Warmest and Cosiest Blankets to Beat Cold Winter Nights!

Desire to sleep comfortably on a cold night? Want to keep your bed warm in winter? If yes, then invest in high-quality blanket brands to enjoy a calm sleep. Sleeping during winter with lots of cosy pillows and warm blankets is everyone’s desire. Winters is the most loved season for all and no doubt people enjoy it a lot. Imagine sitting in your home, wrapped up in a cosy and warm blanket, enjoying a sip of hot chocolate while watching your favourite movie or serial. Great; isn’t it? To enjoy winter completely, make sure your body is completely warm and you won’t fall sick. Especially at this time, the important thing you have to care about is the blanket as it will keep you warm.

Stack of woolen checked blankets
Stack of woolen blankets

The blanket will give you that warmness and comfortable sleep you desire during the winter season. For that, it’s imperative to choose the right brand since you don’t want to compromise your cosiness with anything. There are ample number of blankets available in the market that you can choose according to your tastes and budget. Even, you can buy heated blankets or cooling blankets too that are also available in different brands.

So, here we have listed down the top blanket brands that will surely be going to help you in making the correct purchase decision. The Blankets brands mentioned below are renowned and remain in demand always for good reasons. So, let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

Cloth Fusion blankets

Cloth Fusion has become the most common blanket brand for manufacturing high-quality blankets along with quilts, bedding, bedsheets, cushions etc. The blankets are quite comfortable and look attractive that one can buy as per their choice to match their room’s interior.

What sets this brand different from others is its commitment in creating exclusive designs for every item. Most blankets of this brand are made of quality ultra-soft polyester to help one in staying cosy throughout the season

Divine Casa

Those looking for unique quality and design blankets can go with Divine Casa whose product range incorporates beddings, throws, blanket cover, and picnic blankets. This brand makes use of premium materials to manufacture their blankets so as to give their customers a luxury feeling. 

The blanket’s texture is quite ultra soft and gives proper warmness during the cold chilly winters. They are available in beautiful colours and prints that can attract the attention of anyone visiting your place. 


Signature has become the leading brand in India due to its superior quality as well as creative designs. The signature blankets are available in different colours and styles that are perfect to give your room a vibrant look.

The best thing about the brand is that their blankets are light weighted and comfortable which makes them perfect for cold winter months. The blankets are highly durable too that remain in good condition for a long time and show no signs of wear and tear. 

Bombay Dyeing

A popular brand in India, Bombay Dyeing is known for manufacturing quality products. Since 1879, the company is manufacturing blankets by providing its customers with different colour and material options.

The ultra-soft vibrant colour blankets not only appear great but feel comfortable too. All the products of this brand are tested thoroughly before being sold. There’s no doubt in saying that Bombay Dyeing is the most loved brand among customers searching for cosy blankets. 


Portico is a trusted Indian brand whose products are made of quality materials and their sophisticated designs can enhance the beauty of any dull room. They have blankets in different colours, fabrics, and textures that can suit everyone’s taste easily.

One can purchase Portico blankets from bedding shops or can order them online too as per their convenience. Doesn’t matter whether you want to keep yourself warm during cold winters or just desire a vibrant look, Porticos blanket will surely be going to make your space an amazing one that you always dreamt of.


Brandonn is another blanket brand whose product collection ranges from cotton throws to comfortable wool quilts thus making it a perfect option for people looking for high-quality products at reasonable rates. The brand offers ample number of colours and designs to meet everyone’s requirements.

Also, the brand manufacture products made of durable and lasting materials, allowing people to use their blanket for years. Brandonn also has baby blankets that feel super soft on baby’s sensitive skin.


SleepyCat brand has already hold the attention of people by delivering luxury blankets, mattresses, and many other products. In a short period, the brand has gained popularity for its large number of sleeping products. All Season Reversible comforter blanket of this brand is perfect to keep yourself warm in bed during cold days. It comes in a quilted box design as well as filled with sufficient microfiber which is quite soft to touch. 

