Diwali Special Modern Gifting Ideas

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” – Sarah Dessen

You must’ve heard that gifts that hold a part of one’s heart are the truest of all gifts that a person could ever receive. But the question is that where do one arrange such hearty gifts from to gift them to one’s loved ones! Not everyone is a DIY person; not everyone is an artist who can sing or dance and record videos as a personalised greeting or surprise; not everyone can draw, paint or sketch. So now, you must be wondering that how to peel a layer of your heart to infuse it in your gift to make it leave a lasting effect on your beloved receiver. Well, it’s all about creating memories.

“Memories are perhaps the best gifts of all.” – Gloria Gaither

Think of the best gift according to you that you’ve ever received. And then take a moment to think about the worst one as well. Can you recall them both? Ahaa, I doubt that. The chances are quite low. The best one will surely pop up in your mind the moment you close your eyes to ask yourself about the best gift you’ve ever received. (p.s.: gifts are never bad) This is because in case of gifts, we only like to remember the ones that make us feel something very deep inside us; that pleasant feeling always stays with us in our memories. It might be possible that after several years we forget the exact gift we got and its tangible details like how it looked, its colour, shape, etc., but what we’ll always remember is that how it made us feel when we got it as a gift. That’s how gifts that holds one’s heart find place for themselves and the piece of heart they’re carrying (of the sender) in another one’s (the receiver’s) heart.

As the festive season is already banging the doorbell, many of us will surely be struggling with choosing the perfect memorable gifts for their near and dear ones. So, in this article, I’m going to share some Diwali special modern gifting ideas that’ll surely help your loved ones find your heart in your gift. So, let’s talk about some well–thought Diwali special modern gifting ideas.

Top Diwali Special Modern Gifting Ideas

Uncommon Sweets:

Diwali or any festive season is incomplete without sweets. But ain’t it boring to gift your near and dear ones the same pack of sweetness every year?! Mentioned below are some links from where you can purchase a pack of uncommon cum exotic sweets and desserts to gift them to your loved ones on Diwali.

Gifting Ideas
IMG 20211103 124424
IMG 20211103 124438

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Divine Calendar:

A calendar is something that stays in front of one’s eyes for a whole year. So how about gifting a special divine calendar to your special ones to fill their lives with divine blessings?! Check out the link given below to order one.

IMG 20211103 124707

Roasted Nuts and Snacks:

Although sweets come first in every festival, dry fruits and snacks have their own importance. So, I’ve got some special links for y’all from where you can purchase diwali special giftpacks of nuts and snacks.

IMG 20211103 124722
Buy here
IMG 20211103 124738
Buy here
IMG 20211103 124807
Image source
IMG 20211103 124817
Image source

Designer Toran:

Torans or decorative garlands that we hang on the top of the entrance of our houses are always pretty. Just looking at them while entering into a house makes one glad. So, isn’t it a good idea to gift torans to your loved ones on this diwali to leave a lasting memory in their minds?! Check out the links given below and surprise your loved ones this year with a pretty toran to decorate their homes with.

IMG 20211103 124823
IMG 20211103 124842
IMG 20211103 124854

Decorative Candles & Stuff:

Diwali and decoration are kind of synonymous, no? So, given below is a set of links to buy some lovely decorative stuff to light up your and your loved ones’ Diwali.

IMG 20211103 124904
IMG 20211103 124914
IMG 20211103 124922
Buying link

Diwali Special Wall Clock:

We all want our gifts to bloom forever in the hearts of our loved ones. So, I’m having a timeless gift idea for you. Check out the links given below to order some amazing Diwali special wall clocks for your special people.

IMG 20211103 124931
IMG 20211103 124939
Image source
IMG 20211103 124946

Enamel Pins:

While browsing Insta, I found a super amazing gift idea for all those looking for diwali special modern gifting ideas to surprise your loved ones. Have a look at the link given below to find cute little diwali special enamel pins to amaze your people with something extra creative and attractive.

IMG 20211103 125049
IMG 20211103 125103

Happy Diwali Folks! 😊 May you get amazing gifts this year and may your gifts succeed in amazing your sweethearts!

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