24 Best Bollywood Theme Dresses to Try in 2024

Ever been to a theme party? It doesn’t matter if you have or not because theme parties hold a sort of popularity amongst the crowd; the joy of dressing up as your favourite character, who doesn’t enjoy that? Bollywood theme parties are one of the major crowd pleasers when it comes to Fresher’s parties or Office parties. Bollywood has to offer so many iconic characters with impeccable fashion sense or with some of the silliest outfits ever. Below is a list of characters that you could dress up as for the next theme party. Yes, we’re talking about Bollywood theme dresses here!

Deepika Padukone and SRK in Chennai Express:

Both of them donning a lungi brings a sort of singularity to the nature of their relationship making these perfect dresses for a couple wanting to rock a bollywood theme party with a bollywood theme dress. Shahrukh pairing a leather jacket with a mundu and Deepika donning a similar outfit but in colour creates a contrast that compliments each other.

Young Woman Holding Bollywood Theme Dress in Boutique
Young Woman Holding Party Dress in Boutique

The jacket donned by Shahrukh Khan depicts him being from Mumbai and when he wears a mundu with it depicts him being a part of the South Indian culture while Deepika donning the same attire in a more western sense depicts her being a part of her counterpart’s culture.

Khilji from Padmavat:

Though a difficult character to portray, Khilji is definitely one of the most widely recognized villains after Ranveer Singh portrayed him in Padmavat. If one wishes to make the crowd’s heart go ‘khalibali’, they should surely dress up as Khilji, one of the darker Bollywood theme dress. The outfit is true to the era it was set in with the embellished sherwani-like clothing pieces with heavy head rests that also depicts the emperor’s position and somehow in a way adds to his dark demeanour.

Not only that but also his position of superiority being depicted by the heavy and jewelled clothing he chooses to wear is an incredible example of a good portrayal of a period drama.

Shahrukh Khan in Mohabbatein:

An aspiring musician with those cosy turtlenecks and cardigan, the glasses adding a touch to his the clam demeanour of his character. This outfit is for those who wish to attend the Bollywood theme party without having to put too much effort. The outfit consists mostly of a turtleneck and another sweater as an overcoat.

The glasses are an essential addition to the outfit for a certain character definition. His clothes depict his sympathetic and well-minded nature. The setting of the story does not make his character much of a person who cares about fashion but nonetheless, the outfits worn by him are, in fact, quite fashionable that one would recognize them as something worn by Raj Aryan in Mohabbatein.

Deepika in Badtameez Dil:

A saree is always an iconic outfit on screen and when Deepika donned that blue saree for this dance number in Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani, lives were changed. Ever since then, she has made Naina one of the most iconic characters in Bollywood and he outfits make for one of the best bollywood theme dresses.

The blue saree with golden borders paired with a black sequin top really calls for a party. The outfit is easier to acquire with the variety of sarees that could be paired with but the blue would make an impact as the character. The saree she chooses to donne also depicts a portion of her character development over the years from her being a nerdy introvert to her becoming someone who embraces her position and chooses to live for herself.

Aamir Khan in PK:

PK in itself is a peculiar film, so, not having an outfit from it would be a shame when an outfit such as this exists. For those who wish to leave an impact, this combination of a suit with a skirt is the perfect outfit. The pieces of clothing included in the outfit are a suit for the upper half of the body and a skirt for the lower half. The outfit depicts the lack of knowledge that PK has about Earthly clothes and the mixture of two pieces in clothing made for different genders also works towards breaking the gender norms and normalising the fact that clothing has no gender. This film in general deals with a lot of problematic subjects and their portrayal into the cinema.

Shahrukh Khan in Raees:

For the ones who love Indian attire, especially kurtas, this is the perfect one for you. With his kurtas and those bifocal glasses, the eyes dark with a hint of kajal, this is for the SRK enthusiasts. The kurta donned by Shahrukh Khan in the picture is called a Pathani kurta mostly worn by men. The glasses, again, are a part of his character along with the kajal that he wears. His character is a menacing liquor dealer in Gujarat where liquor is banned, so, him always being in such an attire adds to his image of being an illegal dealer while also appealing to the audience the potential his character has of becoming an icon.

Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri:

Nobody has failed to use this picture of Raju from Hera Pheri as a meme at least once. This usage has made it quite popular on the internet making the dress-up perfect for those who wish to bring about a laugh with this bollywood theme dress. The outfit consists of a funky white shirt with colourful circles paired with a bright orange pair of paint. His outfit clearly fits with the personality of his character. It depicts his silly nature while simultaneously reflecting on the fashion choices of that era and the stylists.

Katrina Kaif in Sheila ki Jawani:

To only list one outfit from this song would be a crime. The white shirt, sequin shorts, hat and an open tie, iconic. This is for the fellow girlies who jam to this song on all occasions. The clothing chosen for the scenario is perfect as she donned the outfit in a music video for a song about her unattainability which somehow matches with the vibes given off by the outfit itself in being male-centric pieces of clothing with the shirt and the tie and the hat. It’s not that those are in any way not female-centric pieces, the use of them in this music video is sort of a mockery of the men trying to attain the “woman” only to realise that she is unattainable.

Boman Irani in 3 Idiots:

Professor Viru or Virus, no matter the name we call him, we all know him. The white ruffley hair and the glasses with chains hanging around his neck. His character is recognizable just as the movie. His outfit is as simple as anything with a regular shirt, a tie and his glasses.

The highlight of the outfit has to be his afro-like hair that could be achieved with a wig. Being a simple outfit, it rules out the possibility of there being any ill-intent behind such a simple dressed man but as one delves deeper into the story, we find out that his character does have a grey side to him. And that fails to be shown by the way he dresses.

Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil hai Mushkil:

The Breakup song, Alize; both of them iconic. But the red kurti with blue jeans fueles the fashion sense of all those who wish to mix the ethnic with the western. This is your chance. The outfit consists of a red kurta paired with blue ripped jeans. It is a simple outfit that is easy to acquire.

Anushka’s outfit is easy-going and chic just like Alize and it really depicts her character in a manner that she is cool enough to pull off a kurta paired with jeans. She is cool enough to pull off that Indo-Western outfit in a western setting and also shows that she is not afraid of wearing her ethnicity.

Shahrukh Khan in Devdas:

The misery, the agony, the drama. SRK donnes this memorable outfit when he pairs a white kurta with a dhoti. Simple and easy, this is for the OG Bollywood fans. This Bollywood theme dress is itself a symbol. In the outfit, his character is seen wearing a simple white kurta paired with a dhoti. Devdas comes from a rich background so wearing a dhoti and a kurta depicts his inner anguish of losing a loved one to another man, discarding his family name and fame. His addiction comes next.

Deepika as Mastani in her elegant bollywood theme dress:

There exists no discussion without talking about Deepika Padukone. All her outfits from Bajirao Mastani were nothing short of beautiful but the one outfit that stands out is from the music video of Deewani Mastani which makes it among the best options for bollywood theme dress for women.

The outfit worn by Mastani in this music video is of historical significance along with depicting her beauty and her ethnicity. Her dress can be seen as a fancier version of a sharara with layers in the top. And the hat looks like a draped turban with ornaments encrusted in it. In all of Bansali’s movies, the depiction of period drama is incredible in all the aspects, so any shortcomings on the outfits wouldn’t have been met with pleasant reactions.

Aishwarya Rai in Guzaarish:

This woman can rock any outfit if given the chance to but when seen in the music video of Udi, the gorgeous red and black gown she wears with that iconic red rose in her hair, Aishwarya looked more breathtaking than ever. The outfit consists of an all-black floor length gown with a red underskirt that appears under the black and matches with the red scarf around her head. Her dress is perfect for the manner in which she dances in the music video of “Udi” as it sways and moves with her.

Sreedevi in English Vinglish:

The simple look with a saree and a braid, topped off with that winter coat makes it an easy costume for your Bollywood theme party if you wish to wear something niche. The outfit consists of a simple saree- any saree- worn with a brown overcoat that positions her in New York city. Her choosing to wear a saree in New York city even after being mocked about her skills depicts her as a mature and strong character that does not fall short on criticism and dislike rather sees it as a challenge to prove herself worthy when no praise was given to her skills.

Ranveer Singh in Lootera:

Set in the 1950s, it brings back the fashion of that ear with his shirt and sweater vest with his slicked back hair. The outfits worn by Ranveer in Lootera are signified by the way he carries the character. A simple shirt with a sweater vest and slicked back hair symbolises his outfit. It symbolises the era in which it is set in and mirrors the fashion of that age, though, not so evidently but slightly.