Even they also have a weighted therapeutic blanket that is filled with enough glass beads for providing a deep and comfortable sleep to those suffering from chronic pain. The beads apply pressure on the body, soothe the pain, and help one in enjoying a stress-free sleep. 

Jaipur Textile Hub

Jaipur Textile Hub so quickly has become the most reliable brand for manufacturing blankets. They use quality products in making their all articles; with a wide range of sizes, patterns, textures, and colours, the brand ensures everyone gets the blanket that fits their style well at reasonable rates. 

Jaipuri Rajai and quilts are great for cold weather that is made with the finest cotton fabric to give a cosy feel. Machine washable, unique designs, skin-friendly, and lightweight quilts can give a traditional feel to the bedrooms. They also have mink blankets that make a perfect option for kids since they are light in weight and can be carried easily. 


Goyal’s is a good brand that is engaged in making quality products for years. Their soft and comfortable blankets can keep you warm during cold nights. Furthermore, their attractive patterns are perfect to enhance the room’s decor and one can find the blankets in different shapes and sizes to fulfil everyone’s needs.

The blankets of Goyal’s are reasonably priced thus making them the best choice for people. Hassle-free care, as well as complete warmth during the cold season, are two promises Goyal’s blankets assure.


Story@Home has reliable and quality blankets for everyone. With an expansive variety of designs and patterns, the brand has made it easy for all to give their space a luxury feeling. Superior comfort fabric, great colours, and luxurious prints, Store@Home blankets are the perfect means for adding style to your home decor. You can keep yourself cosy without breaking your bank balance since they offer products at competitive rates. From cosy throws to plush comforters, the brand has something for all. 

Raymond Home

Raymond Home is counted as the topmost blanket brand that has a huge user base in the Indian marketplace. The brand is famous for producing quality blankets that help one to fight chilly nights. You can depend on this great brand to get blankets and mattresses of top quality.  

The brand is luxurious with few of their articles crafted from good cashmere material while others from deluxe silk thereby providing a great level of warmness.


Clasiko is another brand that manufactures blankets of quality fabric. They make use of high-grade materials such as super soft fleece as well as fine merino wool for providing complete comfort. Clasiko also has blankets with features like hypoallergenic properties, temperature control tech etc. which enable one to enjoy better sleep without any discomfort. 

How to Select the Best Blanket?

Confused how to choose the right blankets for winter? Not to worry, go ahead with the tips to make a better decision. Choosing a top-quality blanket involves numerous factors that are listed below:

  • Material: Blankets are made of different materials like cotton, fleece, wool, and so on. If we talk about the material then each one has its own pros like warmth, softness, and breathability. Pick the material that matches your preferences and requirements well. 
  • Size: Consider the blanket size you need according to your bed size whether it is queen, king size, twin, and so on. 
  • Warmth: Depending on your requirements, you might need a blanket that works well in all seasons. Check the thickness and blankets insulation properties then choose the one as per your desire. Many people prefer buying electric blankets to keep their bedsheets warm too.
  • Style: Blankets are available in different patterns, styles, and colours. Think about the room type and your personal choices while selecting the blanket. 
  • Care: Make sure to take care of your blanket properly. Since few materials require different washing instructions while some are not suitable for machine wash.
  • Price: Think about the budget while choosing the blanket. Blankets of quality materials and big sizes no doubt come at a much higher cost but in return, they will last for a long time which is worth it in every way. You can compare the blanket prices along with their pros to come up with a final decision.

Wrapping Up

Let’s end up this post with the hope that it will surely be going to help you in knowing about the top blanket brands. The right blanket brand has the power to make a major difference in one’s comfort levels during cold chilly months. Choose the one that you think is right for you and is within your budget. You can search by typing blanket shop near me on Google or can choose online option to get the order delivered to your doorstep.

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