SIMPLE IRA vs. SEP IRA: Understanding the Differences

During the early years of your career, retirement can feel like a mythical idea that seems ages away. The average retirement age in the United States is 64, but you can move that fateful day closer with wise investments. Two options to consider for your retirement plans are the SIMPLE IRA vs. SEP IRA.

Both options have merits; finding the best choice for your finances requires research. The differences are minor, but choosing the best fit could help you retire sooner and enjoy the best years of your life.

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Luckily, you’ve got guidance to help you choose the best path for your retirement. Continue reading to learn about SEP IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs today!


The Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees is an excellent resource to speed up your retirement journey. You can deduct your IRA contributions from each paycheck to allow it to grow without paying taxes on it until the future.

You can contribute up to $15,500 annually to the account, and your employer will match up to three percent of what you contribute. It’s an excellent way to begin accumulating savings and preparing for retirement.

Benefits of a SIMPLE IRA

The most significant benefit of using a SIMPLE IRA as part of your retirement plans is the ability to grow your savings quickly. The money you put into the account is tax-deferred, meaning you won’t pay taxes until you remove the money from the IRA.

The paycheck deductions are another perk of choosing a SIMPLE IRA. Each step of the process is handled for you to prevent stress and extra work.

What Is a SEP IRA?

A Simplified Employee Pension has a similar purpose to the SIMPLE IRA, but the employer is the primary person contributing money toward your retirement plans. The employer can contribute 25 percent of your annual pay to the account. Here’s a look at the SEP IRA basics for your financial health and retirement planning.

IRA. Retirement plans
IRA. Retirement plans

You’ll enjoy complete control over the money in the account as it builds. It’s also one of the best ways to enjoy tax-deferred savings.

Benefits of a SEP IRA

The SEP IRA is advantageous for self-employed individuals or those who work for a small business. It offers tax advantages over other plans to help you save for retirement.

You can also choose from tax-free and tax-deferred options to maximize your hard-earned cash. It’s an immediate vesting option, and you can contribute more to the account to progress toward your official retirement.

Choose Between a SIMPLE IRA vs. SEP IRA Today

Retirement feels far off, but you can make progress toward living your life and enjoying more leisure time by choosing between a SIMPLE IRA vs. SEP IRA for your retirement plans. The SEP IRA is beneficial because it offers more flexibility and is immediately vesting. The SIMPLE IRA is best because your employer will match your contributions to help you build retirement savings quickly.

A fulfilling career will do wonders for your health, but preparing for retirement while young is best. Explore our Career content for tips to build a comprehensive retirement plan today!

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