23 Budget-Friendly Smart Watches to Gift on Navratri 2023

During Indian festivities, it has long been customary to exchange presents with others. During celebrations like Diwali, Holi, and other occasions, people often give and receive thoughtful gifts to one another in an atmosphere of joy and friendliness. Gifts are exchanged on these occasions as a gesture of respect, love, and appreciation for loved ones, friends, co-workers, and anybody else who is honored during that particular festival.

Depending on the cultural background and social customs of various states in India, gifting gifts has its unique symbolism. In some regions of India, for instance, trading sweets is commonplace, whereas in other regions, gold jewelry is preferred. Since they exhibit creativity and expertise, handmade products like ceramics or fabric paintings can also be given as gifts. Additionally, common culinary products like pickles might be given as considerate expressions of love by one person to another.

You’re most likely beginning to think about buying the ideal presents for your loved ones as the holiday shopping season draws near.

Now is the time to meaningfully reconnect with the essential people in our lives using the gift of time after a year that has seen many of us drift apart.

Looking for an app on a Smartwatch.
Looking for an app on a Smartwatch.

Watches are becoming a wonderful gifting option for Navratri 2023 because of the trend and technology that are expanding. We could all spend more time with one another. You won’t find yourself continuously reaching for your phone if you wear a watch since it keeps you present.

Being on time is another benefit of wearing a watch. When someone is wearing it, they become more polished and professional and are better equipped to face any obstacles the day may bring.

Watches are strong and reliable. They are one of the few gifts that can be used every day. Giving someone something you know they’ll use and adore gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment when you’re giving a present.

Here are 23 Budget-friendly smartwatches to gift on Navratri 2023

Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz

A Bluetooth-calling smartwatch with a number of fitness monitoring and communication capabilities is called the Noise ColorFit Ultra Buzz. The brand is renowned for its Noise smartwatches. Clear and bright graphics are provided by the watch’s 1.75-inch HD display, which has a resolution of 320×385 pixels.

The Ultra Buzz is a fantastic option for fitness aficionados because it has 100 sports modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and many more. The watch can track your workouts, track your heart rate, and provide you feedback on your development, which will help you reach your fitness objectives.

The Noise ColorFit ultra Buzz costs INR 1800 and makes a good gifting option under your budget.

Noise Vivid Call

With a metallic dial and a trendy and sophisticated appearance, the Noise Vivid Call smartwatch is one of the brand’s models. Even in direct sunshine, the display is clear and legible thanks to its 550 nits of brightness.

You can use your voice to operate the watch utilizing the AI voice assistant included inside the watch. With the help of this function, it is simple to access functions like weather updates, alarms, reminders, and more without touching the screen.

The Noise Vivid Call smart watch costs INR 1400 and is easily available on the Noise official website and other retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4

A variety of cutting-edge capabilities are available with the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha. The watch’s 1.78-inch fully AMOLED screen, which uses Tru Sync technology and a 60 Hz refresh rate to deliver slick, vibrant images, is also equipped with these features.

Gesture Control is a feature of the watch that lets you interact with it by waving your hand in front of it to carry out tasks like answering calls, navigating menus, and more.

A useful 360 Digital Crown is also a part of the ColorFit Pro 4 Alpha, allowing you to easily and precisely manage the watch. Various features and menus may be accessed by rotating, pressing, and swiping the crown.

The newly launched model costs a total of INR 3000 available on all websites.

Noise’s newly launched HRX Sprint

A recently released Bluetooth-calling smartwatch with various fitness monitoring, communication, and entertainment features is called the Noise HRX Sprint. The watch boasts a sleek and fashionable appearance thanks to its huge 1.91-inch touchscreen and fine metallic construction.

The watch is a terrific option for fitness fanatics because it has over 100 sports modes and an activity tracker. It can monitor a wide range of sports, including cycling, swimming, and many others. The watch also has heart rate tracking so that you can monitor the condition of your heart.

This newly launched Noise smartwatch costs INR 2200 and is available in different colors and strap designs.

Noise ColorFit Pulse 2

A smartwatch with many fitness monitoring and communication features, the Noise ColorFit Pulse 2 is svelte and fashionable. The watch’s wide 1.8-inch display boasts a 550-nit brightness, which makes it possible to see the time clearly and vividly even in direct sunshine.

The watch’s metallic casing gives its overall design a refined touch. Heart rate, sleep, and Spo2 monitoring are all features of the watch that can be used to get information about your health and well-being.

 This model of Noise smartwatch is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and The Noise website as well for a minimal price of INR 1600.

Noise ColorFit Plus Grand

With a 1.69-inch HD display and a host of capabilities for fitness tracking and health monitoring, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch is a great option. The watch has 60 different sports modes that you can use to record your exercises, like running, cycling, swimming, and many more. You can select a design that matches your taste from the 150 interchangeable watch faces that come with the device.

Being able to track several health parameters is one of the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand’s primary features. Your heart rate, stress levels, sleep patterns, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels may all be measured by the watch, which will provide you with a thorough understanding of your general health.

