Top Features of Using Transparent Background Maker On CapCut Editor

Changing the background of a photo has always been a difficult thing for a great number of people. This is because they need to have specific or deep expertise and manual background editing skills to change or remove their photo’s background. The reason is that most of the editors that allow background customizations are manual-based and require technical skills to use them. However, not every person knows the detailed process of how to change the background of a photo. Therefore, the CapCut online photo editor comes with the AI-based Transparent Background Maker to help you out in this aspect. Want to know what features it brings for you or how you can use it for editing your photo background?

Transparent Background Editor

Remove Background Automatically to Get Transparent Background

On this incredibly amazing online background maker by CapCut, you can automatically remove the background of your photos. Here, you don’t need to apply any critical background-removing skills to remove the background of your photo. Instead, this editor allows you to instantly remove it with just one click. This is due to the AI technology or AI algorithms working behind this editor. Whenever you need to change any photo’s background, just upload it here and remove it automatically within seconds. 

Replace the Old Background with a new one

It not only allows you to remove the old background but you can also set a transparent background for your photo or set a new interactive background in its place. In case you want to set a new background on your photo, the editor allows you to choose it yourself whatever you want to use on your photo’s background. For example, suppose that you have a photo of your child with a tree in the background. By using this online editor, you can replace this tree background with a beautiful sea or mountain background instantly. 

Supports Different Formats

Similarly, it also supports different formats so that you can enjoy making and saving photos easily without any issues. For example, you can use this online editor to customize photos in JPEG, PNG, or JPG formats, etc. After customizing your photo’s background here, you can also save these photos back to your device in any of these formats. Moreover, this also allows you to convert one type of photo format into another type of format before saving it to your device. 

No Cost Involved

Another best and the most inspiring thing about using this online photo editor is that it doesn’t involve any cost. Whether you use it to transform your photo, set a transparent background to it, or a colored background to it, or just remove the background, it is all free. You don’t need to pay anything to this online background editor/maker to make any type of customizations to the background of your photos. 

Perfection Guaranteed

On top of everything, it also allows you to get the perfect results along with enjoying using the free editor. Unlike many other editors that offer you free features and tools for customizing photos but make you compromise on the quality of the results, this online photo editor doesn’t do so. Although it is completely free to use, it also guarantees 100% original, preciseness, and quality of results. 

How to Customize Background Using CapCut Online Photo Editor?

To customize your photo’s background using the CapCut online photo editor, you need to follow the below simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign up 

The first thing that you need to do here is to sign up for a free account. You need to create your free account on this online photo editor by using the free signup button that doesn’t require any payments. After signing up, go to your account to open the online photo editor. 

Step 2: Upload

From your online photo editor, use the import button to import a photo that you want to upload here for customization. You can also try the editor’s sample photos to try using the features of the editor first before using your actual photo. 

Step 3: Transform

Now, transforming your photo here is an enjoyable task due to this editor’s most advanced tools and functions. With just a single click on each of the functions, you can apply the desired changes to your photo. For example, you will simply click on the erase button to remove your photo’s background and the editor will do it for you instantly. 

Transparent Background Editor Image

Step 4: Download

Now, click on the download button under the export button to download your photo to your device. 


CapCut online transparent background maker brings the easiest and fun way to customize, remove, or generate a new background for your photos. Let’s use this incredibly amazing and free-to-use online editor to make dramatic transformations to your photo background and share your creativity with others. 

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