10 Investment Tips for a Beginner

We live in the 21st century where no one is unaware of investment specially in stock market. While some invests in the hope of a comfortable life after retirement, others invest to multiply their money in order to travel or provide their children the best education. Then comes the category who invests just to invest. Yes, you heard it right! There are people with such a great knowledge of investing that they invest at one place, get profit and then invest that to another place. And this is what most of the people lack today i.e., the correct knowledge of investing like when to invest, for how much time, how to identify the right company or policy, etc.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

So, here are some investment tips for beginners.

Look at your finances

It’s not a compulsion to invest a huge amount of money. It’s always important to be sure of how much you want to invest and always make sure that you have enough money left to meet your basic requirements as all your invested money will always be in the risk of getting lost. So, make sure that you have money left for your survival.

Gather knowledge of investing

Business man trader investor analyst checking trading data.

Before investing in any policy or stock, gather knowledge of what you actually are doing. Read books related to investing and know how the process works and what are the risks involved. Also reading books helps you in knowing strategies followed by some of the leading stock holders and gives you an insight of how your money will be affected in both positive and negative ways. Having some prior knowledge is always beneficial. It will reduce the chance of mistakes and will boost your confidence as well.

Know your “Why?”

Business finance with report document
Business finance with report document

There is always a reason due to which people invest. It is very important to know your that reason. Ask yourself why do you want to invest. Is it to save some money for your life after retirement? Or is it for your dream to travel? Or is it for the better education of your children? Always be aware of the reasons of your actions and then invest accordingly. Be sure whether you want to invest for a short time period or a long one as your amount and your choice is very important along with your reason.

Know your Risk

Risk reward concept
Risk reward concept

One of the main reasons why people hesitate to invest is the risk involved. There is always a risk factor as all your money can go into vain. So, it is very important to carefully analyse your investment options. The most effective way is to do a comprehensive study and comparison between the different schemes. It will help you to figure out the risks involved in each and you can invest accordingly.

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Control on Emotions

People with worried emotion
People with worried emotion

It is one of the primary requisites of investing. The prices of shares and policies keep changing and one can feel restless or stressed about that. But it is completely common. Calm yourself and have a positive attitude towards your investment. Don’t panic and don’t think to sell your shares immediately as it can lead to your own loss because the prices can again go up. A calm mind is very important. It reduces the chances of taking wrong decisions under pressure and enhances your investment strategy. So, it is very important to have a good control over your emotions.


Analyzing investment research
Analyzing investment research

Everyone loves their money. No one wants to lose it. So, it’s pretty obvious that before investing anywhere it is very important to do some research. If you are investing in stock market, then know the company’s record, growth, future aspects, goals, etc. and then invest after comparing it to others. Invest in the one that you find safer.

Keep Informed

It is always beneficial to study the markets and be in touch about the track of stocks in which you have invested. In this way, you will also be able to look for new resources according to the market trend and global economy. Everything changes with time and you should also do the same. Be in touch with the trend and avoid any kind of mishappening.


Make sure to have a portfolio that is diversified as the market fluctuates constantly. So, instead of losing too much when stocks go down, you will be having some stocks that would be rising. This helps you weather against any storms and volatility to balance your portfolio.

Reinvest dividends and capital gains

In the beginning, reinvesting any dividends and capital gains automatically helps build your portfolio and keep compound interest growing for you. It also allows you to buy shares as price swings both high and low.

Avoid loans/leverage

Wooden blocks with the word loan and businessman

Borrowing funds and using it to put stocks in the stock market is not at all a good idea for beginners. There are some banks as well that offers loans for the investors. If the price goes high, then BINGO! But if it goes down, then you can be in some real trouble as you will be in debt. So, it is advisable not to take loan for investing somewhere to avoid any trouble.

Practice on Apps first

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that give you an insight of the stock market virtually. You can buy stocks with fake coins provided and the market will go up and down just like the real stock market. With the help of such apps, one can boost their confidence and have some knowledge of how to handle things and how to keep track of your investment.

So, these were some tips for the newbies in investment. Always remember that the most important thing is to be calm and composed. Invest your money where there is greater scope of profit and minimum loss. Follow guides and keep information of what new policies are and what is happening in the market, both national and international. Don’t panic if things go out of hand. Be ready to face challenges. Have some patience and have clarity of mind.
                                     Best of Luck!

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