The noise ColorFit Plus grand costs INR 1500 and is available in a wide range of Colours like pink, Black, etc.

Noise Pulse Go Buzz Smartwatch

Use the Noise Pulse Go Buzz Smartwatch’s functionalities to your advantage to boost output. You can set alarms, get weather warnings, hand-washing reminders, idle alerts, and water reminders, as well as receive notifications for all of these things. The 1.69” TFT display of the watch ensures a visual treat every time you take a quick glimpse at it with 240*280px and 500 nits of brightness. Keep active and keep track of everything you do by using the auto sports detection mode.

Available at a minimal price of INR 1600, This Noise smartwatch provides value for your money!

Noise Twist Smartwatch

The Noise Twist is a recently released smartwatch featuring a 1.38-inch TFT display and 320 × 320 pixel resolution. It has an IP68 designation for water and dust resistance and offers more than 100 watch faces. The watch is available in the colour Jet Black.

Additionally, the Noise Twist has Bluetooth calling capabilities that let users place and receive calls right from the wristband. The heart rate sensor in the smartwatch allows it to continuously track sleep patterns and monitor heart rate throughout the day.

The Noise Twist’s battery life is one of its best features. It is extremely impressive since it is reported to last for up to 7 days on a single charge. The watch also has nine different sports modes, including those for cycling, hiking, walking, and more.

One also gets a choice between a round and a square dial. All of it is available at the price of just INR 1500!

Noise Pulse Max 2

A sophisticated smartwatch with many capabilities for communication and fitness tracking is the Noise Pulse 2 Max. The watch’s 1.85-inch display and 550 NITS brightness produce clear, vivid images that are simple to read even in direct sunshine. Additionally, the watch has a Smart DND (Do Not Disturb) capability, which lets you personalize alerts and notifications based on your preferences.

Fitness fanatics will love the Pulse 2 Max’s 100 sports modes, which include running, cycling, swimming, and many more. You may reach your fitness objectives by using the watch to track your workouts, monitor your heart rate, and provide you feedback on your development.

The Noise smartwatch is available in a variety of colors and designs at the cost of INR 1500.

Noise Fit Force

The NoiseFit Force is a tough Noise smartwatch with a circular dial that provides a number of capabilities for communication and fitness tracking. With a 1.32-inch HD screen, a functioning crown, and 550 nits of brightness, the watch is easy to see even in direct sunshine.

The Force has a 7-day battery life, so you won’t need to worry about charging it frequently. The watch also has AI speech assistance, which enables voice-activated watch operation. With more than 200 watch faces available, you may simply alter the watch’s appearance and feel to suit your tastes.

You can order the Noise FitForce through the website or through Amazon only at INR 2500!

Realme Watch 2 Pro

The Realme Watch 2 Pro, the brand’s most recent smartwatch, has GPS tracking for more precise monitoring and fitness statistics. The Realme Watch 2 Pro, which retails for INR 4999, is one of the most capable smartwatches in its class. It is lightweight and comfortable, has an excellent screen for a product in this category, has good battery life, solid software, a strong companion app, and effectively utilizes GPS for fitness monitoring. Step tracking is, however, not entirely accurate.

This is a competitively priced choice to think about because it has a nice screen and a GPS, making it a useful smartwatch for less than INR 5000.

Pebble Cosmos Luxe

With a 1.36-inch AMOLED display, the Pebble Cosmos Luxe is a cheap timepiece that prioritizes style. Two buttons are on the device, and one of them can be turned to scroll. With the FitCloudPro software for iOS and Android, the smartwatch is compatible. The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows it to be used as a Bluetooth speakerphone even though fitness tracking is dubious. It also functions effectively as a notifier. The smartwatch is functional and attractive for the price of INR 3990.

Just Corseca Ray Kanabis

The Just Corseca Ray Kanabis is exceptionally tough and has an IP68 rating for water and dust protection. The smartwatch includes a Bluetooth loudspeaker system with a speaker and microphone that can be connected to a smartphone and used for calls exactly like a Bluetooth speaker.

The Just Corseca Ray Kanabis’s fitness tracking is a little problematic, but it has a good screen and functions well for viewing notifications from your associated smartphone. Nevertheless, competing goods provide more value for the money at the same price of INR 3990.

Fir Boltt Phoenix Pro Ultra

Watches Fire Boltt Phoenix Pro Ultra! When it comes to striking a balance between usefulness and affordability, this watch is a true game-changer. It is a smartwatch that is affordable and has a wide range of functionality.

This watch is appropriate for a variety of activities thanks to its 120+ sports modes. It has you covered for anything from walking to running, cycling, and more. Additionally, it has health-tracking capabilities such as sleep analysis, meditative breathing, and female health care. The ability to monitor your health has never been simpler.

The watch is simple to wear all day thanks to its ergonomic band and stylish design. The smartwatch has an AI voice assistant that you can use to wake up Siri or Google on your phone with a single press and issue commands to finish your work for a convenient price of INR 1800.

