Top 20 dog grooming salons

Your dogs deserve the best of everything. Best food, best dog beds, and best grooming salons. Let’s face it; our pets play a significant role in our lives. So as much as humans enjoy some pampering at the spa, our pets are also entitled to it. 

Even if your dog doesn’t appear to be particularly dirty, grooming has several health benefits for them that aren’t immediately apparent. Brushing your dog’s coat makes it strong and healthy. It also removes old and damaged hair. 

Grooming also allows your dog’s skin to breathe under all that fur. It also keeps the grease level in their coats low. Too much grease clogs their pores, irritates the skin, and triggers a slew of other issues.

Make brushing and handling a pleasurable experience for your dog by praising him and rewarding him with treats if required. Choose a moment when you and your dog are both relaxed, such as after a walk when your dog is resting. 

Grooming your dog at a young age is always recommended, as this is when they form associations and decide what they like and don’t like. As a result, we at WrittyGritty have compiled a list of some of your city’s most excellent pet grooming salons.

Here are some pet grooming establishments where you can schedule an appointment for your pet to have an endearing day –

1. Wagger House – Juhu

This grooming business in Juhu offers a wide range of treatments for your dogs. Haircuts, baths, massages, and ear and nail cleansing are all available. They’re also fantastic with purebred dogs and cats. So, what do you have to lose? Become a member today!

Wagger House – Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

2. Dawgz – Khar

Dawgz is the place to go if you want your dog to have a special bubble bath treatment or just a standard cut, trim, and cleaning. Aneesha Rai founded it in 2009 because she couldn’t find a suitable salon for her dog. In the year 2020, this location is the ideal grooming salon and pet supply store for your furry friends.

Where at: Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

3. Oh My Dog – Andheri

grooming salons
Dog Grooming

Oh My Dog is the place to go if you’re seeking cutting-edge grooming services for your dog. They’ve been in the industry for decades, and their commitment is unrivaled. They feature a pet supply store and grooming services, as well as a space for dog owners to plan events for their pets.

Where at: Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

4. Petgascar Pet Spa – Mumbai

Do you have a high-maintenance pet? It’s no problem! Petgascar can handle pets with long, hairy coats and return them to you in perfect condition! They offer a wide range of packages to meet the needs of your dogs, as well as home visits throughout Mumbai.

Where at: Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

5. Pawfect Pet Salon & Spa- Mumbai

Pawfect Pet Salon & Spa has put together a selection of packages to give your pets the royal treatment they deserve. Bring them in for basic washing, deep conditioning, summer cooling treatments, blow-drying, and more!

Where at: Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

6. Red Paws Pet Spa- New Delhi

grooming salons
Woman At Work In Pet Store And Grooming Dog

If you’re going out with your buddies in Hauz Khas, don’t forget to bring your dog. Red Paws provides amazing styling options in addition to a basic bath, cut, and trim.

Where at: Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, 

7. Scoopy Scrub- New Delhi

It is one of the most well-known dogs grooming facilities in Delhi NCR, with five locations. They provide a variety of packages for your dog, including aromatherapy and bubble baths, as well as basic services.

Where at: Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

8. Chester’s Pet shop & Spa- New Delhi

Chester’s is ideal for a simple cut, trim, and spa! It’s within a pet store, so you can shop for pet supplies as your dog gets a makeover.

Where at: Pitampura, New Delhi

9. Pooch Mate – Sainik Farms

Pooch Mate provides you with a location and the necessary tools to bathe your dog yourself. However, if you’d prefer a professional to do it for you, they also offer grooming and bathing packages.

Where at: Sainik Farms, New Delhi

10. PetSpot – Gurgaon

PetSpot is the best option for your dog’s grooming, boarding, and travel needs. They can take care of all breeds’ grooming demands, and your dog will appear as healthy as a fruit!

Where at: Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 

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11. Fuzzy Wuzzy- Bangalore

They advertise themselves as a canine ‘professional parlor.’ Their pet styling studio offers the best equipment to keep your pet clean, stylish, and appealing! They offer grooming services for many breeds of dogs, and their grooming services are tailored to each breed.

Where at: CMH Road, Bangalore

12. Shevar Spa- Bengaluru

Shevar recognizes the value of your pet companion and takes grooming services extremely seriously. Shevar will give your dog a fresh blow-out, trimming, and cutting so that he looks like a celebrity!

Where at: Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 

13. Wags & Wiggles Dog Styling Salon- Bangalore

Wags & Wiggles is run by Ashita Mathew, a certified dog groomer, and specialist who swears by her methods. For skin treatments, specialty baths, and cutting, she has high-tech equipment. You are welcome to leave your dog here for a day of spa!

Where at: 3rd Cross Road, Bengaluru 

14. Pawse – Yelahanka

Pet groomer makes grooming dog
Pet groomer makes grooming dog

It’s a dog boarding facility, but they also provide basic grooming services including baths, haircuts, and nail trimming.

Where at: Anantapur Road, Yelahanka, Bengaluru

15. Petstepin’ – Rustam Bagh Layout

Other pet boarding businesses exist, but they offer fantastic pawdicure and wash packages for your furry pals.

Where at: Rustam Bagh Layout, Bengaluru

16. Pup and Paws- Kolkata

Their store sells a variety of pet accessories and grooming products. You’ll find everything here, from shampoos, perfumes, and powder to earphones, nail cutters, and a selection of hair brushes.

Where at: Jessore Road, Kolkata

17. Animel Planet- Kolkata

We provide everything you need for grooming at the shop, from nail cutting to hair trimming to bathing and cleaning.

Where at: Saltlake, BD Block

18. Paradise Pet Shop- Kolkata

We hope that other canines are adopted and receive comparable treatment. For grooming, we send our trainers to each client’s home. The cost of nail and hair trimming is roughly ‘150.”

Where at: Lake Town, Block B

19. Kolkata Dog Lovers- Bhawanipore

We have a variety of brushes for pets’ specific hair types -slicker brush, dematting razor, and tick combs.” Owner Subhajit Ghosh said, “We provide grooming services at our shop starting from as low 

Where at: Bhawanipore

20. Kashika’s Pampered Paws- Kolkata

This place has special styling services for your pets such as breed-specific styling, basic and complete grooming, coloring, aromatherapy bath, and spas.

Where at: Bosepukur Road

Who says salons and beauty parlors are exclusively for people? What about those adorable tiny packages of love who embrace you with happy barks and purrs every time you arrive home? So, pack your dog’s bag and drop them off at these salons with “paw-ssionate” dog lovers. 

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