Ranbeer Kapoor in Rockstar:

If you have long hair and passion for music, this is the perfect outfit for you. Throw in a guitar and you’re golden, a truly iconic bollywood theme dress. The outfit worn by Rockstar has many layers.

Close-up partial view of rock star playing hard rock music on stage
Close-up partial view of rock star playing hard rock music on stage

A white shirt, an embellished jacket that almost looks like the uniform of a marching band. The character has many changes in his appearance over a period of time in the movie but this outfit somehow leaves a mark because it depicts raw emotions and anguish with the manner in which it is slightly dishevelled and messy while also being something fashionable.

Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na:

When talking of iconic saree looks one cannot forget to mention her. If sarees ever became a fashion statement, it might as well be because of Miss Chandani and her iconic hairflips making her outfits one of the best bollywood theme dresses. This is for the girls who love the wind in their hair. Her outfit goes on to describe a cool college professor that is also a love interest in the movie thus the choice of fits that she goes through throughout the movie are impeccable. They are not only iconic but also rule in certain ideas of fashion choices of that time.

Shahrukh Khan in Dil Se:

Black t-shirt and a red jacket, perfectly cool look for the perfectly cool SRK and YOU.

Alia Bhatt in Gangubai Kathiawadi:

Icon for popularising white sarees and flowers in hair, her outfits as Gangubai has become one of the best for Bollywood theme dresses. Throughout the entirety of the movie, Gangubai had made it a point to wear sarees that are white in colour; and in a way it symbolises the innocence that she lost at a young age when she wasn’t ready to do so.

Gangubai’s choice to wear white over and over again marks her as a woman who had been through a lot and made it out without the help of another. It can also be related to one of her dialogues that goes like “we see our dignity every night”, symbolising the fact that she, in fact, has endless dignity to be able to do that.

Karina Kapoor as Pooh:

Nobody mentions a theme party without mentioning her. The sassiest of icons and the best of dressers, her outfits cannot be shortlisted into a few because of how iconic they are. They have to be listed as one of the best bollywood theme dresses of all times. This is for those who always stood in front of the mirror and y’know the dialogue. Her outfits deserve a whole essay of their own as being nothing short of fashionable and iconic while keeping up with the standards of the west.

Deepika Padukone as Shantipriya:

An icon, Shantipriya left a mark on all hearts when she first appeared on the screen. In the picture, she is seen wearing an all black ethnic outfit representing the fashion of the 1970s which is also starkly represented by the flowers in her hair. Her outfits depict her as a famous celebrity which she is in the movie and keeps up with the fact that as someone with that position, she has a certain responsibility towards the fashion community.

Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom:

Crazy kiya re; truly, she did drive us crazy. Her outfits for the music video goes beyond one’s expectations. The leather top-almost-corset compliments the actress and the hair-do clearly brings emphasis to the entire outfit. The early 2000s are seen to be experimenting a lot with the choice of costumes in movies and music videos and though there is room for experimentation, one cannot be certain about the sort of results that would be produced but with Aishwarya one might face no such problem because she holds the ability to rock every outfit that she puts on.

Ahsaas Channa in O my Friend Ganesha:

Nobody would have seen through the true nature of Aashu but that’s what makes the character memorable. The glasses and the spikey hair, easy for all the children who want to be a part of the bollywood theme party. Being a well-known children’s fiction, the character is easily recognizable and loved because he is favoured by a god which in turn makes the children donning the outfit believe that god is in their favour as well.

Munni from Bajrangi Bhaijaan:

All of us remember watching this film and all of us remember the little girl. She was memorable and her outfit perfect for all the young girls out there. Being quite a popular movie, Bajrangi Bhaijaan makes her character an easily likeable one and easy to dress-up as. Not only that but also the character in general is sweet and innocent with a hint of wittiness which is perfect for all those who want to dress-up the children as her.

Something to be noted is that the list is in no way a ranking and just a list of different characters who’s outfits and personality make for a great Bollywood theme party. Hope you found your fit! And even if you didn’t, I hope this article helped you get an idea of what sort of outfit you wish to wear.

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