ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Millions of people have viewed a video of a woman whispering into a camera. However, she doesn’t do much that is particularly noteworthy. Instead, she whispers in a melodic tone and moves her hands seemingly randomly. Despite this, millions of people are excited about ASMR videos.

If you’re not familiar with this trend, you might be wondering, “What the hell is going on?”

We are talking about the soothing ASMR videos. ASMR is short for an autonomous sensory meridian response. Hundreds of video creators record themselves doing everything from gentle whispers to sophisticated role plays. ASMR videos involve a range of narratives from teleporting to time travel to demons and fairies.

What is ASMR?

Yellow headphones, ASMR letters lightbox and confetti on pink background. ASMR concept
Yellow headphones, ASMR letters lightbox and confetti on pink background. ASMR concept

ASMR refers to the perception that people experience when they watch exciting videos or engage in certain activities that require their particular attention. Many patients report the sensation as “tingles” running down the back of their heads and spines. ASMR videos are very soothing for some people, even causing them to fall asleep.

Although the word ASMR may appear technical, the phenomenon is not supported by science or research. Jennifer Allen is believed to have originated the word in 2010. She started a Facebook page dedicated to learning about it. People quickly adopted the term because it provided them with a way to explain the excellent sensation.

So how does ASMR work?

Happy girl listening to music from mobile phone sitting on a couch at home. Sunny day.

The way ASMR works varies a lot from one individual to the next. Some, if not the majority, do not comprehend it. And because there is virtually no science on ASMR, our knowledge of it is based solely on tales on the internet.

People experience ASMR from a variety of triggers. Some love role-playing in which someone pays close attention to them and whispers, while others enjoy movies of drudgery like spraying a water bottle, tapping, stirring a bowl of soup, or crinkling wrapping paper. Others are provoked by more elaborate role-playing, ranging from a doctor’s impersonation to a haircut. 

Usually, these sensation isn’t sexual. However, some people are triggered by sexually explicit movies. Other ASMR watchers insist that the tingles and sensations of relaxation have nothing to do with sex. However, ASMR is similar to sexual turn-ons in that some people are pretty particular about what they like, and many people get tired of experiencing the same thing repeatedly.

Maria, who manages the Gentle Whispering YouTube channel, which has over 1.3 million subscribers, said in 2015 that people’s experiences could vary by day or mood. “I’ve discovered that one day you’re more sensitive to role-playing, and the next day you’re more sensitive to swishing sounds,” she explained. “It varies a much.”

If people listen to or view triggers too much, they become tolerant of them. As a result, ASMR video creators must keep things fresh and for viewers to avoid overplaying that one incredibly tingling video.

All of this is based on anecdotal evidence. We know that certain people are affected by ASMR. However, no one understands how or why it happens.

How do people know if they have ASMR?

Maria’s account of how she discovered ASMR appears to be typical. She first had the weird sensation while engaging with her peers and friends when she was a child and later discovered a large internet community dedicated to the strange sensation.

“My first reaction was physical contact in kindergarten when girls ran their fingers through my forearms,” Maria explained. “It wasn’t so much the feeling of them stroking my skin as the amount of attention they were paying me.”

What are ASMRrists? 

ASMR videos are a creative outlet for some video creators. As a result, many refer to themselves as ASMR artists (or “ASMRtists”). For example, Maria said she got inspiration from watching videos.

Finding new triggers is an important goal for video creators, primarily to keep things interesting. “Whenever a new trigger appears, people go crazy,” Maria explained. “We also need to broaden our horizons a little. Otherwise, we’ll become stale and dull.”

It can take a long time to create these videos. Maria said she thinks about everything from what she’ll wear to what she’ll use, how far she and the various items should be from the microphone and camera, and even how the background should look. She then spends a few days experimenting with different sounds and angles before finalizing the film with a four- to a five-hour recording session. 

The goal is to perfect the ambiance of each movie along the route to optimize its capacity to create tingles and calm. The fact that “brain tingles” surpass the communication barriers is why solitary ASMRtists have gotten so big. To receive the same tingling impact, viewers don’t have to understand the words.

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How big is ASMR?

ASMR has grown in popularity in recent years. There are many channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and dozens of videos with over a million views. More than 130,000 people subscribe to the primary ASMR subreddit, r/ASMR. It has been covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, and BuzzFeed. CollegeHumor even satirized it, which is a fantastic ASMR video in addition to being hilarious.

Can ASMR be a career?

Working at ASMR is a fantastic experience. Exciting projects, unambiguous specifications, and positive comments. Management is pleasant to work with, and compensation is reasonable. The organization offers excellent benefits and competitive compensation.

ASMR artists can earn $7 CPM, or money per thousand hits, as a low-end estimate from YouTube’s agreement, in which the site divides ad revenue with video creators. However, the more the total views on a partner channel, the higher the pay rate.

So why do people watch ASMR videos?

Why do people use the internet for anything? Some enjoy watching movies about cats. Some like seeing comedians impersonate news anchors or celebrities. Finally, some individuals unwind by watching recordings of someone whispering.

Part of this demonstrates the internet’s most powerful feature: its capacity to connect people in previously impossible ways.

It’s easy to think that millions of people who experienced ASMR and tingles were unsure what was going on or if they were just crazy before the internet. They, like Maria, may have tried to keep it a secret after witnessing their friends and family’s perplexity when they tried to articulate how they felt. However, it’s only because of the internet that people can run into one another and discover they’re not alone in their unusual feelings.

ASMR videos are a great way to relax and unwind, from the scalp to the toes. 

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