Flying First Class: Top Airlines for Luxury Travel!

Want to know about top airlines for a luxury travel experience? If yes, then you have landed to the right page! If you travel frequently then you might be aware of few well-known airlines however if you haven’t travelled before and this time planning to travel by air then you might be wondering which airline will be best. Am I correct? Not to worry, this guide will give you the answer of your question!

Every day we see a rise in the figure of air passengers that are travelling for vacation and business purposes both. It’s the dream of people to travel in a flight but not all of them get the chance to fulfil this dream. But the best thing is that there are many airlines that charge quite less and offer complementary meals as compared to other airlines. 

India has many airlines that run thousands of flights in a week. Few airlines offer complimentary meals while some charge extra for them. Now, for more convenience, airline websites provide the option of online booking, flight status checkers and web check-in for their passengers. 

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Indigo is a low-cost airline and has its main hub in Delhi. Indigo operates number of flights both domestic and international. The airline is quite famous for its flight connectivity, customer service, punctuality and safety.

Indigo offers premium services to passengers such as pre-assigned seats, priority check-in as well as multiple cancellations. By choosing this airline, you will get the chance to enjoy a hassle-free experience without any hidden charges or nasty shocks. 

Indigo operates its flights to European cities like London, Zurich, Athens and Vienna. They also offer around 1000 domestic flights to cities such as Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Jaipur on a regular basis. Online books, flight status checks, web check-in etc. can easily be done by visiting the airline’s website. 

Jet Airways

Many people prefer low-cost airlines to fly. Jet Airways is the one that has its headquarters in Mumbai and flies to different destinations. The airways have flights to over 190 destinations with destinations in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Jet Airways has a big list of amenities for its passengers. One can enjoy watching TV shows on their own screens along with headphones. Moreover, the airways offer lip-smacking food options and special meals for children on the flight. 

You can see ‘Jet Airways Flight Deals’ that the airlines offer for their passengers who are in search of some best deals. 


SpiceJet is the largest airline and is an ideal choice for number of people. The airlines offer exceptional services at reasonable rates and great connectivity. Since 2005 its operating and Ajay Singh is the founder of SpiceJet. 

The airline has flights to main Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. Now, one can fly to different tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, India, Europe etc. at reasonable rates by making use of SpiceJet Coupon Codes. 


AirAsia wasfounded in year 1993 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Air Asia has large number of flights and operates over 100 domestic flights daily. Travellers can easily order meals along with drinks on board as well as enjoy amenities like power outlets and onboard entertainment. Here, passengers are charged for selecting their seats. Also, the airline offers premium choices for quiet zone seats, emergency row seats and flatbed seats. 

The airline has also launched a loyalty program i.e., ‘AirAsia BIG LOYALTY’ that will help regular flyers earn points whenever they fly with this airline and can redeem them to get exciting rewards.

Akasa Air

Akasa Airlines offer their passengers a premium flying experience. Launched in year 2021, the Akasa Air has gained status for its incomparable service and calm flight experience. 

The fleet of Akasa Airlines has modern Airbus A320neo aircraft that provide large seating, and ample legroom along with in-flight entertainment. Akasa Airline’s assurance to reliability and security is remarkable. It’s the best choice for people looking for a luxury flying experience. 

Air India

Air India is the world’s oldest airline founded in year 1932 and provides a high level of comfort to its passengers. The airline has a wide network of both domestic as well as international flights thus making it a great option for travellers. 

The airline offer business as well as economy-class service and runs Airbus A319, Airbus A32o, Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and so on.

Passengers of business class get the opportunity to enjoy luxury services such as personal seats with legroom, priority check-in, and entry to airport lounges. Air India Web Check-In feature helps passengers to check-in, choose their preferred seat and easily take out the boarding pass online.


Vistara is the top airline service that offers both domestic as well as international air travel to more than 35 destinations within India. Moreover, Vistara provides world-class service and a comfortable seating system to people. Spacious seats, on-demand food and in-flight entertainment are what you can expect from this airline. 

Even, the airline has a policy of complete refund if cancellation by the passenger is done within 24 hours.

Alliance Air

Founded in year 1996, Alliance Air is based in Delhi. The airline runs domestic flights to more than 60 destinations. 

Alliance Air offers air connectivity to numerous smaller towns in India where larger airlines can’t operate. The airline provides the passengers with a comfortable travel experience. Alliance Air has been recognized for its operational efficiency, customer service, and on-time performance. 

Whether it’s about competitive fares, comprehensive safety measures or friendly staff, the airlines provide a seamless experience from starting to end.

Star Air India

For travellers, Star Air India is a great choice and is based in Bangalore. Founded in year 2017, the airlines begin their services in year 2019. This airline company serves around 15 destinations in 8 Indian states.

Star Air India has both types of seating options i.e., economy class and business class that enable passengers to select the one as per their needs and budget. Moreover, this airline offer spacious seating and passengers can enjoy mouth-watering food along with drinks that are served by professional airlines crew. 

Air India Express

Air India Express is a low-cost airline which has its headquarters in Kochi. The airline operates more than 649 flights a week to around 33 destinations. Although the airline is a low-priced carrier still, they offer its passengers complimentary snacks with tea or coffee.

For international destinations, Air India Express flies to few Gulf countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Around 100 flights are run by this airline in a day to cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi and Delhi. 

Zoom Air

Airline plane flights take off at the airport

A regional airline Zoom Air based in Delhi runs flights to numerous domestic destinations as well as tier 2 and 3 cities. Founded in year 2017 with the aim to provide affordable air travel choices to people. It has a stylish fleet of aircraft i.e., ATR 72-600 and offers number of in-flight amenities along with spacious and comfortable seating, food, and beverage choices etc. 

Zoom Air provide its all passengers with a comfortable travel experience. Strict safety protocols are followed by this airline and boasts highly skilled pilots. In case of issues, the airline provides instant assistance to the passengers. 


Founded in year 2015, the regional airline TruJet is based in Hyderabad. The airline run flights to some domestic destinations along with tier 2 and 3 cities. TruJet has a stylish fleet of aircraft that provides the passengers with a hassle-free travel experience. This airline focuses in providing options for air travel to people in small cities in India. 

TruJet offers convenient choices for baggage allowance, ticketing and check-in. The website and mobile portals make it quite comfortable for people to book flights easily.


A low-cost airline GoAir is based in Mumbai. Founded in year 2005 the airline operates more than 300 flights daily to around 33 destinations. The airline is well-known for its great in-flight amenities along with on-time performance. GoAir features modern amenities like personal entertainment systems, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, and so on. Also, the airline has partnered with numerous loyalty programs for providing its passengers with extra benefits.

In short, GoAir is an economical airline thus making it a great option for people travelling in India.


A regional airline Flybig is based in Indore. Founded in year 2020, the airline run flights to many destinations within India. Flybig provides air connectivity to several smaller cities in India. For an affordable travel experience, you can choose this airline.

Flybig run flights to destinations like Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhopal and so on. Various services are provided to the passengers by this airline like online check-in, baggage allowance, inflight meals, and much more.

Flybig is working hard for expanding its network and improving the services so as to become a major player in the aviation industry.

Summing Up

Let’s conclude this post that talks about the top airlines to choose for a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Domestic airlines are growing at a fast pace. Today, India has the world’s largest aviation market with an extensive range of airlines offering both domestic as well as international flights to numerous destinations. 

Airlines in India like SpiceJet, Vistara and Indigo have well-established themselves thus providing the customers with different services. They had already established high standards regarding reliability, customer service and safety thus making travelling an affordable choice for millions of people. 

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