17 trendy men’s hairstyles that have changed the way men groom themselves

Gone are the days when men’s grooming was limited to a simple trim or a generic hairstyle. In the past two decades, the world of men’s hairstyles has witnessed a revolution, with an explosion of trendy cuts that have transformed the way men groom themselves. In recent years, men’s hairstyles have taken center stage in the grooming world, evolving from traditional cuts to bold and innovative styles. Men nowadays are using their hair to express themselves, experimenting with a broad variety of looks that showcase their uniqueness, inventiveness, and fashion-forward sensibility. From classic looks with modern twists to bold statements, these 17 fashionable men’s hairstyles have reshaped the landscape of men’s hairstyling, pushing the boundaries of style and setting new trends.


Smiling guy at the barber
Smiling guy at the barber

The undercut is a well-known trend that first appeared in the 2010s and has since gained enormous popularity among men’s hairstyles. Shaving the sides and back of the head creates a noticeable contrast with longer hair on top in this trendy and adaptable cut. The undercut’s versatility allows men to experiment with various lengths, textures, and styles to suit their preferences and personalities. This is one of the undercut’s most appealing features. The undercut’s adaptability is one of the main factors contributing to its broad appreciation. A dramatic and striking appearance that emanates confidence and style is created by the stark contrast between the neatly styled top and the sides that have been shaved. On the other hand, the undercut also provides an opportunity for men to embrace a more casual and textured aesthetic. The undercut’s adaptability extends to the variety of styling options it offers. Men can experiment with different hair products, such as pomades, waxes, or styling creams, to achieve their desired look. Furthermore, the undercut is suitable for a wide range of hair types and face shapes. The undercut has become a major trend in men’s grooming since it emerged in the 2010s. Its popularity stems from its versatility, allowing men to experiment with different lengths, styles and textures.

Crew Cut

European man is cut by a barber. Men's hair cutting with scissors in the salon
European man is cut by a barber. Men’s hair cutting with scissors in the salon

The crew cut is a classic men’s hairstyle that has endured through the ages and is still favoured by fashionable males. Short hair dominates the sides and back of the head in this traditional style, gradually getting longer but still being quite short at the top. The end result is a neat, tidy, low-maintenance look that oozes refinement and masculinity. The crew cut, which gained popularity initially among military people, has subsequently evolved into a multipurpose and stylish haircut appropriate for a variety of settings. The crew cut’s simplicity of upkeep is one of its main benefits. Short hair takes little maintenance, making this style ideal for men who like to keep their hair simple. It helps draw attention to the facial features and gives the appearance of balance and symmetry. In addition, the cut’s short length makes it feel cooler and cosier, especially in hot weather or when engaging in strenuous activities. Modern versions have arisen, giving more flexibility and versatility while maintaining the uniform length of the basic crew cut all over the head. The crew cut is still a popular and stylish men’s hairstyle that combines use, adaptability, and classic appeal.


In recent years, the quiff haircut has made an impressive resurgence, bringing a dash of vintage cool to the modern era of men’s grooming. This famous hairdo is distinguished by its thick front hair, which is fashioned to add height and texture for an appearance that is both traditional and modern. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you may customise the quiff to achieve the style you want. Men with shorter hair can obtain a shorter quiff, while those with longer hair can make a quiff that is more dramatic and voluminous. The quiff has numerous styling possibilities, making it appropriate for a variety of settings and preferences. A textured, tousled quiff gives off a carefree, effortlessly cool vibe. This more undone version of the quiff adds a touch of youthful charm and exuberance to one’s overall appearance.


Portrait of handsome caucasian man with fashionable hairstyle at barber shop
Portrait of handsome caucasian man with fashionable hairstyle at barber shop

The pompadour, a timeless men’s hairstyle that combines a modern twist with the appeal of the 1950s, has seen a recent spike in popularity. This classic look is distinguished by its voluminous hair, which is styled to sweep upward and backward. This creates a dramatic and daring appearance that communicates refinement and confidence. A versatile and adjustable hairdo, the modern pompadour draws influence from its vintage counterpart and adds a modern twist. One distinguishing quality of the contemporary pompadour is its adaptability to various facial shapes and hair textures. The voluminous hair at the front, which is the fundamental component of the pompadour, is created with the right styling methods and styling tools, like pomade or wax. By sweeping the hair upwards and backward, a sense of height and texture is created, giving the hairstyle its signature look. The modern pompadour is a hairstyle that effortlessly combines classic charm with contemporary flair.

