14 reasons why reading novels is good for you

“Read more” is on everyone’s New Year resolutions list. It is no wonder as everyone knows reading makes us smart. It engages multiple parts of our brains. Reading is a fun activity that magnifies our imagination power. Research shows that reading books or novels develop our brain. Not only that, reading fiction and non-fiction work transport us to marvellous and unimaginable worlds. The magical Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling takes us on a magical ride full of witches, wizards, potions and what-not. God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy talks about the complexity of the social class. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath addresses depression and distorted views of life. But how exactly does reading transform our lives? I am glad you asked! Let me tell you in great detail why you should make reading a priority. 

1. Reading is good for the brain

Almost 300 years ago Joseph Addison said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Reading strengthens our brain, enhances our memory and improves our concentration skills. Reading for an hour every day increases blood flow to the brain and improves brain connectivity. 

 2. Reading introduces us to new ideas

Have you ever read Agatha Christie’s books? Murder on a train. Crooked House. A Man in a Brown Suit.  All these crime novels not only keep us hooked till the last page but also keep our brains racing. While reading novels we start forming our conclusions and predict the turn of events. All this analytical thinking and acquiring new information enhance our thinking capability. 

3. Reading enhances our problem-solving skill

Research conducted in 2009 concluded that reading enhances our problem-solving skills. The research established that students who maintain a reading habit, moving through schools and colleges, approach problems in a more effortful way. Students who consider reading as a problem-solving activity have a more active and strategic approach to problems. 

4. Reading makes us a better writer

When we read books of different genres and styles, our brain dissects good writing techniques and increases our vocabulary. An avid reader while writing their blog, unconsciously mimic the writing styles of books that they read. Books that hold our attention remain with us for a long time. 

5. Reading enhances our vocabulary and spelling

Have you read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo? His books are filled with impenetrable books and phrases. That is why reading is important. It is easier to learn new words while reading. The meaning of a word or phrase flows with the sentence, making it easier to learn new words and spelling. It is easy to extract meaning from the surrounding words while learning new words. 

6. Reading improves our conversational skills

Who doesn’t know witty Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice? Reading enhances our conversational skills. Reading books increases our vocabulary and knowledge of how to use words and phrases impressively. We not only learn to articulate our thoughts but also convey them effectively. People who read often gain knowledge about multiple things and have a lot to talk about. Conversations with people who read are always deep and meaningful. 

7. Reading strengthens our views and convictions

Have you read All the Light We Cannot See? Or maybe The Infinite Game? Or you might have read 1984? If you haven’t, then you should. Because when we read books and novels with diverse outlooks it strengthens our views. Reading gives us a wider perspective about things. When we read a book that doesn’t align with our views, it makes us reevaluate our beliefs and thoughts. 

8. Reading improves our self-discipline and willpower

Self-discipline, willpower and self-control are some qualities that everyone needs to work upon. What if I told you that reading can help you with that? In the age of technology, we are bombarded With information. The rapid flow of information is making our attention spans grow shorter. That is why reading a book Or novel allows us to focus. While reading we concentrate on the story and the plot. Habitual reading helps us in concentrating. 

9. Reading increases our knowledge

If you want to learn about mythology read Odyssey. If you want to learn about historical events read The Guns of August. If you want to learn about civilizations read Chariots of the Gods. Reading enlightens us about historical events, politics, cultures and traditions, and economics. The facts are set in a story, making things fascinating and easy to remember. Reading historical fiction not only keeps us interested but also enhances our knowledge. 

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10. Reading increases our cultural understanding

It has been rightly said, “If you want to learn about a nation’s culture read their literature.” Reading books about different cultures and customs tells us about the emotional and spiritual lives of the people. Books can take us on a world tour. We can learn about Kathak, Ghazal, Adivasi Cuisine or Kalamkari right from our cozy space. Reading gives us a deeper understanding of cultures and their customs. 

11. Reading challenges your imagination

If you have read The Time Machine by H.G Wells, then you must know the power of imagination. As we read, we put ourselves in an unknown world. While reading we come up with scenarios, character designs and expressions to fit the book’s narrative. A great book renders us speechless and leaves us slightly overwhelmed with many experiences. 

12. Reading books of interest can improve our success in the field. 

Are you someone who loves reading mythological stories? The story Prahlad, Devotion of Surdas and Arjun’s determination is what excites you? When we read a book, we take time and explore it. We can focus on the small details of the lore. This focus allows us to gain factual knowledge. We learn new things and gain clarity. And sometimes a lazy read can tell what we are good at. 

13. Reading inspires us

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from books too. Reading good books like Wonder, and I am Malala is like being around a person full of positivity and life. While reading we take note of inspiring words and actions, feel passion, and desire to live a free life. Reading can inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. 

14. Reading reduces stress

Having a bad day? Grab a copy of Ways to Make Sunshine by Renee Watson for a cozy read. Yes, reading can reduce stress levels. Reading about something you like or enjoy is an excellent way to unwind. A good reading session can ease up our tension and make our brains wander to happier ideas. Reading is a mini-vacation right on your sofa! 

Reading has endless benefits. This detailed list must inspire you to grab a book and jump right into reading. 

Devanshi Kumari

I am enthusiastic writer. I am also an avid reader who loves reading all kind of books

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