12 Refreshing Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room

Your home is your expression. It represents your personality and your choices that make you unique. To display your personality in your home, what better way than to paint the walls of your room? Painting walls with different colors and graphics is the most preferred way of putting an expression on a dull wall that can elevate the look of the entire room and also help reduce monotony. One such painting that you can try to make your living room luxurious is a mural painting. Let’s explore more about it!

What is mural painting?

Graffiti artists painting colorful mural on a grey wall - Creative men performing drawing murals
Graffiti artists painting colorful mural on a grey wall – Creative men performing drawing murals

A mural is a piece of artwork directly painted or applied to the wall or ceiling. Techniques such as fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage are included in murals.

Mural is a Spanish term used to refer to something attached to a wall. When a painting is applied to and made an integral part of the surface of a wall or a ceiling, it is termed a mural painting. It is different from other pictorial art in such a way that it is organically connected with the architecture.

Modern-day mural paintings are used to elevate the wall designs in modern homes with more vibrant and artistic elements beyond the usual wall colors and textures. By using a variety of mural painting techniques, you can convert your simple walls into artistic canvases showcasing stunning visuals that add a unique dimension to your living room.

Here are 12 ideas to elevate your living room wall with mural paintings and give your rooms a personal touch!


This is the most beginner-friendly technique that can be used to create detailed mural artwork. Various kinds of design outlines are available in the form of a stencil. You can stick the stencil on the wall you wish to design and paint with the help of painter’s tape, then paint around the stencil with the color of your choice. Once the paint is dried, carefully remove the stencil, and voila! Your artistic wall is ready.


Spongework is one of the most common techniques used by mural artists to create depth in their artwork. It is mostly used to cover a large surface area in a painting, such as a field, grassland, sky, or clouds. You just need a wet sponge and acrylic paint of your choice, and you are good to go with sponge work.


This technique is used in mural painting to make the acrylic paint on your murals pop out and show through. The glazing technique can be added to murals by adding an acrylic glaze to the acrylic paint and then applying it to the wall.


This is a mural technique that involves the blending of two colors to create a unique effect. A stippling brush is used to dab the paint coat to create the stippling effect in the form of microdots and other patterns.


This method of mural painting involves the use of colors, which makes your wall look old, emanating a historic sense into a room. A clean rag or cheesecloth ran over the wet paint to spread it around the wall, giving your room an antique vibe.


This mural art is another creative way to showcase your personality and style on the walls of your living room. You can imprint the photos of your choice on the walls and then paint the wall according to the theme of your house.


If you find painting your walls difficult and time-consuming, you can choose sandstone wall murals to revamp your room. There are plenty of handcrafted wall coverings available from which you can choose to give your living room a luxurious look and a lovely finish.


To create this mural art, ceramic tiles are turned into a piece of art by cutting them, and then they are used as mosaics to create wall murals. This is one of the most ancient methods that was used in ancient times to create murals on the pyramids and pillars of ancient forts.


It is one of the most popular forms of mural art. It is created on a sturdy surface and can be applied to any smooth surface. It can be easily repositioned without leaving any residue.


These murals are the most common choice in modern houses. They contain forms and patterns that provide the impression of depth and movement. It is a well-liked choice for enhancing visual appeal in a living room.


Abstract mural art is the most preferred choice when it comes to modern-day living rooms. It turns any boring wall into a canvas full of playful colors. It contains paintings that frequently have strong brush strokes, color splashes, and geometric designs. There are several ways to create abstract murals, from sleek and minimalist to colorful and vibrant.


Kerela mural art is a painting that depicts Hindu mythology in the form of frescos. Ancient temples and palaces in Kerela are filled with such mural artwork. The modern-day depiction of Kerela mural artwork can be used to give your living room an ancient touch and a religious vibe. It uses vibrant colors to paint graphics of Hindu gods and goddesses.

These are the few ideas that are most promising to rejuvenate your living rooms. Most of them are easy to create, and one can try them without much help from professionals to express their true selves on their walls. Before starting the mural art, make sure that your walls are clean and whitewashed for better results. For a better finish, use an acrylic shiner. The use of an acrylic shiner is suggested by the experts, as it makes the entire painting more polished. Now select your favorite piece of mural art and start expressing your true self with the best colors of your choice.

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