Lunch Box Finds: 17 Affordable and Stylish Options

Hey there, lunch enthusiasts! Ever wondered what makes a lunch box perfect for you? Is it all about the brand vibes or the sweet spot on the price tag? Are you packing it for your office grub or your little one’s school snacks?

Guess what? We’ve got the scoop on all your lunch box queries! Choosing the ideal lunch box is like navigating a tasty maze of shapes, sizes, and layouts. Whether you’re a nine-to-five warrior or a parent on snack duty, a trusty lunch box is your foodie sidekick.

Thai lunch box on the window
Thai lunch box on the window

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of grown-up, stylish lunch boxes just waiting to cradle your favorite eats. Whatever your lunchtime needs, we’ve got the perfect pick for you right here! Let’s make your lunch game as fabulous as your cravings!


Cello is one of the leading processors of household consumer products in India. They manufacture premium quality lunch boxes with unique design features. Cello lunch boxes are ideal for schools and offices. They offer a huge range of lunch boxes for kids. The extra benefit for the customers for using this brand comes with copper coating. Cello lunch boxes are made of different material depending on the model. Mostly they come in food grade quality stainless steel, which is ideal for office, school and travelling.

There price range is usually come between Rs. 588 – 2495.


Borosil is an Indian glassware company established in Mumbai. This company is one of the largest glassware-producing companies in India with a lot of presence in the USA and other foreign lands. The company’s products include laboratory glassware, instruments, disposable plastics, liquid handling systems and explosion-proof lighting glassware for the education sector and for numerous industries. Large-sized tiffin boxes are also available for people who require spacious tiffin boxes for the office. Borosil offers stainless steel lunch boxes for the long warm food goals, and also offers lunch boxes for kids.

Its price range usually starts from Rs. 500. It sets the margin and from their it goes to higher ranges of Rs. 3000 and more.


If you wish to buy the school lunch box for kids that must be durable then here is the perfect choice for you, Tupperware tiffin box. Premium design and quality make your food attractive in everyday life. Tupperware is an American brand operating since 1948. It manufactures premium quality lunch boxes. Tupperware uses better quality raw material for manufacturing for the lunch boxes, thus they charge a slightly higher price. They do not compromise on the rubber quality. Apart from lunch boxes for kids, Tupperware also offers good range of lunch box for office.

Its price range roughly starts at Rs. 500 and can go to Rs. 3000 and more.

Milton The Lunch Box Brand

Milton is a very trusted brand for tiffin boxes in India and comes at a very affordable price. Milton lunch boxes are counted as the best lunch boxes in India. They are affordable and have good longevity. Milton manufactures and offers various models of Milton lunch boxes, some of which are suitable for keeping food safe and warm for a long period.

Milton also designs 100% spill-proof containers that are microwaveable. One of their Milton lunch box models has an in-built electric plugging system for heating the food, which is suitable for office workers. Currently, Milton is selling their products through 55,000 retailers, and offers a huge range of lunch box for office and lunch box for kids.

Price of this Milton lunch boxes start from Rs 365.


Signoraware offers customers a product with the aim of providing warm food to customers. They design insulated tiffin boxes that keep the food warm and hot for a longer time. Signoraware is a top Indian brand in the category of Kitchen appliances, crockery and food containers. Its lunch box sets usually come with a tumbler to carry water or other drinks. All these containers are leakproof, hence considering Indian cuisines in mind. These lunch boxes are airtight and microwave-safe. Its products are cheaper in comparison to competing brands.

Its price range starts from Rs 500.


Vaya is a kitchen appliances brand, not so new in the Indian market, but this classy and elegant-looking lunch box compelled us to review this new brand. Vaya is a premium lunch box brand in India. These lunch boxes are covered with the outer shell which is double walled vacuum insulated i.e., your food inside will stay hot and cold accordingly for 6 hours.

Closed plastic lunch box on kitchen table
Closed plastic lunch box on kitchen table

Quality of the lunch boxes offered by Vaya are extremely durable and robust, and the brand also provides a 1-year warranty for any defects. The brand offers attractive lunch box for kids in more than 40 different designs some of which are theme-based, such as Captain America, Mickey Mouse, etc, which is perfect for school-going kids.

Vaya’s lowest price is Rs. 150 from there it ranges to Rs. 3000 depending on the product.


Oliveware is another Indian brand that specialises in lunch boxes, food containers, serving trays, fruit and soup bowls, etc. This brand has been operating since 1989 and the brand has to offer the best lunch boxes for offices in India. This Oliveware lunch box set is a little different and creative from other best lunch boxes for offices in India.

Oliverware provides lunch boxes in multiple varieties, where it provides lunch box for office with three containers or four containers, where they will provide you with 4 airtight and spill-proof containers with different capacities of 290 ml, 450 ml, 600 ml and 130 ml (plastic). These lunch box sets are made using the best quality materials that are European Food Grade virgin raw materials.

Its price range starts from Rs. 500.


Kaiserhoff offers sturdy lunch boxes made with Borosilicate glass. They design kids lunch boxes and lunch box for office that usually come in round-shape and the entire lunch box set comes with a flexible pouch. All the boxes are compact and can easily carry a full meal. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Its price range comes between Rs. 500 to 2000.


