30 Popular Amusement Parks and Snow Parks Around the World

Now that COVID restrictions have finally died down, all of us are eager to have some fun and adventure back in our lives. And what better way to catch up on all those lost days than to experience the thrills and fears that make us feel alive.

When we think of adventure, what comes to our mind first? Probably things like roller coasters or bungee jumping. If that’s the case, then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve gathered the 30 most popular amusement parks and snow parks from India and abroad so that you get to have the best experience tailored to your desires.

1. Adventure Island Amusement Park

With rides ranging from kids bumper cars to bungee Jumping, Adventure Island caters to all ages – leaving something for all to enjoy.

Location: Delhi, India

2. Fun Town Amusement Park

Fun Town combines the experience of a water park, amusement park and a resort allowing you the luxury of a day outing and an overnight stay – your wish is their command.

Location: Delhi, India

3. Drizzling Land

The spray of cool water combined with the ups and downs of hilly rides – Drizzling land is the perfect destination to cool down with your gang. Enjoy the chill of water mixed with the thrill of the water rafts, water slides, etc. – the perfect recipe for a hot summer day.

Location: Delhi, India

4. Urban Air Adventure Park

Whether it be birthday parties, field trips or just a family outing, with its cafe and attractions like indoor skydiving, laser tag and go-karting, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is the best place to take your event to the next level.

Location: Texas, USA (Primary)

5. Fun N Food Village

Fun and Food Village – the name itself sums up the things we need for a great experience. It includes an amusement park and a water park and includes attractions like the family slide, wave pool, and the Road Show – for all the daredevils out there.

Location: Nagpur, India

6. Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Featuring 38 thrilling rides and a picnic area that can accommodate 100 guests, you can count on this place for your dose of fun for all events – casual or formal.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

7. Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad

What better way to enjoy the City of Pearls, than a view of the city and skies, from high up a Ferris wheel ride. The park offers a wide range of experiences ranging from high thrill rides to water parks and kids rides.

Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

8. Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi

Hosting India’s first looping roller coaster, a VR Coaster, water slides and much much more, Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi is a place that will surely leave you craving for more.

Location: Kochi, India

9. Fun World Amusement Park

With 57 fun rides, 28 different water rides and a whole array of arcade games to enjoy, the Fun World Amusement Park is a whole package of its own that suits both adults and young ones.

Location: Bangalore, India

10. Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Magic Kingdom Theme Park is divided into six themed parks and sprinkled with high thrill rides, shows, shops, character encounters and a bunch of eating options.

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

11. Universal Studios Hollywood

Experience the magical world of Hollywood with this movie-themed amusement park filled with fun rides, shops, a real movie studio and dining places.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

12. Queens Land Amusement Park

Looking forward to a super fun and exciting day? Then this place is meant for you. From playing in the swimming pools, going crazy on the rides and even playing instruments, this amusement park has a variety of things planned out for you.

Location: Chennai, India

13. Six Flags Magic Mountain

With live shows, festivals, concerts and rides, this is another park that goes above and beyond in entertaining its visitors. With rides themed on the DC Universe, this is a must-visit site for fans of these superheroes.

Location: California, USA

14. Sea World

If you love being around our friends from the sea, then this place might be the perfect match for you. Some of the best features include: rides and attractions, animal exhibits and shows, character meet and greet, etc.

Location: Queensland, Australia

15. Europa Park Germany

When you’re visiting Germany, the biggest theme park in the country is something you definitely cannot miss. Popular attractions here include: Pirates in Batavia, Atlantica Super splash, etc.

Location: Rust, Germany

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16. Efteling

At Efteling, you can climb aboard the ‘Baron 1898’ which drops you almost 40m down at high speed or hunt down the dragon with fire or water to earn your right to your ride. If this sounds exciting to you then Efteling is a place you just can’t miss.

Location: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

17. Shanghai Disneyland Park

If you are a Disney enthusiast then buckle up your shoes for another magical ride. Like all Disney parks, this will not fail to satisfy you. Some of the most attractive rides here include Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue and Roaring Rapids.

Location: Shanghai Shi, China

18. Cedar Point

All adventure enthusiasts should definitely visit Cedar Point – the rollercoaster capital – at least once in their lives. Some of the attractions here include: Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Dune Buggies, etc.

Location: Ohio, USA

19. Rusutsu Resort

This resort offers skiing facilities during the winter but it also has various other attractions throughout the year. Its winter activities include snow school, heli-skiing, etc. The amusement park includes rides like Ultra twister and Space Shot.

Location: Hokkaido, Japan

20. Snow Park Goa

Get a heaven-like experience with the ice slides, igloos and DJ Dancing at Snow Park Goa. You get to play with real snow and that too at an affordable price. This is a place that definitely needs to be added to everyone’s travel wishlist.

Location: Bardez, Goa, India

21. Snow Park Kolkata

Situated inside the Axis Mall, this park lets you enjoy the beauty of white snowflakes along with fun rides for both adults and kids. Wondering what to expect when you visit? Well, trick photography, disco on ice and mountain climbing are just some of the things on this list.

Location: Kolkata, India

22. Maniar’s Wonderland Snow Park

If you’ve grown tired of searching ‘Snow Park Ahmedabad’ on the internet then your search has come to an end. This amusement park houses the first snow park in Gujarat combined with fun rides and adventures to excite its audience.

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

23. Snow World Hyderabad

One of the most famous snow parks in India, Snow World Hyderbad keeps in mind not only your entertainment but also your health. This is why it makes its snow from mineral water – free from any pollutants.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

24. Snow World Mumbai

Whether you want to click pictures with the reindeers or the kids want to play with the yeti, Snow World Mumbai has got you covered. After the games are over, you can even enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones at the Snow Cafe.

Location: Mumbai, India

25. Snow City Bangalore

At Snow City Bangalore you get to experience a fun-filled day with snow hiking, snow dances and slides. If you feel tired from all the exciting activities then take a sip of hot chocolate at the cafe and continue your snow exploration.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

26. Flagstaff Snow Park

Located in one of the snowiest cities, Flagstaff Snow Park designs a snow-filled day for you according to your desire. Whether it be activities, passive watching, or play for the kids, this place has got you covered.

Location: Arizona, USA

27. Imagica Snow Park

Experience real snowfall, play basketball in the snow or climb up the swiss chalet. At Imagica the possibilities are endless.

Location: Maharashtra, India

28. Ski Dubai

If you want a change of pace from the sand dunes and heat of UAE, then head over to Ski Dubai and enter into a different world with ski runs, ever-green trees and live penguins.

Location: Dubai, UAE

29. Yabuli Ski Resort

One of the oldest ski resorts in China, this place hosted the Snowboarding World Championships of 2016. It’s suitable for all but if you’re an expert skier or snowboarder this place is perfect for you to hone your skills.

Location: Harbin, China

30. Big Snow American Dream

It’s an all-year-round skiing facility and snow resort, where you get to experience real snow. With the motto of making every day a snowy one, this place is the first and only one of its kind in North America. The resort even lets you host your events here to help you make snowy memories.

Location: New Jersey, USA

Whether it’s your first attempt to conquer roller coasters or you’re a pro,  you’ll find something to suit your palate from this list. Just take the leap and choose your adventure carefully. After all, there’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as ours!!

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