Top 15 Luxurious Trains in India

If you want to enjoy your journey as much as you enjoy your destination, what else but the train is that you look up to, especially in India. A train can help you witness every part of the beautiful country that India is. With some great company and some time in hand, I would always prefer to travel by train over anything else. Well, with all this said, what if I told you that the train cannot just be a part of your vacation, but it can be the whole vacation itself, might sound puzzling right? But here we are with a list of some of the most luxurious trains around the country that can leave you mesmerized by their beauty. With the modern hotel-like infrastructure to rich cultural outlook, these trains will give you quite some options so let’s know more about them.

Luxurious Trains
Travel by train. The girl travels by train to beautiful places

1. Palace on Wheels

Considered among one of the best luxurious trains around the world, Palace on Wheels offer a great heritage experience to tourist with all the modern facilities like Wi-Fi, a mini pantry etc. In each cabin, the train has its attendant known as a khidmatgar. This was launched in 1981-82 by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Railways

This is an 8-day tour bus that begins from New Delhi every Wednesday. The prices start from around Rs.38,000 per person per night. 

2. Mahaparinirvan Express – Buddhist Circuit Special Train

This unique and popular Buddhist tourist train takes its passenger on a journey full of learning from the Buddhist community and hence the train is named after Lord Buddha’s final teachings, the Mahaparinirvana Sutra. 

The train’s journey begins and ends in Delhi covering many significant places in Northern India, also including a day in the country Nepal. For Indians, the price begins from Rs10,000 per person per night while it begins at USD 135 per person per night for International travellers.

3. Golden Chariot

If you want to explore the Southern parts of the country in a luxurious style with upbeat activities designed for the next generation, there is no better option than the Golden Chariot. It will take you through famous southern tourist spots like Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry. It has a total of 11 coaches which are named after the dynasties that ruled them.

 The train offers you two travel itinerates namely Pride of the South and Splendor of the South. The minimum price per person starts from around Rs50,000 per night for Indians and USD 700 per night for International travellers. 

3. The Deccan Odyssey

Not only in cities, but even on the tracks, Taj Hotel groups have left no stone unturned to provide the best 5-star experience here as well. The Deccan Odyssey began on 16th November 2004 and has been creating memorable customer experiences since then.

 It has a total of 6 routes namely Maharashtra Splendor, Jewels of the Deccan, Maharashtra Wild Trail, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat, Indian Odyssey and Indian Sojourn. For Indian travellers, the price range starts from around Rs. 5 lakh for 7 nights and 8 days trip approximately. And for international travellers, the approximate cost per person is around $5050.

4. Royal Orient Train

It is one of the oldest luxury trains in India made to provide a royal experience to the passengers. They have all the facilities of a 5-star hotel and sightseeing tours and desert safari add to the wonderful experience. 

The train offers a 7 nights 8 days journey from Delhi to Jaipur and the price per person per night begins at Rs.9,000

5. Heritage On Wheels

If you want to get soaked into the rich culture of Rajasthan and experience how the kings and queens lived, this one is surely for you. The famous attractions on the journey are Bikaner, Tal Shekhawati and Jaipur. 

It has a tour package of 4 nights and 5 days the price commences from around 300 USD per person per night.

6. Fairy Queen Express

This beauty is the oldest working steam locomotive certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is a 60 seater chair car with onboarding catering facilities. You will also enjoy the cultural events organized by the train in the evenings.

7. Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

If ‘living life king size’ is your way you are welcomed to the most expensive luxurious train in India. As the name suggests, the train covers almost all the beautiful places in Rajasthan with a royal experience

It has a 7 night and 8 days itinerary and the journey beings and ends in Delhi after covering most of the Rajasthan.

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8. Desert Queen

As the name suggests, the desert queen has a unique root that can take you through deserts and give you an altogether different experience of topography. The train has two types of travel options including AC First Class and AC Two-tier.

9. Majestic Tourist Train

And we have yet another luxurious train that can offer you to take around all the mesmerizing places in Rajasthan. The itinerary provides two packages namely Majestic Tourist Train- Majestic Rajasthan and Majestic Rajasthan with Taj Mahal with a price starting from 210 USD per person per day.

10. Ramayana Express 

This unique pilgrimage train is designed to take you through all the places associated with Lord Rama, the Hindu God. Passengers get pure vegetarian food on board and the total trip duration is of massive 16 days and 17 nights. 

12. Maharaja’s Express

If you are looking for a rich cultural experience with all the modern facilities like Wi-Fi, LCDs etc., this train is one of the best in business. They provide you with great services, spacious cabins, jewel-studded beds and much more

Their Itinerary has 4 different routes namely Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Heritage of India and Treasures of India.

13. Lifeline Express (semi-luxury)

Well, I would describe this as train with a cause. This train visits the most inferior regions of the country and provides great medical facilities for free. It stays in a place for 20 days and the equipment inside the train is also updated from time to time.

14. Maitree Express (semi-luxury)

This train between India and Bangladesh is the first of its kind and seeks to improve relations between the two neighbouring countries. The journey starts in Kolkata and ends in Dhaka in Bangladesh. 

15. Rajdhani Express (semi-luxury)

One of the most famous trains in India, the Rajdhani express is for connecting major cities of the country with the Rajdhani, Delhi. The train currently has massive 24 different routes.

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