Faux Hawk

A daring and contemporary men’s hairdo that has grown in popularity recently is the faux hawk. The faux hawk, a variant on the traditional mohawk, is a bold and fashionable option for people looking for a distinctive appearance. The faux hawk keeps some length on the sides while arranging the top hair to resemble ridges, in contrast to the traditional mohawk, which includes shaving the sides of the head. The contrast that the faux hawk produces between the shorter sides and the groomed top is one of its primary features. The top hair’s length and height are emphasised by the sides’ lesser lengths, creating a visually arresting and attention-getting appearance. This contrasting effect gives the faux hawk its distinctiveness and adds a sense of edge and individuality to the overall look. The faux hawk allows for various styling options, giving individuals the freedom to customize the hairstyle according to their personal preferences. The faux hawk is particularly favored by those looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. It is a hairstyle that exudes confidence, individuality, and a sense of adventure.

Side Part

The side parting is a timeless men’s hairstyle that has symbolized elegance and refinement for decades. This classic look involves creating a deep parting on one side of the head, where the hair is carefully combed to the side, creating a distinguished, polished appearance. What makes the side parting so popular is its versatility. It can be adapted to different hair lengths, whether short, medium or long. Whether it’s a short cut, a layered style or even medium-length hair, the side parting can be customized to suit your haircut and overall style. The side parting is not only versatile, it also flatters different face shapes. The deep parting adds structure and balance to the face. For example, a side parting can soften the angular features of a square-shaped face, or create an illusion of symmetry for those with a more oval face. Maintaining a side parting is relatively simple. A comb or brush can be used to create the distinct parting, along with a small amount of styling product.

Buzz Cut

Man with disability having his hair cut by electric trimmer held by caregiver
Man with disability having his hair cut by electric trimmer held by caregiver

The buzz cut is a common men’s hairstyle that has become well-known for its easy stylish appeal and minimum upkeep appeal. To get a uniform length around the head with this haircut, the hair is drastically trimmed short. The end effect is a simple yet striking aesthetic that looks good on men of all ages and hair types. The simplicity and ease of upkeep of the buzz cut are two of its main benefits. This style is suitable for guys who want a fuss-free routine because it takes little care and styling due to its uniformly short length. The buzz cut conveys a sense of confidence and assertiveness. It has a tendency of bringing attention to face features and bone structure because to its simple, minimalist design, giving off a strong, masculine appeal. What’s more, the puff cut is a versatile option for those who want to experiment with different variations. While the traditional cut features a uniform length across the entire head, men can customize it by adding design elements, such as faded or tapered sides, to create a more unique and personalized look. This style has been embraced by men who appreciate its straightforward, no-frills approach to styling, projecting an air of confidence and simplicity.


The mohawk is a daring, enduring hairstyle for men that has significantly changed over time. The current mohawk has evolved from its rebellious roots as a punk-related hairstyle to become a versatile and fashionable alternative. A strip of longer hair is left down the centre of the head, while the sides are either completely shaved off or exceedingly short. The flexibility of the modern mohawk to offer countless variations and levels of boldness is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The central strip of hair can be styled in a variety of ways to fit personal preferences because to its variable length and texture. The mohawk offers a distinctive look that highlights the wearer’s individuality and sense of style, from subtle and simple to dramatic and attention-grabbing. The mohawk’s aesthetic impact is increased by the striking contrast between its razor-shaven or extremely short sides and the longer hair strip. Depending on individual taste, the sides can be shaved or faded. Although the mohawk has a reputation for being rebellious and edgy, it has recently gained more mainstream acceptance.