The NanoNine brand is of superior quality and offers a range of products, including lunch boxes in numerous models. The brand is the leading and oldest tiffin box brand in India. However, NanoNine Tiffin Boxes are quite expensive in comparison to persisting brands in the market. You can explore the number of designs of the lunch box at the official website of the brand. It manufactures robust lunch wares.

Its initial price range is Rs 700 or more.


This plastic and stainless-steel lunch box brand comprises leak-proof boxes which can keep your tiffin fresh for hours. The stackable containers featuring a detachable clip are both microwave and freezer-safe. Its stainless-steel variants feature food-grade silicone covers that guarantee great performance even in adverse weather conditions.

Its price range is Rs. 359 to 978.

Home Puff

This freeze-proof lunch box brand is crafted using premium-grade stainless steel or borosilicate glass that retains its optimum durability even after heavy-duty usage. Its 100% BPA-free lid features a silicone ring with a leakproof seal to keep your food materials fresh for longer. The venting feature is present in all of its lids, making it extremely easy to open the boxes. Its manufacturing is done by using materials such as glass, silicon, and stainless steel. It provides lunch box for office, school travelling, and college needs.

Its price range is between Rs. 299 – 2999.


Tuelip is another lunchware and utensils manufacturing brand in India. The plastic lunch boxes of the Tuelip brand can serve as the perfect gifts to your friends and family. This microwavable and non-toxic lunch box brand features a four-sided lock. It can efficiently help you carry around a plethora of lunch and snack items. The shatter-resistant and leak-proof stainless-steel variants can cater to all your hygiene requirements with their air-tight nature.

Its price range is Rs.269-780.


Treo is a brand that offers premium glass lunch boxes that are eco-friendly, hygienic, and elegant. They have borosilicate glass containers that are oven-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe. They also have lunch bowls and tiffin sets that are ideal for salads, grains, or stews. Treo is a brand of glassware products and non-stick cookware from Hamilton group of companies, along with Milton, Spot zero, and Claro.

Lunch box with healthy food on white table background
Lunch box with healthy food on white table background

Treo offers a variety of lunch boxes made of borosilicate glass, which are microwave-safe, oven-safe, and freezer-safe. Some of the popular Treo lunch box models like all fresh, swag, and health first; which contain 3-4 set of containers.

Its price range starts from Rs. 300 and varies accordingly.


Yelona is a brand of lunch boxes. It designs stylish, convenient, and healthy lunch boxes. Yelona lunch boxes have different features, such as bento lunch boxes with cutlery and Japanese-style bento lunch boxes with 2-3 layers of containers. The lunch boxes have two layers of stainless-steel containers that are airtight and lockable. They also have three compartments to separate different foods, and a plastic spoon and chopsticks. The lunch box is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. It comes with a soup pot, a cutlery box, a spoon, a fork, and two chopsticks. The lunch bag is insulated and waterproof, and can keep the food warm or cold for more than three hours.

Price range comes between Rs. 500 to 3000.


Attro is a brand of lunch boxes that are made of stainless steel and plastic, and have airtight and leak-proof lids. Attro lunch boxes are designed to keep the food fresh and warm and come with a lunch bag, a fork, and a spoon. Some of the popular Attro lunch box models are Prime, snackpro, and Bento. Each box has its speciality, such as the Prime lunch box comes with single wall containers that are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

Snackpro range comes with plastic containers that have a special lid with a steam vent; and Bento lunch boxes have a single large container that has a divider to separate different foods. They come in different sizes and sets, ranging from 2 to 4 containers. They are available in 2 or 3 container sets.

Price range starting from Rs. 500-600 onwards.


Bulfyss is a brand of home and kitchen products that offers a range of lunch boxes that are insulated, leak-proof, and microwave-safe. Bulfyss lunch boxes are made of nylon, expanded polyethylene foam, oxford fabric, and aluminium, and have different features and capacities. Some of the popular Bulfyss lunch box models, include the Travel Lunch Tiffin Storage Nylon Bag, insulated Lunch Box with 3 Stainless Steel Containers, and Lunch Box with 2 Stainless Steel Containers and 1 Plastic Container.

The lunch bag provided with Bulfyss’ tiffin boxes is insulated and waterproof and has a wide-open design for easy access. They also have a plastic spoon and a fork. The lunch box for office is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe and can keep the food warm for up to four hours.

It starts from Rs. 479 onwards.


Tex Ro is a brand of lunch boxes that are made of plastic and have three compartments to store different foods. Tex Ro lunch boxes are microwave-safe, and leak-proof and come with a spoon and a fork. They are available in different colours and have a capacity of 1400 millilitres.

School Lunch box
School Lunch box

Its Price range usually starts from Rs 449 onwards.

These were the top lunch box brands. The brands that are readily available and easily affordable. They all come under various ranges of prices and with multiple options. Which one would you like to purchase, the one which is cheaper or the one which will keep your food hot and warm?

Hopefully, the answer will be both options. So here we have given you the apt set of choices. So, this is your time to make your decision wisely. 

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