NoiseFit Diva

Another great option that strikes a mix between price and functionality is the NoiseFit Diva smartwatch, which is a great alternative for anyone searching for a durable and fashionable wearable.

In terms of fitness characteristics, the NoiseFit Diva has a variety of sports modes that may accommodate diverse physical activity. This watch features customized settings to suit your tastes, whether you enjoy yoga, jogging, cycling, or other activities. Additionally, it provides health-tracking features like stress reduction, sleep analysis, and heart rate monitoring. Monitoring your general health is made simple.

The NoiseFit Diva costs INR 3500 and is an affordable gifting option!

Fire Boltt Dawn: Mystic

This watch is a great option for individuals who want both aesthetics and features in their wearable, fusing style and practicality in a seamless manner.

The Fire Boltt Dawn: Mystic offers a variety of sports modes to suit diverse hobbies, starting with fitness capabilities. This watch is suitable for a variety of activities, including jogging, cycling, swimming (because of its water resistance), and more. Additionally, it has health-tracking capabilities like SpO2, sleep analysis, and heart rate monitoring to keep you informed about your well-being.

The watch costs around INR 1500.

Fire Boltt Talk 2

Of course, let’s investigate the Fire Boltt Talk 2 smartwatch’s features! With a seamless blending of communication and functionality that appeals to individuals who value being connected while remaining active, this watch stands out as an amazing addition to the Fire Boltt collection.

To start, the Fire Boltt Talk 2 wristwatch is a communication hub in addition to being a fitness tracker. You can make and receive calls right from your wrist with its built-in calling capability, keeping you connected even while you’re out and about.

The Fire Boltt Talk 2 is easily available on Amazon at INR 1800.

Vibez by Lifelong Ruby

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that successfully combines elegance and practicality, the Vibez by Lifelong Ruby is a terrific option. It meets a variety of purposes thanks to Bluetooth calling, several sports modes, and health tracking capabilities, music control functionality, and a beautiful style. The Vibez by Lifelong Ruby is unquestionably a noteworthy alternative if you’re looking for a smartwatch that smoothly links you and supports your active lifestyle.

Available at INR 3000, the customers can choose between different colors as well!

Fire Boltt Ninja 3

The Fire Boltt Ninja 3 delivers when it comes to fitness abilities. There are 120 sports modes available, covering everything from cycling to jogging. It also offers thorough health tracking capabilities, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, blood oxygen tracking, and even a menstrual health tracker, to help you keep informed about your well-being.

The Fire Boltt Ninja 3’s sleek and contemporary design makes it a multipurpose item that fits well with your everyday look. You may wear it all day without experiencing any discomfort because of the comfy strap.

The Fire Boltt Ninja 3 is definitely a smart choice at INR 1300.

Fire Boltt Dawn: Virgo

   The Fire Boltt Dawn: Virgo is an eye-catching addition to the Fire Boltt line that appeals to people who value both features and beauty in their wearable technology.

The Fire Boltt Dawn: Virgo, however, really stands out for its astrological component. This watch has a dedicated horoscope feature that provides daily horoscope readings to give your daily activities a dash of cosmic perspective.

The Fire Boltt Dawn: Virgo has a sophisticated design. In addition to being a useful accessory, its sleek appearance and technological capabilities make it a fashionable addition to your outfit.

This watch excels when it comes to customization. It offers a variety of interchangeable watch faces so you can easily alter the appearance of your watch to your mood and sense of style.

The watch costs INR2500 which can be further customized to match your mood and style!

Fire Boltt Dawn

The Fire Boltt Dawn’s rectangular, understated elegance is what really makes it stand out. This watch has a sleek, contemporary design that skilfully combines fashion and technology. It’s not simply a useful accessory; it’s also a fashionable statement item that perfectly matches your own style.

These watch’s customization options are similarly astounding. You may match the look of your watch to your mood and attire by selecting from a number of watch faces. It’s a quick and easy way to give your everyday routine a little more personality.

Fire Boltt Dawn can be bought at a very affordable price of only INR1760.

boAt Wave Active Smartwatch

The boAt Wave Active Smart Watch stands out as one of the most stylish and cost-effective options available thanks to its magnificent 1.96″ HD display. With interchangeable watch faces and a comfortable strap, it expertly mixes style and functionality. The boAt Wave Active Smart Watch offers the best value and fashion in an affordable package at just INR 1600.

boAt Ultima Chronos Watch

The boAt Ultima Chronos Smart Watch stands out in the market for inexpensive smartwatches because of its excellent construction. Its high-quality building materials, including a durable metal case and scratch-resistant glass, exude quality and trustworthiness. With the boAt Ultima Chronos, you receive incredible smart features plus the assurance that you are getting a high-quality, long-lasting smartwatch.

The boAt Ultima Chronos is available at a very minimal price of INR 2800 on Amazon and all other retail websites.


The ideal option should balance budgetary constraints with important features like fitness tracking, notifications, and battery life. In this price range, some notable brands include Amazfit, Noise, and Realme. To choose wisely, think about your priorities—whether they are fashion, fitness tracking, or a mix of the two—and read reviews.

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