Top Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Diwali is at the doorstep with numerous traditions that we look forward to. Every ritual that we perform during this festival amuses us. Additionally, we anticipate cleaning each corner of our house without our regular sluggishness, isn’t it? Among all of them, one of the traditions that we look up to happens to be making Rangoli. From using colors to flower petals and embellishments, each Rangoli design looks exquisite in its way. Along with the gleaming lights, it is considered propitious for the arrival of Laxmi and a welcome gesture for the guests visiting our homes during Diwali. Rangoli has various forms in regards to different states, traditions, and fortes. So, let the powder flow through your hands and brighten up your house with unique Rangoli ideas.

Mentioned below are some of the facile and unique Rangoli ideas that would make your home shine brighter-

Floating Rangoli


Have you given a shot at the new trend wherein you make candles and Diyas using melted wax, water, and fragrances? Also, in the modern era, we have access to things one could never think of, one of them being floating items. Besides scented candles, Diyas, and adornments, floating colors are also available in the markets. Placing sparkling, glittery candles with Diyas and rose petals on the surface of the water looks exceptionally beautiful. You can also use creative ideas of painting floating Diyas and decorating them with Bindis and mirrors. It saves you from the chaos and gives a modern yet classic touch to the Rangoli.

floating Rangoli

Free Hand Rangoli

Happy diwali
Happy diwali

It is the most facile and handy type of Rangoli that is ideal for beginners. Accordingly, it is easy to make for kids and ideal for people who believe in simplicity as they can make geometrical designs by connecting the dots. Generally, we outline the designs we opt for with chalk or marker and fill them with beautiful Rangoli hues. The trend calls for a blend of dull pastels and vivid neons to give the freehand Rangoli a modish touch. Though it is one of the most prominent and widely used forms, it originated in South India.

Diwali-festival of lights
Diwali-festival of lights

Quilling Rangoli


Flowers are one of the most commonly drawn designs in Rangolis, and they radiate different vibes. Every five out of ten Rangoli designs consist of flowers, either as the master of the art or as one of the components. However, let’s try out something different with flowers this Diwali. How about a combination of colorful quilled flowers? Sounds alluring, right? All you require to do is carve out some cut-outs, a sparkling sheet, stones, and some gum. Firstly, fold the cut-outs such that you create the shapes of flowers and leaves out of them. Attach the quilled pieces with the sparkling paper and embellish with some stones. You can likewise utilize stencils for this novel Rangoli idea.

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DIY Rangoli

rangoli diwali festival
rangoli diwali festival

We have begun adopting modern techniques to make every task simpler and more expeditious, then why not a bit of Rangoli DIY? You can use empty Fevicol containers to fill in the colors in a tidier and more organized manner. Further, spoons and forks can be utilized as stencils for straight geometric designs. The finger technique also goes well by spreading the sand colors and making the designs using your fingers. One can quite easily make perfect circles, petals, leaves, etc., using fingertips. Instagram reels involving such satisfying Rangoli ideas are all over the web these days.

Mirror Rangoli


A combination of mirrors and Diyas on the festival of Lights is the most glorious one. Diyas complement the mirrors in a magnificent way that creates an illusion of flickering lights. This one is easy-breezy and classic at the same time as all it requires is some miniature glassed mirrors and some hand-painted Diyas. Though Diyas are enough to elevate the beauty of the mirrors, you can also use some stones and candlesticks. Nowadays, tiny self-adhesive rhinestone stickers are accessible in the market that would make the Rangoli lighten up even more. If you prefer splendid glimmers, then you might get inclined towards this one every Diwali.

Mandala Rangoli


As you must be aware, Mandala art became quite popular among surfers due to its facile and interesting concept. Being a part of the polygon family, it constitutes enough edges to make and join as many designs as you desire. Mandala designs are believed to be a symbol of auspiciousness. Accordingly, for most of the part, people make sacred and divine Rangoli designs along the circle. It is known to radiate peace with the symmetries. It can also be made by arranging flower petals and round-shaped flowers like marigolds in a circular style. This one is known to bring prosperity to the homes, so you can make a Swastik design through the Mandala outside the Puja room.

Rangoli with a Cause


Usually, these types of Rangolis are not the ones you make at your homes. However, these can make a huge difference in society as people do not miss having a look at an alluring piece. Try opting for a topic that requires special attention, for instance, issues related to Covid-19 like generating awareness for vaccines. The Rangoli does not require perfection but should reflect the issue intricately. The whole idea is to eliminate the hassle of reading long paragraphs and understanding the point with a glare. Despite making it with a free hand, glorify it enough to grab the attention of the visitors.



Native to Orissa, Jhoti is an auspicious traditional Rangoli that is a bit different from the aforementioned ones. It does not require colorful sand colors as the Orissa tradition involves a white paste prepared with a mixture of water and rice flour, easily accessible to households. Consequently, it is not confined to a white marble floor rather, it gets highlighted on a dimmer floor on the threshold. For most of the part, patterns like feet of the deities with a lotus, conch shell, Kumbh, peacocks, and other symbols of divinity are made to impress and welcome Goddess Laxmi. If you do not have access to sand hues, opt for this easily available and affordable idea. You might impress the deities!

Floor Painting


Short of powdered Rangoli colors? Well, that cannot refrain you from making one, right? You can make a painted Rangoli using temporary watercolors with your choice of colors. Floor painting happens to be one of the ancient forms of art which came into existence as a picturesque offering to the deities. It comes in handy, and you can also adorn the walls with it, but remember that it will be perpetual. Adding creative aesthetics like brightly painted mud Diyas enhances and beautifies the whole Rangoli look. Use bright hues and oil paints to elevate and making the floor painting more noticeable.



Shaded Rangoli is the most preferred, modern pattern that not only looks attractive but is also fun to make. Mixing and matching the hues to create the perfect combination always turns out to be surprisingly exquisite. For a different look, try shading darker hues with the more vivid ones, for instance, violet with yellow. If you long for a chicer pattern, go for monotonic combinations, like mixing light blues and greens with the darkest of their tones. This mix and match of the right tones can enhance the vibe of a simple design.

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