20 Fun Games to Add Spark to Your Party

Have you ever felt the pressure of ensuring everyone has a blast at your party? It can be quite a task! But fear not—here’s the perfect solution: inject some fun games into the mix. Organising games is a great way to make a party more fun and interesting. The laughter and shared experiences from these games make sure you are the talking point amongst your friends and colleagues and are appreciated by everyone. Games make sure to make your party more engaging and increase the bond between your friends and family. It creates fond memories that you can reminisce and keep coming back to later in life. This is a great way to strengthen your relationships.

Here are some Fun games you can try to host the best party ever!


This is a fun drinking game that one should definitely try in their next house party. In this game, a deck of cards gets shuffled and spread in a circle around either an empty cup or a filled drink. Every card value has an action linked to it, and when drawn, the player must perform that action. Players take turns drawing cards and doing the activity written on the card they draw.

The game’s structure is flexible, allowing each card to represent a different mini-game. Usually, the rules and card assignments are established at the start of the game. The game concludes either when the last rule card is drawn or when the drink in the king’s cup is finished, depending on the house rules.


This is one of the most popular games of recent times and is a must have. There are various versions of these cards like pop culture, spicy and fantasy packs that one can try according to their tastes.
The game is simple Players need to say the “blank” on their cards wherever there’s a space. Afterwards, everyone selects a white card from their hand to discreetly pass to the player holding the black card. The goal of Cards Against Humanity is to get the most laughter from the player by using your chosen word or phrase to fill in the blanks.


This is a fun card similar to cards against humanity. Here’s how it works – every round, a different judge presents a Photo Card, and all other players contribute a Caption Card to create a meme. The judge picks the funniest match, and the player who submitted the winning Caption Card wins the round.


This is a game that can be played in an intimate party. Inspired by Koffee with Karan. It’s a very simple game. You just need a couple of good headphones and good Bluetooth connectivity. One person needs to control the music and make chits and give one to each person then accordingly control the music on the headphones. If you’re the imposter, your music will be different from the others in the group. When the music starts, start moving. Your objective is to avoid getting caught and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the group. That’s the key to winning.


This was one of the most played game in The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it should definitely be on your list too! To prepare, have a reading material nearby, such as a novel or an instruction manual. The player must read the provided material using the given tone or scenario. It could be to read it in a sultry or an angry tone. This game can make any party a laughing riot and is extremely fun.


This is a classic party game and is evergreen. Pictionary is an easy game needing only pen, paper, and the Pictionary board game, including the game board, timer, two dice, and word cards. In Pictionary, the goal is to guess the word the drawer is trying to draw from a card list. Correct guesses let you progress on the game board, and the first to finish wins! It’s quick-paced, incredibly enjoyable, and simple to grasp.


Similar to classic murder mysteries, a murder mystery is a game where participants gather evidence and decipher clues to uncover the culprit among them. In essence, it’s a “whodunnit” adventure! This personalized murder mystery game spans multiple rounds, ideal for a thrilling murder mystery night, an engaging dinner party, dedicated to solving the mystery.


This is another role playing game that is extremely entertaining although a bit complex—can be a blast. Check out the detailed instructions for Mafia: some participants play as the antagonists (like the mafia or assassins), while others are villagers, and some take on the role of police officers. One person acts as the game moderator. The police aim to identify the villains before they eliminate all the villagers.


This is another one of the classic party games that ensures participation from everyone. Select a theme such as movies, songs, or books. Divide your guests into teams, and designate one person from each team to act out elements related to the chosen theme during the game.


This is a fun game that can get chaotic really fast! Similar to dumb charades but with a twist. Gather sticky notes and a pen. Write names of famous figures or characters on each note and distribute them randomly. Without peeking, attach the note to your forehead or back. Move around and ask yes or no questions to figure out the identity on your note. Start with simple questions like “What gender am I?” Continue until everyone guesses their identity, offering prizes for correct guesses or playing until everyone has identified their figure.


This is a card game which is super entertaining and can be played in a small group of friends. It is a card game but very different from other card games that one might have played. You will need topic cards, slips of paper and pens and a bowl. The rules are quite simple. Make a list of topics and get them printed or write them down. For example, you can add topics such as ‘Things that are red’, or ‘Things that can be used both in the kitchen and bedroom’. Read out the topics and let the players write whatever they think on the slips of paper and drop them in the bowl. All the players then pick up each slip and try to guess who wrote which item.


A karaoke singing party is the surest way to kickstart any party and pump it up to a high! Challenge your friends to a singing competition and get some friendly competition going.


Test how much your friends really know you with this fun game. The rules are simple. Pick three facts about yourself—two that are true and one that is false. Your friends try to guess which is which.


This is a great icebreaker drinking game that helps one getting to each other better. Players take turns saying something they’ve never done, starting with “Never have I ever.” If anyone in the group has done that action, they drink.


Jenga is a timeless game and can be played by all age groups. You can add a little twist to it by buying the Jenga blocks with dares written on them and performing it.


The trivia cardboard text sign
The trivia cardboard text sign

Host an awesome trivia based party for your friends. The trivia can be based on anything – pop, politics or even about each other. To play trivia, a host reads questions, and each team or individual writes down their answers. There are multiple variations as to how it can be played and you can add your own twist to make it more interesting.


This is another classic game that tests one’s luck more than anything else. You’ll get a bingo card containing a grid of 25 numbers. A caller randomly announces numbers, and if the called number is on your card, mark it off. The first player to mark five numbers in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, wins bingo. There are many variations to this as well such as the prize going to the one who has marked off their first five numbers on their cards and much more!


Bachelorette party for christmas, several beautiful girls celebrate christmas, eat food, play games
Bachelorette party for christmas, several beautiful girls celebrate christmas, eat food, play games

There is nothing that gets a party grooving more than a fun dance party. This is a fun dance game that will keep everyone on their toes. Play music and then Stand by and randomly announce various dance styles like disco, square dance, ballroom, hip-hop, or ballet. Whenever a new style is called, everyone must switch their moves to match that style.


This is another fun party game that can be played within a large group of people. Designate four corners using different colours.. Record these four colours and place them in a container. After everyone has been dancing for a while, pause the music and instruct them to swiftly move to a corner. Draw one colour from the container; the participants standing in that corner are out, and that corner is no longer in play.


This is an absolutely engaging game that can make your party riveting! Create a batch of charades cards. Write down dance styles from a specific era, imitating iconic pop stars, or mimicking characters relevant to your chosen theme. The challenge is for others to guess the character or dance move you’re portraying!
These are the some of the best games to get an amazing party started and to make sure to certify you as the best host. These games are incredibly easy to set up, requiring minimal effort on your part, yet their impact is maximum in creating a vibe filled with laughter, joy, and genuine fun. They act as a platform for shared moments that forge strong bonds and unforgettable memories among guests. The rewards of these simple games is leaving everyone with an experience that they’ll fondly reminisce about long after the party is over. So, when you include these games into your gathering, you’re not just hosting a party; you’re helping to create an extraordinary experience that everyone will treasure for a long time to come.

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