22 Interesting Drinks To Try In 2022

2022 has arrived, and with this, comes new resolutions. Many of you have turned 18 and would be excited for many interesting drinks to try. We understand your enthusiasm and hence, we have made a list of top interesting things to try this year. These below are not only delicious, but worth giving a try. Make sure to check the ingredient list before giving them a try as many contain some things that you could be allergic to or could harm you in the long run.

Top Interesting Drinks To Try

When it comes to drinks, they are mainly categorized into two varieties- alcoholic and non- alcoholic. As the names suggest, alcoholic drinks contain alcohol content and non alcoholic don’t have it. There are some broad subtypes under these categories. One of the common types of alcoholic drinks is cocktails. And one of those from non alcoholic ones are mocktails. 

Cocktails are the names that contain alcohol along with other fruit juices. On the contrary, mocktails have only fruit juices. However, both varieties fall under interesting drinks to try. So, here is a list of some popular mocktails and cocktails that are worth giving a try.

22 Interesting Drinks To Try In 2022

Sparkling Cranberry Lime (mocktail)

It is one of the top interesting drinks to try this year. Prepared by sparkling lime water and a beautiful cherry red color is the basis of this visually appealing drink. It has a tangy flavor and is full of bubbles.

Bloody Mary (cocktail)

A beautiful frothy red coloured vintage cocktail, it is generally served in shot glasses with the rim finely dipped into a heap of salt. It contains tabasco and worcestershire sauce to give it an alcoholic touch.

Lemon Lavender (mocktail)

By the name itself, it is clear that this mocktail has a beautiful lavender color. And the prime component of this refreshing drink is lemon. It is usually counted among the best sellers in beverages.

Indian Vodka Mojito (cocktail)

Mojito, when combined with vodka, creates a deadly combination and gets a place in the list of interesting drinks to try. A traditional mixture of lime water, rum, soda and sugar, garnished with mint leaves is probably one of the most refreshing drinks of this era.

Indian Gin Cocktail (cocktail)

A statement cocktail of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is the Indian Gin cocktail. The best feature about this drink is that it is made up of 11 botanicals such as green tea leaves, peels of lemon and orange, lemongrass and others. 

Mango Mojito (mocktail)

A classic refreshment for summers, it is a perfect “interesting drink to dry” mocktail for non- alcoholics. Furthermore, when the fresh and ripe mango is used to make a mojito, then what else would be better than this for the hot weather outside ?

Mojito (mocktail)

A freshly prepared lemonade along with mint leaves and lemon slices, it acts as a perfect refreshment for all seasons. Furthermore, it is a commonly ordered drink by all, no matter what age group you fall into.

Rose Lemon Spritzer (mocktail)

With a sweet flavor, this is a beautiful pink mocktail. The pink color of the spritzer comes from the rose petals, out of which it is prepared and then served. 

Tamarind Ginger Margarita (cocktail)

The classic tanginess of tamarind with the warmth of ginger along with alcohol places it in the list of top interesting drinks to try. It is such a drink that makes you crave for it over and over again. It is usually prepared using tamarind juice and ginger syrup along with triple sec, lime juice and tequila.

Mumbai Mule (cocktail)

Prepared by using sparkling water, lemon juice, ginger syrup and vodka, there can be nothing that could match this deadly combination. A soothing cocktail for your tastebuds, it has a variety of flavors.

Apple Fizz (mocktail)

A most commonly ordered mocktail made out of apple juice and cooking soda, many had their childhood memories with this magical drink. Once I got a sip, every child felt as if they tasted a cocktail.

Bellini (mocktail)

Commonly called as Venetian cocktail, it is one of the top rated interesting drinks to try in 2022. It is made up of apple cider vinegar and is available almost everywhere and in all seasons.

Quick Fruit Punch (mocktail)

An all time favorite fruit punch is a perfect mocktail to get a position in the list of interesting drinks to try this year. Furthermore, it is one of the easily prepared drinks with less time in making. In this, juices of pineapple, orange and lemon are added.

Cosmopolitan (cocktail)

A beautiful pink coloured drink, the marvelous cosmopolitan is one of the popular cocktails in clubs and parties. With the combination of cranberry, lime juice and vodka, its speciality is that it is generally served without ice.

Jal Jeera Gin And Tonic (cocktail)

Here we are with another drink made out of jal jeera and its magical flavor. But a question may arise in your mind: can you incorporate jal jeera with alcohol ? And how would it feel ? Well, surprisingly, the blend is just amazing.

Jal Jeera Mojito (mocktail)

Jal jeera is one of the staple ingredients of most of the traditional drinks of India. And what if someone makes a mojito out of it ? Trust me, this would be amazing for both your Instagram feed and mind.

Boozy Mango Lassi (cocktail)

Who doesn’t love mango lassi ? Summers are the most favorable time for a classic and rich lassi made up of juicy mangoes. And if it is converted into a nice cocktail, then what else is necessary ?

Virgin Pina Colada (mocktail)

A classic combination of coconut milk and pineapple juice is what Virgin pina colada is all about. Moreover, adding some ice cubes makes it a perfect summer time partner.

Virgin Daiquiri (mocktail)

A bright tainty red coloured mocktail is Virgin Daiquiri. It got its bright red color from crushed strawberries, mixed along with sugar and ice.

Cinderella (mocktail)

The other name of Cindrella should definitely be a mixture of fruit juices. This is because it is prepared using many different fruit juices such as pineapple, angostura and other related citrus fruits.

French 75 (mocktail)

Made up of fresh lemon, this mind blowing mocktail is sure to relieve your everyday stress and will definitely fill you with its freshness and profound energy.

LIIT (cocktail)

Last but not the least is LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea). Undoubtedly, it is one of the most famous drinks of the world and has a top position in the list of interesting drinks to try in 2022 due to its growing popularity in specific tourist spots. It contains about 22 percent alcohol.


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