Know The Inside-Outside Of The Vietnam City And Plan Your Vietnam Trip

Vietnam, one of the worthiest Instagram tourist visit spots. Vietnam is famous for its bustling Hanoi, and several rivers and beaches surrounded. The prosperous historical cities and preserved monuments evoke lost dreads of the Vietnamese being alive.

Dwell inside the uniqueness of Vietnamese culture and have a wonderful experience visiting the colonial museums. Almost 3.8 million international tourists will pay a visit to Vietnam in the year 2020.

Let us have a look at the best time to visit Vietnam:

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?

If you’re a traveling lover who loves to travel around the world and explore different countries and for your new adventure you’re planning to visit Vietnam then you must know what time of the year is the best time to visit this amazing country. 

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Vietnam then spring and autumn are the best times to witness the beauty and culture of Vietnam. 

The month from February to April and August to October. These are the months where you can enjoy the fullest, Beach with blue clear sky, trekking on mountains and visiting local markets, as well as less rainfall. 

When it’s come to exploring country it must be hard to visit everywhere so you can plan your area ahead, like if you’re up for north Vietnam then best time to visit that side of country will be from March to may or September to November and if you’re mote of dry season person then you can plan for South Vietnam, from December to April either may is the best time to visit.

Traveling in Vietnam in Peak Season: 

Peak season is when tourists come around the world to visit this beautiful country, which is from December to January  and from March till the end of may. During the new year tourists are at their peak because of the holiday seasons. New year is celebrated very passionately and full of joy as the new year is the most important in Vietnamese culture. March to may is spring season filled with beautiful and mesmerizing blossom and entire country is bloom. It’s best to plan your trip on peak season to enjoy the lightings and witness the bloom of the country.

Offseason in Vietnam 

If you want to visit Vietnam and don’t have much of a budget then traveling during off-season is the best option however, tourists repel to visit in monsoon when the accommodation will be extremely cheap. Off-season is the cheapest time to visit Vietnam.

North Vietnam 

Want’s to enjoy warm and sunny weather the visiting to north Vietnam during march to may is the best time to enjoy beginning of spring. After may till October north Vietnam experiences hot temperature and humidity, chances of heavy rainfall so it might nit be the ideal time to plan your visit to northern. By November humidity decline and winter start with cooler night, which make November best time to visit north Vietnam.

Tourists attractions of northern Vietnam is Hanoi,  Halong Bay 

South Vietnam 

Annually, the southern part of Vietnam doesn’t experience much variation in the climate. The ideal time to visit south Vietnam is from December to April. If you’re up for the dry season then the southern part will be the great choice for you and during New year you’ll see the hike in tourism by January.

Tourists attractions of southern Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc 

Central Vietnam 

Central Vietnam is the best choice for you  if you prefer the tropical climate. Fans of sunny beaches, must visit central Vietnam between January – june which is perfect for trekking on mountains, swimming and biking. 

Tourists attraction for Central Vietnam is Quy Nhon, Nha Trang

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Let’s see what the best places to visit in Vietnam are:

Halong bay 

Vietnam Trip
Halong Bay

Halong bay is one of the most beautiful places in northern vietnam filled with beautiful water bodies, topped with rainforest and towering limestone islands, which is more than 2000. Halong bay contains plenty of beautiful scenery to visit. Enjoy the early misty dawn with shimmering seas of this world heritage. 

Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Ho Chi Min City
Saigon Ho Chi Min City

Ho chi minh city is an attraction for international tourists. Ho Chi Minh City is located in the southernmost part of Vietnam. You’ll find the whole experience overwhelming and thrilling with its vibrant nightlife on the street, delicious food on the street corner along with cocktail lounges. 

Phu Quoc

Fishing boats in port
Fishing boats in port

Phu Quoc is covered with white-sand beaches, with beautiful sun on the head. Phu Quoc is located in the southernmost part of Vietnam. Looking for a seaside cocktail along with sea breeze then phu Quoc is ideal for your visit. Island offers an area of natural jungle where you can grab a bike and hit the roads and do trekking on mountains.


Hanoi at dusk
Hanoi at dusk

Hanoi is one of the most charming cities which tell the history of a fascinating past, while looking forward to the future. Located in provinces of North Vietnam. Enjoy a delicious bowl of bun rieu cua and enjoy the street by sipping an egg coffee. Experience the history and culture of Hanoi by roaming around the streets of the Old Quarter, for growing art and fine dining vist Tay Ho.



When in Vietnam do not miss on lighting the lantern in Hoi An. Watching the colorful and lit surrounding with hundreds of lanterns around you will make you feel mesmerized. 


It is said the most beautiful views come after the hardest climb. Well, it seems to be true in Cat Ba Island’s scenario. Plan on hiking through the spectacle loops of Cat Ba Island and appreciate the untouched beholden beauty of nature. 

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