Mastering Instagram Threads App: The Ultimate Guide

Eager to know about the newly launched Instagram Threads App? Wondering, what is so good about it? If yes, then you have landed on the right page, where you will come to know everything about this amazing app. Before proceeding with anything, let’s see what Instagram Threads app is. 

What is Instagram Threads App?

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Threads is an app by Instagram that enable users to post text, videos as well as photos about anything that is happening in their life. The simplistic interface of this app is quite simple to understand that helps users to connect with a group of people they like effortlessly.

Threads app looks quite similar to Twitter, where you can post Threads, respond to others and can follow the profiles of people you are interested in. Users of Twitter who were distressed because of the changes in the app can now download the Meta’s Threads app that is quite similar to Twitter, i.e., Instagram Threads. 

By using the Instagram account, users can easily log into the Threads app. The app can be downloaded on App Store as well as Google Play Store both. 

Steps to Download Instagram Threads App

The app is available for iOS and Android both. Here we have jotted down the steps to download the Threads app for both platforms that you can check:

  • Open the App Store or Google Play Store: Unlock your device and visit the app store in case of iOS devices and Google Play Store in case of Android. 
  • Search for Instagram Threads: After that, make use of the search function to see the app. In the search bar, type ‘Instagram Threads’ and press enter.
  • Select Instagram Threads from the Search Results: Look for the app from the big list of search results and tap on the app to see the details.
  • Check Compatibility and Requirements: Before proceeding with the download option, ensure your device fulfils the compatibility requirements. Also, make sure your device has enough storage to download the app.
  • Tap Install: You will see the ‘install’ button, which you can click to begin the installation process.
  • Open the Instagram Threads App: Once you are done with the installation part, tap on the app to open it, which you can see on your device’s home screen.
  • Log in or Create an Account: Log in with the existing Instagram account for using the Threads app. In case you don’t have an Instagram account, create a new one.
  • Grant Necessary Permissions: After login, the Instagram Threads app can ask for few permissions like access to camera, contacts, microphone etc. Grant permission in order to use the app features seamlessly. 
  • Set up your Close Friends List: Once you are done with the permission, start setting up your friends list on the app. You can either select your friends from your existing account of Instagram or can add new ones. 
  • Start Using Instagram Threads: Now, you can start using the Instagram Threads app and share photos, messages, stories, and videos with your near ones.

Key Sections of Instagram Threads App

Let’s have a look at few key sections that you will see in the app:

  • Home Feed: Home Feed is the app’s main screen where you will see all types of posts from people you will follow. You can like, comment or repost the thread from the Home Feed directly.
  • Search and Explore: The app feature of ‘Search and Explore’ will enable you to find new accounts. Also, you can explore the latest topics by making use of the search bar. This feature will help one to connect with new people and discover interesting and engaging Threads.
  • Composing a New Thread: Tap the button ‘compose’ so as to create new Threads. You can enter the text, add links, photos and videos to make Thread more interesting. The best thing is that Threads support videos for 5 minutes which is enough to show your creativity. 
  • Notifications: The notifications tab will update you about the latest activities. You will get a notification instantly when someone likes, comment and repost your thread. In short, the notification section will help you to stay connected with your followers. 
  • Profile: The profile is something that allows you to see and edit the information of your Threads profile. By tapping the profile picture, you can access the profile information. You can edit your bio, privacy settings, profile picture etc., from here. 

Instagram Threads App Features

Want to know the features of this amazing app? If yes, let’s dive into the app features:

  • Close Friends List: Threads app seamlessly integrates with the close friends list of Instagram, thus enabling users to share photos, messages and videos easily with a selected group of people.
  • Status Updates: The app introduces the idea of automatic status updates on the basis of the user’s activity, current location, etc. This way, users can easily share their status with close friends, thus providing real-time updates. 
  • Camera and Filters: The users can capture photos as well as videos quite easily. One can apply creative filters, emojis, effects etc., to their media and give their shared content a special touch.
  • Direct Messaging: Threads allow direct messaging with users’ close friends, thus allowing one to have a private conversation. One can send text messages, videos or photos, as well as can react to messages by using emojis for an interactive messaging experience.
  • Notifications and Control: Instagram Threads app has customizable notification settings too. You can select whose updates you wish to receive on your notifications.

How to Create Threads?

To create a Thread, follow the below-given steps:

  • Tap the Write symbol that you will see at the bottom after opening the app.
  • Enter the text that you wish to add to your thread.
  • Attach the photo/video to the thread. 
  • After that, tap done.
  • Tap the option ‘add to a thread’, and if your thread has more characters than 500, then another thread will be added automatically. 
  • In the bottom of the app, tap on ‘post’. 

Tips to Make the Most of Instagram Threads

Listed below are a few tips that will help you to make the most of Instagram Threads:

  • Create Close Friends List: Create a list of your close friends as well as family members for meaningful communications within Threads
  • Utilize Status Updates: Update your status on a regular basis to keep your internal circle informed regarding your activities.
  • Explore Creative Tools: Experiment with the creative tools of an app for giving some personal touch to photos and videos.
  • This should go as another bullet point under: Tips to Make the Most of Instagram Threads.
  • Use the help of third-party social media platforms: Once you make a particularly interesting content, try to get it go viral. Since the platform is relatively new, this can easily be achieved by buying Threads reshares, likes, or followers to boost organic growth for your profile.

Threads vs Twitter

Now, if we compare Threads and Twitter, then they have a few notable differences. Let’s check out:

  • Threads enable users to post content up to 500 characters, but Twitter has a 280-character limit. This gives users more space by which they can express their thoughts in every post on Threads. 
  • Threads provide its users with an ample number of features that are not available on Twitter, like status updates, direct sharing of videos/photos etc.
  • On the Threads app, one can post a video up to 5 minutes long, doesn’t matter whether a user is verified or non-verified. But Twitter allows non-verified users to post videos of 2 minutes and 20 seconds only. 
  • The Threads has a strong privacy control where users have the opportunity to customize the privacy settings as per their choice. Twitter is more of a public platform that prioritizes open conversation as well as has less strict privacy settings.

Choosing the app depends on your preferences. Threads is a perfect platform for those who prioritize privacy and like intimate sharing. Since the app caters to users who wish to maintain strong relations with their close friends and family. However, if you like open conversations, love to engage with a wider audience and want to remain updated on what’s going on around the world, then Twitter will be a better choice as it provides a platform for public interaction.  

Summing Up

Let’s end up this post with the hope that it will surely be going to help you in knowing everything about the Instagram Threads App. This app provides an intimate space to connect with your close companions and family members. The app’s seamless messaging, video-sharing capabilities, status updates as well as privacy-focused features enables one to nurture deeper and smooth connections with their inner circle. 

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