Ivy League Haircut

The prominent Ivy League universities in the United States are where the Ivy League haircut, often referred to as the Princeton or Harvard clip, first appeared on men. This hairstyle is well-liked among men looking to project a polished and sophisticated presence because it combines characteristics of professionalism and elegance. The sides and back of the Ivy League haircut are often tapered or faded, and the top hair is left slightly longer. Typically, the longer hair on top is carefully styled and can be combed to the side or lifted slightly into a little pompadour. The entire effect is a neat, well-groomed appearance that conveys refinement. This hairstyle is often associated with a sense of preppy style and academic influence, reflecting the traditional aesthetics of Ivy League institutions. One of the key advantages of the Ivy League haircut is its versatility and straightforward maintenance.

E-Boy Haircut

The E-Boy haircut is a contemporary and edgy men’s hairstyle that has been popular in recent years, especially among members of the online community known as E-Boys. The combination of alternative, punk, and e-boy fashion inspirations in this haircut results in a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. The rough and layered appearance of the E-Boy haircut defines it. It frequently has hair that is longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. To convey an image of easy coolness, the hair on top is often styled in a haphazard, tousled fashion. Some varieties could include fringe or fringe that cross the forehead. The E-Boy haircut is distinctive because to its focus on uniqueness and self-expression. For the E-Boy haircut to have the correct appearance, styling products are essential. You can use texturizing products to give your hair volume, structure, and hold, such as sea salt sprays, pomades, or matte pastes. Bold hair colours or highlights are frequently used to go with the E-Boy haircut. Bright colours, such as pastel hues or intense blues, pinks, or purples, are frequently used, adding to the distinct and attention-grabbing aesthetic. It is important to keep in mind that the E-Boy haircut encompasses more than simply the hairstyle. It frequently complements a greater style or fashion statement.

Man Bun

The man bun, once considered a somewhat unconventional choice, has now become a mainstream and popular men’s hairstyle. This versatile hairstyle involves gathering the hair into a bun at the top or back of the head, creating a distinctive and stylish look. The man bun offers a practical solution for men with longer hair, allowing them to keep their hair tidy and out of their face while maintaining a clean and polished appearance. One of the key advantages of the man bun is its versatility. It can be styled in various ways to suit personal preferences and individual aesthetics. Men can choose to gather the hair high on the crown of the head for a more prominent and attention-grabbing look, or opt for a lower bun at the back of the head for a more understated and casual appearance. This flexibility allows men to tailor the man bun to their desired level of style and sophistication. The man bun is particularly favored by men with longer hair, as it offers a practical solution for keeping their hair off their face and neck. Whether for work, sports, or everyday activities, the man bun keeps the hair in place and prevents it from becoming a distraction or hindrance. It provides a neat and tidy look, creating a sense of cleanliness and professionalism.The man bun is a hairstyle that transcends traditional gender norms and has gained popularity among men of all ages and backgrounds.

Top Knot

As a variation on the man bun, the top knot is a popular men’s hairstyle. It has a distinctive and attractive appearance thanks to its smaller, more compact bun that is positioned on the crown of the head. The top knot has a casual yet fashionable appearance and can be matched with fading or undercut sides for a more contemporary and edgier look. The top knot entails gathering the hair and tying it into a bun, much like the man bun. The top knot, however, varies in size and placement. Topknots are smaller and placed higher on the head, frequently at the crown or slightly in front. This small size gives off a sharper, more defined appearance. The top knot can be customized to suit individual preferences and hair types. It blends well with different hair lengths, allowing men with long or medium-length hair to achieve an elegant, versatile look. To enhance the flat knot’s overall aesthetic, it can be paired with bleached or low-cut sides. The flat-knot hairstyle is relatively simple. Hair is gathered and twisted into a bun, usually secured with an elastic band or clip.


Men’s dreadlocks, or “dreads,” are a distinctive and culturally significant hairstyle that has grown in favour as a one-of-a-kind and individualised choice. In order to get the rope-like strands in this style, hair is intentionally matted and twisted. Dreadlocks provide a visually arresting and outlandish appearance that connects them to numerous ethnic traditions and individual manifestations of identity. Dreadlocks have a long history of being linked to African diaspora communities and Rastafarianism, among other cultures, where they have religious and cultural importance. However, people from all backgrounds who value their aesthetics and wish to express their uniqueness through their hair have also accepted them. Dreadlocks require particular styling methods and care regimens to create and maintain. The hair is first divided into sections and twisted, either spontaneously or with the use of materials or expert guidance. The distinctive dreadlock structure is created as the hair strands mat together over time. To maintain the dreads tight and stop them from unravelling or getting too matted, regular maintenance is required, such as palm rolling, twisting, or interlocking. Dreads need to be properly maintained and cared for in order to stay clean. Regular cleaning is essential to eliminate debris, oils, and buildup while avoiding too much moisture that could impede the locking process. Use residue-free shampoos or specific dreadlock solutions.

