The 9 Best Markets to Visit in the US

If you want to gain insight into a place or a community, its culture and language visit its market. A market is a great place to learn exciting things about a new place. What’s better than exploring the cuisine and architecture of a place? Here is a list of of the nine oldest and iconic markets in the USA for you to visit. 

Reading Terminal Market – Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is one of the largest and oldest markets in America. The market has found its house in the National Historic Landmark building since 1893. The market has a range of astonishing selection of homegrown and outlandish local produce and products to offer. The market is a hot spot for locally available fresh meat and poultry, also the greatest seafood, baked goodies, a variety of cheeses, and sweet and sour confections.

Reading Terminal is a place where you will find detailed cookbooks to make tasty meals, patched table linens, kitchenware to fresh-picked flowers and much more. The roof of the terminal houses multiple restaurants offering a range of culinary delicacies. The Reading Terminal Market also functions as a farmer’s market, protecting the architectural and historical disposition of the city. 

West Side Market – Cleveland, Ohio

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Do you want to visit the oldest operating market in Ohio? Head to the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio. The market has been operating since 1840. The 109- year-old market is situated at the corner of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue in Ohio City. The market was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 18, 1973. Initially, the market was originally built to replace the Pearl Street market, which had been active since 1840 on the opposite corner of the same street. Over 100 vendors of the West side Market offer fresh and delicious meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and baked goodies.

Findlay Market – Cincinnati, Ohio

Findlay Market is Ohio’s most cherished and oldest public market active since 1852. The Findlay Market in Cincinnati’s historical market, welcoming over one million visitors each year. The market is situated a few blocks from another historic landmark, the downtown, dense neighbourhood of Over-the-Rhine. The bustling Findlay Market remains a hot spot for farm-fresh, locally produced, and exotic foods.

The market is open from Tuesdays to Sundays all year round. The Market houses over 50 full-time stalls that sell fresh meat, poultry, fish, produce, a variety of cheeses, ethnic cuisine and flowers. The weekends in Findlay Market are especially exciting. The market hosts a swarming Farmer’s Market, a lively Outdoor Market, rousing street performers and multiple special events.

Lancaster Central Market – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Head to Lancaster Central Market in the City of Lancaster to enjoy the beauty of one of America’s oldest continuously operating markets. The City of Lancaster was named as the market town in 1730. The farmers’ market is home to over 60 local vendors. One step inside the market will surely give you a glimpse of all that Lancaster County has to offer. The market aisles display deeply nutrient-rich soils that are native to the local area, endless options of organic produce representing the cultural diversity, and locally-sourced cheese, poultry, meat, fish, and more.

Eastern Market – Detroit

Eastern Market is not your regular market. It is a commercial district in Detroit, Michigan holding historical importance. The market is approximately one mile towards the northeast of the city’s downtown. It is surrounded by Gratiot Avenue on the south, Mack Avenue on the north, St. Aubin Street on the east, and Interstate 75 on the west.

Young woman with caramel apple on Christmas market. Smiling woman in winter style clothes posing.
Young woman with caramel apple on Christmas market. Smiling woman in winter style clothes posing.

The community market is sometimes called the “Little Italy” of Detroit. The Italian community of the market is open to people of all ethnic groups. The Eastern Market is a selling hot spot for a wide variety of products such as meat, exotic spices, honey, cheese and other products. It is exceptionally busy on Saturdays when farmers bring in their fresh produce for sale. The market is a must visit for all the travelers.

Flint Farmers’ Market – Flint, Michigan

Flint Market is a historical and cultural treasure of the Flint community. The market began on the streets of Beach and Kearsley in the summer of 1905. The market is bustling with the members of the Flint community that come here to shop for the parish, fresh and seasonal produce, hang out with friends and families, and enjoy the liveliness and vibrancy of their community, the local vendors and visitors from different places.

The market is open to the public all year round. It has over 50 vendors selling their exotic produce. The market houses great meat shops, poultry stalls, fresh loaves of bread and baked goods, cheese, a winery, a local cafe, an art gallery, and unique gift shops.

Milwaukee Public Market – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you are visiting Milwaukee, make sure to visit the Milwaukee Public Market. It is a public market in the Historic Third Ward of the historic warehouse district in Milwaukee. The shops in the marketplace are leased to vendors and local food businesses. The marketplace has a variety of goodies such as bakery items, meats, seafood, soups of different flavours, cheese, exotic spices, wine, coffee, and savoury candies. When the market opened in 2005, it initially focused on selling raw ingredients, but over time, different vendor carts and organizers started selling freshly prepared foods for more profit. You can also buy fresh flowers, gifts, and colourful apparel. 

Chicago French Market – Chicago

Woman on Eastern market
Woman on Eastern market

Chicago’s French Market is a multi-vendor market open all year-round. The French market has an indoor marketplace and a food hall. You have access to convenient, permanent and local artisans and retailers. The market has a unique collection of local vendors that are selected for their passion and dedication and high-quality products. The market is home to entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and accomplished sellers. Chicago French Market features multiple speciality stalls offering fresh ingredients for home-cooked meals, delicious grab-and-go snacks for breakfast, lunch and a quick dinner. You can also grab light snacks and pastries. The Chicago French Market is ideal for picnics, small parties and gatherings. 

Boston Public Market – Boston

Established in 2015, Boston Market is a buzzy indoor public market. The market is in downtown Boston, close to the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. The market is home to more than 35 vendor stalls that are open all year round. The Boston market also hosts an outdoor farmers’ market on Sundays and Wednesdays. The farmers’ market is only active from May to November. From organic produce to fresh veggies and fruits, the market has everything. The non-profit association, Boston Public Market Association, selects stalls for indoor markets.

What is stopping you from packing your bags, grab your travel gear and visit theses iconic markets for great food, great shopping and great time.

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