help the planet. Therefore, thrifting is the ultimate way to live out the “reduce, reuse, and recycle”!

Curate a one-of-a-kind wardrobe

Whether you want to stay on top of the latest trends or express your individuality with unique and vintage clothing, thrift shopping allows you to create a wardrobe that’s completely unique and personalised. Thrift shopping is all about exploring: you never know what you might find!

Score high-quality goods at a low price

Nothing’s more exciting than fashionable clothes at affordable pricing, and at thrift stores, amazing deals are around every corner! Save on clothing, home décor, furniture, shoes, accessories, books, games, and so much more for not just you but your friends and family too. It’s a great feeling to know you’re getting more for and contributing to the environment as well, isn’t it?

Explore your next DIY project

From furniture to décor to fabric, there’s no shortage of thrift store finds that just need your creative perspective to turn them into something amazing! So the next time you go thrift shopping, keep the creativity switch on. It can surely amaze you how thrift store finds are transformed with a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!

Support the community

Unlike big retail chains, many thrift stores exist to serve others and don’t generate very high profits like many retail stores out there. Choosing to shop at a thrift store that’s driven by a mission will help the small businesses and you can proudly be vocal for local.

10 Best Thrift Stores

1. Bodements

Bodements was created with the propelling thought to love pre-loved clothes, considered to be pieces of art that have a right to be loved again. They are looking to bring the concept of slow fashion and responsible ethical consumer practices. They have expanded to India and stock upcycle clothes that are handpicked from all over the world, how exciting is that?

2. Mirinwon

This thrift store from Manipur is selling awesome pieces that are both chic and casual. If you are looking for a variety of things in one place this can be your go-to store as you’ll find all sorts of bags, winter clothing, hoodies, dresses, casual tees and more here. And to add to this advantage all the pieces are sustainably sourced that are super fashionable.

3. Carol’s Shop and Tea Room

If you are looking for handpicked collectables from around the world in your bag, Carol’s Shop & Tea Room presents an array of delicate as well as bold options to choose from. Their Instagram is complete with pieces of art and mesmerising photographs.

4. Bombay Closet Cleanse

This women-run thrift store has our heart with gorgeous bodysuits, Skirts, crop tops and more that scream fashion statements. And to make it even more heart-touching they also run campaigns where they donate a lot of what they earn to NGOs in need.

5. All things preloved

Pritika Rao was an avid thrifter herself before she decided to start her own small online thrift shop during the lockdown. She’s working with a vision of reducing mass manufacturing cloth waste and selling beautiful cloth pieces like coats, hoodies, bags, dresses and more. She even organises small garage sales and you can even get in contact with her to sell your clothes. —

6. Disco>ery Culture

If you are influenced by the disco scene in the 70s and the 80s, Disco>very has you covered with jackets, jerseys and so much more. The culture of the past reflects in all their pieces, so make sure you visit them if you have a special place for vintage in your heart.

7. The Local thrift

Selling absolutely everything from fashion, books, clothes and home decor, The Local Thrift Shop should be your go-to option to shop affordable and also reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

8. The Vintage

If you are looking to buy some very fashionable and sustainable vintage collection without spending thousands of bucks this is the perfect store for you. Selling fashion that is ethical and also follows the vintage trends

9. Vintage Laundary

Featured on Grazia, Hindustan Times and The Hindu, Vintage Laundry is known for its vibrant and chic collection which is something that never goes out of style. The best part? They’re a gender-fluid thrift store.

10. Paradime thrift

The Paradime Thrift promotes pocket-friendly upcycled, vintage, and op culture-inspired clothing that will surely make you stop and stare. And the best part is they have as great a collection for men as they have for women.

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