Tapered Cut

Because of its neat and classy appearance, the tapered cut is a versatile and well-groomed men’s haircut that has gained popularity. In this hairdo, the hair is gradually shortened on the sides and back while remaining longer on top. The tapered cut complements a variety of hair lengths and varieties while providing a smooth and well-groomed appearance. The tapered cut’s versatility is one of its primary characteristics. All hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair, can be tailored to fit it. Longer hair gradually fades into shorter hair, resulting in a smooth and refined transition that gives the wearer a polished and sophisticated appearance. Men can accept the tapered cut thanks to its adaptability and customise it to suit their own hair structure and aesthetic preferences. Advantage of the tapered cut is its ability to complement different face shapes.

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High and Tight Bald Fade Military Haircut

The high, tight military cut is a popular and distinctive men’s hairstyle, closely associated with the military and law enforcement. This cut is characterized by very short hair on the sides and back, which gradually fades to shorter or bald, while leaving a little more length on top. This high, tight cut gives an impression of cleanliness, professionalism and discipline. The high, tight look of this cut refers to the contrast between the short sides and back and the slightly longer hair on top. The sides and back are usually cut very short, often using clippers, while the hair on top is a little longer, but still relatively short. This contrast creates a clean, defined look, characteristic of the high and tight cut. The high and tight military cut with bald fade is appreciated for its low maintenance and practicality.

Emo Haircut

The early 2000s saw the emergence of the distinctive and expressive emo haircut, which is a hairstyle for guys. The aggressive and edgy aspect of this hairstyle is distinctive, and it frequently has long, asymmetrical fringe that partially enclose one eye. People can use the emo haircut to display their individuality and convey their emotions through their hair. Longer hair that falls about the face and shoulders often characterises the emo haircut. The long, side-swept fringe that envelop a section of the face and frequently hide one eye are the distinguishing feature. The fringe are typically clipped at an angle, giving the hairstyle an asymmetrical appearance and adding to its overall edginess and fashion. The hair at the back may be layered or kept at a longer length, allowing for more texture and movement. Some individuals may choose to add color highlights or vibrant hues to further personalize their emo hairstyle. It’s important to note that the emo haircut has evolved over time, and individuals may incorporate their own variations and personal touches.


Perms, short for “permanent waves,” are a popular men’s hairstyle that involves altering the texture of the hair by chemically treating it to create curls or waves that last for an extended period of time. This technique has been used for decades to add volume, texture, and body to various hair lengths and types. Through the use of chemical solutions, perms restructure the hair’s natural structure into curls or waves. Typically, the procedure entails wrapping portions of hair around variously sized perm rods before applying the perm solution. The hair shaft is made more malleable by the solution, making it easier to bend and set into the desired curl or wave pattern. A neutralizer is used to stabilise the altered form and balance the pH of the hair after processing. It’s worth noting that while perms can provide long-lasting curls or waves, they do require proper care and maintenance. It is essential to follow the stylist’s instructions for post-perm care, including using specialized shampoos and conditioners designed for chemically treated hair. Men who want to change the style of their hair or add volume, texture, or volume should consider getting a perm. However, it’s crucial to speak with a qualified stylist who specialises in perms to make sure the procedure is carried out properly, to go through the desired results, and to discuss any potential hazards or limits based on each person’s unique hair type and condition.

Men’s haircuts have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, revolutionising how guys take care of themselves. Men now have a variety of options to express their particular style and create a fashion statement, ranging from traditional and elegant cuts to edgy and daring trends. Men are embracing their hair as a method of self-expression and creativity, whether choosing the classic side part or adopting the daring faux hawk. In the current era of grooming, men’s haircuts continue to inspire and influence how they show themselves.

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