12 Feng Shui Products to Change Your Life

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that claims to harmonize energy balance in our living spaces. The Chinese terms ‘Feng’ and ‘Shui’ literally translate to ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’. Feng Shui masters and specialists try to understand the flow of ‘Qi’, the cosmic current or energy and direct these flows for wealth and prosperity. The concept is derived from an ancient poem from the time when landscapes and water bodies were thought to harness the flow of this universal energy.

Originated in China, Feng Shui has now become a household name in many western societies. Nowadays, modern Feng Shui consultants charge hefty sums of money for their analysis and advice. Various types of Feng Shui items are available today in the market, which are believed to help people if used correctly.

Feng Shui products for home

Several Feng Shui products are believed to be associated with good luck. These products are a means of home décor and bring positive effects to your life. They are believed to neutralize negative energy and provide positivity to you and your close ones. Feng Shui experts claim that these products can do miracles and help in bringing good luck to our homes.

Lucky Bamboo Tree

A Lucky Bamboo plant can attract good luck in your house. Found in 2,3, or 4 layers, the bamboo tree is a preferable Feng Shui item for good luck. It can also be kept in the house as an item of home décor. Feng Shui suggests that a bamboo plant brings positivity and removes all negative energies in the surroundings.

Feng Shui tortoise

A Feng Shui tortoise is a perfect choice for keeping in your house as it attracts good luck. These tortoises are kept at home because it signifies long and healthy life according to some Feng Shui believers. These tortoises can be made up of resins, glass, mud, metals, or wood and should be kept in proper places as advised by Feng Shui experts.

Evil’s eye

A big blue eye-shaped amulet is an ancient Feng Shui device that is believed to ward off the evil eye of the onlookers. It is generally hung outside house doors or inside a car to protect these items from any kind of mishaps. This well-known Feng Shui symbol also stimulates good luck.

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Feng Shui products for wealth

It is believed that placing some Feng Shui items in a particular manner at your home or office can attract wealth and prosperity. These items remove all kinds of negative energies from our workplace and attract money and wealth.

Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon

Generally placed in your purse, cash register, or even bank locker these coins in their authentic engraved style are assumed to attract wealth. These coins can be hung near the main door of your house or workplace.

Feng Shui frog on elephant

Another classic product in Feng Shui, an Elephant with a Money Frog on top of it is assumed to bring luck and attract money and wealth. Most Feng Shui masters advise keeping it diagonally at your workplace or home for optimal results.

The laughing buddha

Laughing Fat Buddha Statue
Laughing Fat Buddha Statue

This Feng Shui article creates a positive vibe in your workspace and helps to create auspicious energy. The laughing buddha symbolizes a laughing man and it can also act as a beautiful decorative item. This is one of the most famous Feng Shui products so far.

Feng Shui products for good health

Some claim that our health gets affected by certain energies that are always flowing around us. These energies can be either good or bad. People also believe that by keeping some basic tricks in mind one can remain healthy and sound.


Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes

Research has shown that sounds of nature like that of a breeze moving through trees or water flowing in a stream, can calm the human mind. Feng Shui suggests that bamboo or wooden windchimes are better for this purpose than steel or metal ones.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a mineral that is generally associated with purity and healing powers. Many Feng Shui experts advise keeping pieces of black tourmaline next to your bed while sleeping as it is thought to mitigate the harmful effects of radiations that are all around.

Feng Shui Fountains

Feng shui
Feng shui

Feng Shui believes in five fundamental elements of life namely fire, wood, metal, soil, and water. Water or water bodies has always been an essential pillar of Feng Shui. Even the word “Shui” also translates to water. Thus, Feng Shui masters suggest keeping small water fountain miniatures at home. According to them flowing water represents refreshment and sound health, and placing a tabletop fountain provides health benefits.

Feng Shui products for education

Feng Shui products that help students in their education are in great demand today. There are several different items out in the market that are believed to increase the concentration and decrease distraction of students. Feng Shui experts claim that these products if kept accurately can do wonders.

Crystal Globe

crytal globe and economy
crytal globe and economy

A crystal globe represents our earth in Feng Shui and is believed to boost business luck and affect education positively. Some people have claimed that they experienced an increase in concentration while a crystal globe was kept near them. A crystal globe is also thought to be able to remove negative energy from the environment.

Feng Shui education pagoda

This Feng Shui product is assumed to possess certain powers, which can transform the intellectual capabilities of students and help them to increase their concentration. Additionally, the education tower is believed to increase the retention capacity of the human mind, so you can remember much of what you read. Feng Shui experts advise keeping the tower in North East corner of the room or study table for better results.

Three-legged frog

Also known as the three-legged toad, this Feng Shui symbol is attached to educational gains and prosperity. Students and professionals who want to succeed in their carrier are advised to keep this symbol in their workspace. This three-legged frog is believed to accumulate lots of positive energy and bring wisdom to its owner.

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